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Just another home mod with a hidden storage area!

Permissions and credits

Well, what more can I say than it's yet another home mod

Just a little cottage right outside of Riften for the Dovahkiin to relax in!



How to Use

Simply download with NMM, organize with LOOT, and you're done!

If you download it manually, simply place it in your Skyrim > Data file

At the moment, I do not know of any conflicts!


Just a simple home that also has a variation of my storage mod hidden away inside!

Please do not use both at once, they may cause unwanted conflicts

The interior is Navmeshed but I can't make any promises about followers actually sleeping in beds.

The key to the home is hidden outside!

Home Interior:

2 Beds
1 Mannequin
Custom Oven
Staff Enchanter
Named Storage
Divine Amulet Display
Different "placeable" items
Enchanting & Alchemy Tables
Entry to the Secret Storage

Home Exterior:

1 Cow
Grain Mill
2 Chickens
Working Butter Churn
1 Horse Stabling Spot
Grindstone & Workbench
Numerous Harvestable items
Tanning Rack, Anvil, & Smelter

Secret Storage:

1 Mannequin
A few shrines
Storage for most "Unique" Items from throughout the game
(More info in Read Me)


Bethesda for creating Skyrim & the Creation Kit.
DarkFox127 for his incredibly helpful and detailed tutorials
Elianora for her mod resources, spectacular tutorials, and mods that inspired me to try modding as well
MRDanSG1 for the AMAZING scripts
Blary for Ingredients in a Jar
Cyphe for Hanging Mage Satchel
Insanity for Ayleid Clutter, Clutter Stuff, Folded Blankets, Paintings, Pillows, & Tablecloths
Lilith for her Button mod that I can't find anymore
MarthGun for the Easel
Mr Siika & Tamira for Castle Seaview Kit
Nikorasu for Religious Resources of Tamriel
Oaristys & Tony67 for Modder's Resource Pack
Oaristys for MRP - Witcher Extension
Phitt & Tamira for Morrowind Lanterns (the hanging bits)
PS46183 for Fully Functional Upper Class Furniture
Runspect for Resources for Modders
Stoverjm for Open Books Library
Stroti & Tamira for Mushroom Houses
Jace for dealing with me through this process