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Adds 3 playable Predator (Yautja) races with Dreadlock styles, eyes and other body customization. Discover 55 New Predator weapons with dozens and dozens of new types of predator biomasks, armor and equipment. Travel Skyrim and find technology scattered around Tribes of friendly and hostile Predator Civilizations. Encounter Xeno and more

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Predators - The Lost Tribes

Predators: The Lost Tribes. Yautja descendants stranded in Skyrim for thousands of years, hunt on the edges of Tamriel, and live on the fringes of the harsh Nord wilderness.

Play as a Predator, or as a standard Skyrim race. Rediscover Yautja artifacts, weapons and armor lost in Skyrim. You can mix and match a lot of clothing and armor in Skyrim to create your own character and roleplay story.

Predators have stashed cultural gear in hidden locations. Drop pods are concealed or abandoned in the landscape. A Book found in the Helgen Keep Tutorial, outside of Helgen's keep and Dragonsbane castle will start you off and add points to your Map where camps of Yautja have settled. Beware, the Berserkers, Savages, and Badblood Yautja are hostile headhunters and not friendly to outsiders. Fear not, civilized Yautja live far to the North East. However, Yautja have also brought deadly Xenomorph species to the land as well and have established training temples and concealed communities hidden about the land.


- Remove/Delete any previous predator .BSA and .ESP files.
- Then drop all the new predator files into your Data folder.
- Set the Predator Mod files to load LAST at the bottom of your mod list.
- Your Skyrim must be an updated/patched to the latest "official" version.

(Do not expect to run this mod with a cracked or hacked Skyrim.exe as those are frequently out of date or just badly done.)

More Mods and Patches for Predators - The Lost Tribes

Extras - patches graciously made by the community.  Contact their developers if you have issues (Old files could be out of date and not work)

       ( I recommend the  "Higher Player Jump" mod, so your predator can jump and fall as a Yautja should.)
  • Green blood screen flecks
  • Triangle HUD Cursor
  • Higher Player Jump abilities 


Yautja and Xenos are extremely tough and dangerous and are not for the low-level character.  Engage them with caution, cunning, and maybe a few healing potions.  Yautja covet the weapons, armor and relics their ancestors brought here from the stars. Trading with them, finding their hidden drop pod stashes, or defeating them in combat is the greatest source for finding Yautja cultural items.

There are 3 'races' with both Male and Female genders.  You can set skin color tinting and there are many dreadlocks styles you can choose from.

 (Sorry buy there is No CBBE or other body mod compatibility and I have NO plans for making this - so be respectful and don't bug me about it.)

This mod adds a large selection of unique Predator Culture.  Weapons, Armor, different boots and sandals, gauntlets, necklaces, trophies and over 30 Predator Bio-Mask designs. Coal forges and stone grind wheels are not enough to improve Yautja weapons - special kits will be made so you can upgrade those.  You will find Yautja armor upgrades kits that will allow you to improve the strange metals the predator items are made from.  There are also Upgrades to predator cloaking devices that will improve your Sneak capability.

Over 55 Yautja Weapons to use!

Shurikin -   (axe class for perks)
Disk Weapon -   (axe class for perks)
Combistick -   (sword class for perks)  
Glaive -    (axe class for perks)
Long Kriss Wrist blade (Left & Right-hand versions) -  
(sword class for perks)  
Long Wrist Blades (Left & Right-hand versions)  - 
(dagger class for perks)  
Short Wrist Blades (L & R)  - 
(dagger class for perks) 
Wrist Scimitars (L & R Handed versions)  - 
(axe class for perks)
Khopesh sword  - 
(sword class for perks) 
Maul -- 
(axe class for perks)
Combat Combistick (retracted and extended) - 
(sword class for perks) 
Ceremonial Dagger (think AVP the movie) - 
(dagger class for perks) 
Power Fist (fully renovated weapon & inactive damaged salvage) --- mace
Ceremonial Axe (either whole or found in pieces) -- axe
Ceremonial Javelin (either whole or craftable when found in pieces-- 
(sword class for perks) 
War Spear (2 handed) -- 2 handed war axe perks
Bat'leth --- 2 handed war axe perks
Cleaver, Great Sword   
(2 handed sword class for perks) 
Chopper, Great Sword   
(2 handed sword class for perks) 
Savage Chackram (wood ring with teeth) - 
(axe class for perks)
Savage Kuri knife --- 
(dagger class for perks) 
Savage Wrist Blades (mammoth tusk weapons)-- dagger or sword??
Savage Wolf Skull Wrist Blades (Left & Right hand versions)-- dagger or sword??
Skull Smasher (L & R) -- mace perks
Xeno tail, wrist blade (L & R) --
(dagger perks) 
xeno tail, spear--- 
(sword class for perks) 
Triple Bladed Wrist Blades (L & R) 
(dagger class for perks) 
Samurai Claws (L & R) dagger or sword classification for perks
Yautja Katana Sword (sword class for perks) 
Smart Disk with sound (axe class)
Chitin Xeno Bone Spear (sword class)
Xeno Tail Dagger (dagger class)
Yautja Compound Bow and Arrows  (bow class)
Wrist Scythe  (Sword class)
Yautja Oni Mace  (mace class)
5 or 6 HERO Master Class Weapons with custom names and extra damage capabilities

