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Improves the tech from the mod Predators - The Lost Tribes in an attempt to make it more balanced, useful and fun to play with.

Permissions and credits
Version 2 of this mod can be found HERE.


Do you love Predators?
Did you ever play the predator race mod for Skyrim?
Do you wish the tech had made you feel like a true trophy hunter hiding in plain sight, and that it actually worked as in the movies or games?
Well, this may be the mod for you then, though I can't promise perfection...


This mod makes some radical changes to the way the tech works in Predators - The Lost Tribes
For starters, cloaking abilities are no longer triggered automatically when you equip a mask, they are now toggleable and depend on the wrist device.
Masks now give you viewing modes, depending on the level of mask upgrade and type, you can get up to 3 different cyclable modes on the same mask.

Upon item equipping, whether it's gauntlets or masks, a "lesser power" is given to the player, it works as a button to use the gear's functions.


Cloaking is fully functional now. If you ever pushed the original mod and tested it's limits, you might have noticed that the cloaking was completely useless, since enemies could see you always, no matter what you did. Well, now it works. There's still 2 cloaking modes, one is true invisibility, and the other is just camouflage which makes you harder to detect (because of muffle) but you'll still be seen.
True invisibility:
-Is disabled when striking an enemy, casting a spell or pretty much doing any action
-Is recasted instantly after such disabling action.
-Is disabled for a longer period if you get hit, swim or do a power attack (The goal is to make is as close as possible to the effect of "cloaking disabled" if you stay in combat, while still allowing you to retreat if you wish to.

It's not perfect, still a bit overpowered, but at least, you'll usually stay visible if you're in combat constantly hitting/getting hit by foes. If you wish to retreat, you can stay away from combat and you'll disappear for your enemies.


Most modes allow you to detect entities with a glowing aura, depending on the creature type.
There are basically 5 view filters:
~Thermal: As seen in the movie; detects live warm-blooded enemies in a large range, as well as undead (with a blue glow)
~Targetting System: A copper-toned view mode that detects creatures by evaluating their hostility, differentiating friends, from foes and active combatants.
~EM Vision: A greenish filter that detects mechanical enemies and creatures who use some sort of technology.
~Berserk: A reddish filter that detects everything withing a short range
~Xeno Vision: A greyscale view mode with a large range that detects Xenomorphs

All masks come with a maximum of 3 filters, depending on the upgrade level of the mask (MK1-2-3)
The cycle progression types are as it follows:


Obviously, the Predator Mod and whatever else it needs.

Drag n' drop.
You should know this part if you installed Lost Tribes properly.
Use Mod Organizer or something.
Also, shouldn't need to say load order goes AFTER PredatorsLostTribesV1.esp
Requires a NEW GAME. Can't just install it on an already played Lost Tribes. Sorry.

~(If you want this gone AND keep Lost Tribes...)
Also sorry, dont know how to do this properly.
Scripts get baked into the game upon initializing. Deleting files might cause gear to stop working at all, and it would perhaps require uninstalling-reinstalling Lost Tribes to get the gear working as it did on the original mod.
Refer to their page for further instructions

~(Removing all)
A simple deletion should work
(Also in BOTH cases, you should use Save Cleaner for save script sanitization)

Given the nature of the script, sometimes switching from one helmet to the other
directly, may cause the function to not work properly (Doesn't add the
cycle power). If you want to switch helmets and keep them functional,
you should unequip first and then equip the new one. Nothing serious
though. Unequip-re-equip always gets it right in my tests.

~Possible plans~
Maybe some standalone version, mythic lost artifacts of the Divines or something... depends.

Me (Myst42)
GenioMaestro for being my scripting mentor
Roland113 and everyone involved in the OG Predator mod

Let me know if this works as intended.
Keep in mind I'm a complete noob when it comes to scripting and Skyrim modding. I can't make miracles, but I can try my best.
Want to help?
Dont be a stranger, I'm sure you experienced scripting wizards out there know some better ways to do things.
Didn't like it?
You were warned...