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A craftable Battleaxe that vaguely resembles a popular god's weapon from another era.

Permissions and credits
Huge thanks to the following people:

for the time, patience and guidance when creating the 2nd version of this mod.

LukeCypher for taking the time in testing and converting version 2.1 to SSEClick here for the SSE version of the mod.

Thanks to Chaos_Hellfire (Ikari) for featuring the v1.1 of this mod for his Skyrim Mods and More series.

This mod is an amalgamation of the Dwarven War Axe and Restoration staff which uses custom textures.

Credits to
darkman24 for his wonderful Dwemer bronze and steel - Dwarven weapons recolor mod.


*New in v2.1:

- There should be a "Thundermeister perk has been added" notification when loading a save game / starting a new game.

Stormcaller and Stormchaser now have toggleable Lesser powers included. You should see a notification at the upper left corner when equipping the weapons where it says the Lesser Power is added.

- New weapon: Stormbreaker. Craftable only at Aetherium Forge. Same model as Stormcaller but with a glowing effect.

- Stormbreaker's Stats and Recipe are the same as Stormcaller with the exception of attack damage modified to 60.

- When Stormbreaker's equipped, it gives you the Lesser power version of a modified Call Storm named Storm's Ode (third shout version). 
- Also adds a toggleable Lesser power, "Storm's Warden"; when you power attack using Stormbreaker, a shock explosion occurs and does a knockback flying effect on every (if not almost) npc around you. You don't need to particularly hit any target for the explosion to trigger.

Stormcaller - When Lesser Power (Storm's Harbinger) is activated, power attacks will cast the 3rd Unrelenting Force Shout and Lightning bolt at the target area. Also has the Storm's Ode lesser power.
(I removed Call storm's weather / cloud ring effect. Sky just turns dark then rains heavily. If you're using EFF and turned off the hostility of party members when you attack them, Storm's Ode's Lightning bolt/s will not damage them or anyone who's not hostile to you but was affected by the initial stagger blow when you cast the spell.)
Stormchaser - When Lesser Power (Storm's Envoy) is activated, power attacks will cast the Chain Lightning spell. All targets hit will be (I hope they should be) staggered.
Stormchaser won't give the Lesser Power when equipped in the left hand. I'm afraid I can't remedy that.
Activating the Lesser powers of all the weapons will have an additional eye trail effects; there are 3 options for this which comes in short, medium and long. The medium option is the default setup for the update.


*New in V2:

- New models and added textures

- Increased weapon speed

V2 Note: No more long 1-handed variant included.

 is a 2-handed Battleaxe craftable at the forge along with its 1-handed version, called Stormchaser.

For v1.1: Stormchaser
comes in 2 variants: A small one which is the default model, and a long-handled, medium size one which is an optional model replacer for the 1-handed axe.



Attack: 35
Crit Damage: 50
Weight: 29
Value: 3000

Stormcaller Recipe:

Fire Salts = 5
Taproot = 5
Firewood = 4
Ebony Ingot = 2
Dwarven Metal Ingot = 3
Quicksilver Ingot = 3

This needs 2 Dwarven Metal Ingots for upgrading.

The skill/perk requirements for crafting the weapon and upgrading/tempering it are the same as the Dwarven Battleaxe.



Attack: 21
Crit Damage: 25
Weight: 16
Value: 800

Stormchaser Recipe:

Fire Salts = 3
Taproot = 3
Firewood = 2
Ebony Ingot = 1
Dwarven Metal Ingot = 1
Quicksilver Ingot = 2

This needs 1 Dwarven Metal Ingot for upgrading.

The skill/perk requirements for crafting the 1-handed weapon and upgrading/tempering it are the same as the Dwarven War Axe.


You can try the following mods to increase your options of personalizing your crafted weapon:

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