Plasma Pistol   (staff perks)

Shoulder cannons - are all crafted from salvaged parts found in game, and use 'destruction' spell perks)

Shoulder cannon - Plasma Caster 
Shoulder cannon - Artillery
Shoulder cannon - Stunner
Shoulder cannon - Assault Weapon

Developer Notes

Notes  --

Wrist blade weapons - If you put a left wrist blade into a right hand slot (or right in a left slot)- they will attach facing backward!  So put right-handed wrist weapons on the right hand, left in the left. Simple enough. Swords, combi sticks, Glaive, disk weapons and even plasma guns don't care what hand you hold them in.

Wrist mounted weapons will work correctly with vanilla Skyrim animations. If you find them occasionally flipping backward when you move - its a bug with the skeleton that was used in the Animation Mod you're running.   "FNISs Custom Skeleton Arm Bug patch" fixes such skeleton errors right up.

Predators are 100% resistant to Skyrim diseases. However - In Dawnguard you Can still transform in vampire lord after being bitten by Serana! However you can not currently play/use the Brotherhood Werewolf ability with this new race. (issues with Skyrim's werewolf Scripts) So consider Vampire and Werewolf as unsupported by this race.  I have made some limited "Vampire" support - so some mods might be able to give additional vampire gameplay support for Yautja.

New special armor art in Dawnguard or Dragonborn will appear invisible. Those games have their own item lists. However - there are some 3rd party compatibility patches here on the Nexus others have made, so go search and see what you can find for 'Predators'.

Currently, only Predators can wear Predator BioHelms in this mod. (the exception is the Falmer helm and destroyer biomask). Yautja do not wear most vanilla Skyrim helmets because of their odd head shape.Eventually, I'll make more variations of biomask 3d models so more vanilla Skyrim races can wear the masks.


SAVE your games! -- not just quick save. Be able to back it up if really bad bugs happen, or if updates make conflicts, or new quests or new things later you just want to revisit without starting over. I don't have a crew of a half-dozen game dev pros working on this - its just me and a few Modders from the Nexus community pitching in doing additional plugins. 


  There is a Predators Race Compatibility Patch available on the downloads page that should take care of 3rd party mod armor, transformations, race quest compatibility issues and many other bugs Skyrim typically develops with New races.  You do not need to run the patch - but be aware of issues that can occur.

There are a few quests with dialogues that check for what vanilla Skyrim race you are. If you're not a vanilla race the quest hangs or just ends. To fix this when encountered - simply redo that dialogue again but switch to a vanilla race - do the quest dialogue and then swap back to your Yautja race when the dialogue is done and rewards are all given etc. 

Dark Brotherhood quest - will currently hang at one point where the quest looks to see what race you are, for its response.( if it does hang - just switch your race to a vanilla race - do the dialogue for the quest - then switch back to continue playing Yautja)

Werewolf quest - dialogue for Companions werewolf quest will also hang because of a quest race check for dialogue responses. switch to a vanilla race temporarily to do the dialogue thin the cave. However I don't think Werewolf powers work anyway with Yautja - so best to skip this quest altogether if you can.

The Wedding Bug (Fixed in V110B !!!) In old versions disgruntled Yautja would crash the wedding and attack the priest and guests. WTF you say - yeah apparently the temple priest was a friend of "thief faction" the Yautja hate. So it was, "kill on sight" time.

Followers NPCs - Yautja followers are a little buggy. Be warned. It's easy for Mod conflicts to occur with these guys.They can't walk into the Derelict ship or Destroyed Xeno Temple. (still working on that bug) When you exit these spaces - they'll be gone until you fast travel - they'll be back and by your side. Be warned. They can get really buggy if you're running a 3rd party mod that heavily modifies vanilla Skyrim follower/NPC behavior. They might not want to dismiss. So you'll have to experiment with them if you're not sure to see how it handles for you. I wasn't doing to do this follower stuff - but fans requested it so I relented and put it out for better or for worse.

