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A simple storage area for the Dragonborn to store most of the unique items found in the game!

Permissions and credits
Find the SE version here!

A secret storage location for the Dovahkiin to put a vast majority of their unique collectibles in!



How to Use

Simply download with NMM/Vortex, organize with LOOT, and you're done!

If you download it manually, simply place it in your Skyrim > Data file

At the moment, I do not know of any conflicts!


When updating, please make sure to remove all items to ensure you do not lose them in the process!

Version 1.3
Apparently a ton of things I changed reverted so I kind of had to revamp things a bit
Added a spot for the White Phial
Azura's/Black Star has been fixed
New mesh for the Nightingale Blade
New mesh for the mace of Molag Bal
Added a Shadowmark to the entrance door
Miraak's Sword, Staff, & Robes are fixed (again)
All Thane Weapon Racks have been fixed (again)
Elder Scroll (Dragon) now is for the non-DLC Scroll
TG Trophies & Crown of Barenziah appear automatically rather than having to remove them from the Cistern

Version 1.2
Fixed an issue with respawning containers

Version 1.1
Fixed the Exquisite Sapphire Activator
Fixed the Nightingale Cowl Activator
Fixed Miraak's Staff's Activator
Fixed the Werewolf Totems
Fixed the Thane Weapon Racks


I found it weird that the Dragonborn would just toss all of these things into their home and then leave without a care in the world.

That, and I also thought it would be neat to have an area to display things that fit my own tastes.

Each room has its own theme and items that are displayed.

There are tons of bookshelves for book storage.

More exact details are in the ReadMe

(There is an alternate version for people who choose the Black Star instead of Azura's Star)

It is located right outside of Ivarstead and the key is in a little bag right outside of High Hrothgar!

Room 1:
Miscellaneous & Storage
An "Upgrade Font" for a select few items
(More info in ReadMe)

Room 2:
Daedra & Divines

Room 3:
College, Dark Brotherhood, & Companions

Room 4:
Dawnguard DLC

Room 5:
Claws, Masks, & Elder Scrolls

Room 6:
Dragonborn DLC

Room 7:
Thieves Guild

Room 8:
Guards & Thane


Bethesda for creating Skyrim & the Creation Kit.
DarkFox127 for his incredibly helpful and detailed tutorials
Elianora for her own spectacular tutorials and her mods that inspired me to try modding as well
MRDanSG1 for the AMAZING scripts
Cyphe for Hanging Mage Satchel
Insanity for Ayleid Clutter & Pillows
Mr Siika & Tamira for Castle Seaview Kit
Oaristys & Tony67 for Modder's Resource Pack
Oaristys for MRP - Witcher Extension
Phitt & Tamira for Morrowind Lanterns (the hanging bits)
PS46183 for Fully Functional Upper Class Furniture
Runspect for Resources for Modders
Jace for dealing with me through this process