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Immersive World Encounters aims to enhance your game-play experience to be more diverse and engaging by adding more than 70 new random events as well as modifying some of the vanilla events .

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Immersive World Encounters expands the vanilla random events by adding roughly 70 new random World Encounter and 16 World Interaction events.
These new events will start to happen randomly the moment you install it in your game.
It comes with a handy MCM which allows you to configure various aspects of the mod, including toggling on/off certain random events from
vanilla and the mod.

On July 1 2018, this mod made its first debut on Nexus.
Since then I have been steadily working on this mod project as I believe with the scope of adding more interesting random events to Skyrim, there's a great potential for making this game more exciting to play.

Big thanks to 15 voice actors who have worked very, very hard for this project, Immersive World Encounters adds a variety of NPCs who can be interacted with during these special random events. These NPCs act just like any other Vanilla NPCs with fully working generic and combat dialogue lines.

I have been hosting an audition in the following website. Right now the audition for this project is closed but I might add new auditions in the future. If you're interested, be sure to track the audition page!

So, what are random events?


Immersive World Encounters: New Random WE & WI Events

I've had a few ideas for new random events but I also asked some people for more ideas on Nexus Forum and Reddit. (Here and here). Many of their ideas are incorporated into some of the most exciting WE and WI random events. Much thanks for those contributed!

Although you can see a list of all new events added by this mod in this Article, these are the examples of new WE Events.

Immersive World Encounters: Changes to Vanilla WE & WI Events

This mod doesn't just add new events, but modifies some of the Vanilla events as well. Here are the overview of the changes:

Immersive World Encounters: MCM


Immersive World Encounters: Installation and Mod Compatibility
Immersive World Encounters requires all DLCs.

This mod is compatible with most other mods. This includes the ones that have "encounters" or "populated" or "immersive" or "Interesting" or "Inconsequential" or whatnot on their names.

Most of the "encounter" mods out there simply hand-place NPCs in the world of Skyrim. Immersive World Encounters does not place NPCs directly into the world of Skyrim, and all new NPCs from this mod are generated only through the random events and will disappear once the events are over.
Unlike many other "encounter" mods, this mod doesn't add a horde of zombies or tough enemies.

In summary, Immersive World Encounters adds new random events not hand-placed NPCs, and does not make your gameplay more difficult, or cause bad performance.


Installation & Uninstallation Guide:

Optional File: WEHealingPotions CACO Patch:

This patch makes it possible for you to give health potions added by the very popular Complete Alchemy Overhaul to "wounded" NPCs that you encounter in certain events. It is completely optional and extremely lightweight, so users are highly encouraged to merge this patch with another patch plugin they might be using.

Technically speaking, all this small patch does is adding CACO health potions to a vanilla FormList "WEHealingPotions", which Immersive World Encounters uses in its new random events. This FormList was supposedly intended for some kind of vanilla World Encounter but left unused.

Since it just adds CACO potions to a vanilla FormList, this patch does not require Immersive World Encounters. However IWE is the only mod known to make use of this FormList to this date, so the patch is really useless without IWE.


Amazing Cast of Immersive World Encounters:

Storm Watters (
as Boy

knuckleheadtori (
as Female Commoner

Evisane (
as Mother and other female Nordic characters, and female Dark Elf characters

khobis (
as Male Dark Elf

Yon Shady Glenn (
as Male Nord Soldier

NeverNotNinjas (
as Male Imperial Soldier

Alex Cain (
as Male Dark Elf (Younger)

Loveliel (
as Female Breton

Don Ford (
as Male Thug

Emil Hägg (
as Male Orc Ranger

Mya Schuwerk (
as Female Warrior

Convito (
as Male Orc Strider

Purgey (
as Male Commoner (Accented)

Rrybnik (
as Female Khajiit

Chazarus Lazarus (
as Male Khajiit

( for audio editing, mixing, supervising

Special Thanks:

EnaiSiaion for Modern Brawl Bug Fix (
UNI for No More Killing Over Item (
Jaxonz for Jaxonz MCM Helper (
18 Colascione Partitas composed by Giuseppe Antonio Brescianello on MusOpen

Also my The Greatest Showman soundtrack for being my primally source of motivation. The best musical in a decade, seriously.