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A mod that replaces the appearance of Mjoll's weapon, Grimsever, that also adapts USLEEP changes (comes as a Greatsword). This mod also adds a craftable, unenchanted version at the forge that comes in both 1-handed and 2-handed variants after you return Grimsever to Mjoll.

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"Grimsever? From what Mjoll tells me, I consider it her long-time companion in the battlefield; from creation to its recent separation to her. The blade, made of Stalhrim, mysteriously changed its color over time which can be attributed to the amount of blood being "fed" to it.

Some say the crest has a striking resemblance to ancient totems crafted by Atmoran shamans in the past which is used to ward off, if not contain, harmful energy. 

Mjoll believes that as its tint gets darker, the stronger it becomes. Ever since that weapon has been into battle, she feels something is at work; as if the sword keeps a portion of its victim's essence, or perhaps a fraction of their soul, for itself. To what end, you ask? Whatever the reason, I pray to the gods that it's not something we should ever know."

- Aerin Lionheart

Thanks again to Chaos_Hellfire (Ikari) for featuring this mod for his Skyrim Mods and More series.

For the SSE version: Click Here. Many thanks to DigitalCabbage.

This mod replaces the model and stats for Grimsever which requires the Dragonborn DLC as it is now a Stalhrim weapon. It adapts some changes in its stats made by USLEEP (but is not required to be in your load order) which also turns it into a Greatsword.

Most parts of the weapon model are dependent on your installed textures for the Silver sword, Steel dagger, Stalhrim axe and the Steel scabbard. For the in-game screenshots, some parts use the Amidianborn Book of Silence textures.

After completing the quest which requires you to return Grimsever to Mjoll, the unenchanted variant named Grimfrost can be crafted at any normal forge. It comes in 1-handed and 2-handed variants.

Crafting the unenchanted version will also require the Ebony Smithing perk.


Grimsever Stats:

Attack = 25
Weight = 22
Value = 900
Critical Damage Bonus = 45


2-handed Grimfrost Stats:

Attack = 21
Weight = 22
Value = 650
Critical Damage Bonus = 20

Crafting Recipe:

Fire Salts = 5
Frost Salts = 5
Steel Ingot = 3
Quicksilver Ingot = 3
Leather Strips = 3
Stalhrim Ore = 4


1-handed Grimfrost Stats:

Attack = 13
Weight = 14
Value = 450
Critical Damage Bonus = 10

Crafting Recipe:

Fire Salts = 3
Frost Salts = 3
Steel Ingot = 2
Quicksilver Ingot = 2
Leather Strips = 2
Stalhrim Ore = 2

Each weapon, including Grimsever, requires 1 Stalhrim Ore for tempering/upgrading.


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