Demolished Xeno Temple - Sometimes if your Anti Alias and other game settings are automatically set to ULTRA HIGH 16x - you may experience problems in the very busy temple. You might need to set your graphics to 8X which is still insanely high instead of godly high should you experience a crash in there. (learned here that my future levels won't be so elaborate/busy and broken up into smaller bits)

Version Notes

==> Ver 107 (Nov 2012)

Xenomorph encounters!!!
Standard Book with Map Waypoints for Predator Encampments
 New Bio Helmets ( Bad Blood, Wolf )
New Predator Camps and Xeno Territory
New Sounds for Predators and Xenos

==> Ver 108b (Feb 2013)

The First Graphics Overhaul!
- Adjustments to many texture maps and many remade models.
- The addition of new, Unique Bio masks, equipment and fixes to encounters.
- New Xeno Textures and materials.
- adjusted Predator and Xeno stats to not be quite so tough
- Evenly spread random Yautja treasure in drop pods
- predator body - more skin on female maps - larger scale body - more hair/dreadlocks choices
- Created an additional PLUG IN - for JUMP height 2x and 4x choices.
- cleaned up/improved Audio files

==> Ver 109b (June 2013 )

- NEW "Classic" Predator race
- NEW "Berserker" Predator race
- 6 new eye colors to choose from
- Yautja Bad Blood 'Race' (the previously existing super predator head model)
- Xeno Subterranean Temple Proving Ground
- Yautja derelict spaceship lair
- Yautja Friendly NPCs (Yautja Companions and Yautja Merchants)
- Other new Misc NPC companions
- tweak to troll bone biomask to color match new bone armor
- Different "levels" of Xeno (Drone, Warrior, Elite Warrior)
- Add more opportunities to pick up Yautja books with map locations. (dragonsreach wizards desk & Just outside of Helgens keep cave exit?)
- additional dreadlocks styles ( 1. drapes over the front & back of the shoulders, 2. Dreads 'Topknot'3. Extra long dreadlocks 4. several combos of red tipped dreadlocks 5. Ponytail dreadlocks, 6. Grey 'elder' extra long dreadlocks)

===> Ver 110  (October 2013)

Shoulder cannons and the start of Yautja Crafting)
- Ceremonial Dagger, Axe, Spear
- Power Fist, Power Shield
- Maul
- more lite armor w netting
- more bio helmets wearable by vanilla races.
- Berserker Combistick
- Female Berserker Body
- bug fixes to AI, Wedding, Hair, and other issues
- populate new items in new Dungeon expansion/addons to the new V109 locations
- Yautja Shoulder Cannons you craft from salvaged parts materials
Tri Plasma Blaster -Assault weapon with multiple settings
Heavy Plasma - Artillery BFG
Stunner (shock them into paralysis)
Shoulder Cannon (AVP style)

===> V111   (March 2014)

New Books with Lore
new sculpted Female Berserker Skin
AVP Style armor M & F
New Armor update colors (dark skins for all)
more Biomasks conversions
Decapitation models for Yautja
New 2 handed Weapons - chopper, cleaver great sword, war spear, Yautja bat'leth

V112B (Oct 2014 "Savage update")

Savage crafting   
NEW Biohelms
P1 Hunter's Mask (rebuilt high-res art replacing the existing hunters mask model - in pics)
Gort (rebuilt high-res art in pics above also a replacement for the current GORT mask)
P1 - with red war paint (as seen in images above)
P1 - with dragon jaw (with the trio of new mask in pics above)
P1 Scar helm (new Tosk helm) (as seen above)
P1 - Hunters mask decorated in yautja blood (glowing green blood decorating hunter's helm.)
P1 Skull Face bio
Blade face
Hunter/ trackers bio

Armor Add-On
Back poles with Skulls (Yautja Skulls)
Back Poles with Human Skulls (think of Choppers back rig from AVP movie.)
Shoulder armor Xeno
Shoulder Armor Dragon Skull Add-on

More Weapons
Wolf Skull Wrist blades (wrist blades mounted in a skull
Savage Claws (slightly curved tusks used for wrist blades)
Savage Elephant Skull Fist Club (young elephant skull used as a fist weapon.)
Savage Xeno Tail Short Spear (yup, think AVP)
savage Xeno tail wrist weapon

Xeno Skull Shield (AVP movie style again)
Xeno head model (for crafting)

Savage Feather Necklace (seen in images above)
Elder's Klingon Skull Necklace (seen above)
Savage Human Skull Necklace
Spine Necklace (seen above)
Savage Severed Hands Necklace (Skinned hands - they are as gross as it sounds - lol)
Savage Necklace of ears ( maybe - or it might get cut since it is very small)
New Super Predator Model with Decapitation ability & model improvements
New Eye models and textures

Green blood add -on 

V113A  (released March 2015)

New Xeno Drone model
Queen Model
Face hugger
stasis jars
Xeno Egg Models
Predator "Hound" NPCs

V113B  (July 2015)

Xeno Queen and lairs
New Xeno Runner Model
More Predator "Hound" NPCs
More Armor and weapons
More Trophies

V114A (Nov 2015)

Badblood heads that are can be decapitated
New dense dreadlock styles for BadBloods.
Badblood Warpaint 
Badblood Horns & piercings (facial hair slot and scar slot)
Badblood bone-armor add on
tri-wrist blade - left and right versions
more crafting of savage left handed weapons
Queen Xeno shield (man it's big)
Samurai Predator Assassins (random roving Brotherhood assassins)
Red Samurai Armor & Helmet with Mempo Mask
ClawBlades left and right handed
Yautja Katana
Xeno-Predator Hybrid

V114B (April 2016)

Celtic Biomask
Dark Clan Biomask
City Hunter P2 Biomask
New Savage Biomask
New Tribal Biomask
T-Visor Biomask
Green Painted heavy combat armor variants
New art for Heavy Gauntlets
Spine column Trophy Sash
Classic Yautja - face piercings and old age horns.
New 2 handed glaive art 
Super Predator new dense hair "mane" style
some minor bug fixes
additional fabrication recipes
improved normal maps on cannons
additional art fixes to other misc items

V115 - ( SEPT 2018  the "Legendary" Update)

Engineers and creatures corrupted by them
Yautja Scout Ship level
Island on a Ossain Planet to explore
Yautja Temple Excavated by the Thalmore Elves

More Bio helmets
Armor Add on - bones and more bits
Legendary Weapon relics ( 4-6 completely new and unique HERO weapons )
Fixed many bugs, updated many textures and fixed many typos in items
More Item Recipes

Hints and Spoilers

Getting started Faster - read on for Hints and Spoilers!

- There are Yautja books in wizard's desk at DragonsReach Castle, Helgen's keep dungeon, and in a drop pod outside of Helgen keep. These books give Map locations of many dangerous Yautja camps and abandoned drop pod sites.

You can find the starter gear and a small Book in the Helgen keep dungeon. (the tutorial dungeon we all have to run at the start of the game) An imperial officer and a soldier are near a recently dug up dwemer chest in the storeroom that contains this and more Yautja treasure.

Don't want to play the tutorial? - that's understandable - so that's why - not far off the road that is the exit of the tutorial - there is a drop pod with starter gear and books that grant map waypoints in it.

Additional Gear is hidden out in the icebergs and water East/ North East of the Solitude Lighthouse and randomly out in the water or stuck partially in the ice - probably barely visible. There is usually a drop pod in every Yautja Camp. Sometimes random loot gear in DropPods is a repeat.When you are low level - you may have to sneak to get loot - Yautja are very powerful creatures that will kill low-level players.

Many of the Predator camps and Xeno locations are given by wizard's Books about the Yautja. Find and read any of these books and 4-5 predator locations will be put on your map.

The Civilized (less hostile tribes) of Yautja live in the ruins of a Derelict ship - located to the far North East Shores of Skyrim.

Locations of (just some of the) hostile NPC predator camps. Beware they are very capable of killing a single low-level Yautja or stranger trespassing on sight.

- Ysgramor's Tomb (North, North East shore) Savage cave dweller Yautja live here. Warning!  They are particularly EVIL, deadly and fearless.
- Iceberg far, far north of Wreck of the Brinehammer (better swim or water walk)
- Twilight Sepulcher's exterior Valley (a small camp)
- Bad Blood Settlement - Extreme North West of all of Skyrim. Easy to find - many Yautja here - and just on the edge of the destroyed Xeno temple.
- random encounter - forest NW of Twilight Sepulchers ( a bit hidden)
- Xenos in the Great NW swamps, south-east and across the river from Solitude
- Many old and forgotten drop pods way out in glaciers