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First released in 2018, Immersive World Encounters has been developped by SetteLisette with a goal to diversify your exploration in Skyrim by adding roughly 100 new random events and new quests.

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First released in 2018, Immersive World Encounters has been developped by SetteLisette with a goal to diversify your exploration in Skyrim by adding roughly 100 new random events, making use of preexisting frameworks.
These new events will start to happen randomly the moment you install it in your game without a need for a brand new save data.
It also offers new custom voiced NPCs who appear in these new random events and new quests, thanks to 28 voice artists who have been voicing new characters for a number of projects over the years.

Please read the sections with yellow letters of this description page so you know what kind of mod you're about to install.

Here are 2 Article pages you should know exist
List of All New Random Events: Encounter something unusual, but not sure if it came from this mod? See if this article mentions something like it.
New Quests Walkthrough Guide: It covers all new quests from this mod so you can reference it as you play them.

Official Add-On: Make those unique NPCs high poly!

Video Showcase By the Author:

Popular Video Showcases - Please note these showcases maybe outdated.
A big shoutout to Brodual who has chosen this mod as one of the Mods of the Year 2018.

Wilderness Events

A type of random events that take place in wilderness are called Wilderness Encounters, World Encounters, or WE for short. If you have played Skyrim for at least a few hours, you would definitely recognize some of these WE events:

  • An old Orc with 2 dead Sabrecats wanting a "good death"
  • 3 Alik'r warriors questioning a Redguard woman
  • Imperial soldiers escorting a Stormcloak captive

WE events are a primary focus of this mod and plays a pivotal role in diversifying your exploration in Skyrim. Everytime you walk the same path between a city to another city or a dungeon to the next dungeon, you now have the possibility to witness a lot more varied and interesting encounters.
The mod achieves this by simply making use of the preexisting framework that vanilla Skyrim uses, without reducing your performance in wilderness by introducing confusing new mechanics. Think of it this way: this mod adds to a pool of random events from vanilla game 80 new random events, so that when the game chooses an encounter, it will have a much greater number of encounters to choose from.

Settlements Events

Another type of random events that exist in vanilla game take place in settlements (major cities, towns, villages). These are called World Interactions, or WI for short. Good examples of WI events are many, such as:

  • A courier handing you a note sent by other NPCs
  • Nearby NPCs making comments about player's certain actions
  • Calcelmo in Markatyh asking for a random Dwarven item you've recently claimed
  • Entering a tavern and the inn keeper says "welcome"
  • Dropping an item and the nearby NPCs start fighting over it

WI events have many different trigger conditions which makes for very interesting random events that often take you by surprise. It maybe just a random adventurer visiting the Jarl's castles and taverns, or a massive Dragon attacking a major city.

More Info on the New WE & WI Events


Depending on what part of the region you are in -- whether you're on a paved road or in wilderness, whether you're in a coastal region of the Haafingar or snowy forest of the Pale, different WE events will take place. Traveling in Skyrim is a peril. You may see a wounded person needing your help, or a vicious wild creature making an unusual appearance.

You may encounter someone escorting a captive during your travels. In Vanilla, Thalmor and Imperial Legion were the only 2 known factions to use public roads to transport their prisoners. With this mod, you are going to see more variations of "prisoner being escorted" type situations where you can decide whether to intervene to save the captive or for your own benefit.

There are now many encounter events with members of various factions including College of Winterhold, Companions, Dark Brotherhood, Dawnguard, and Vigilants of Stendarr. A member of Thieves Guild might pay a visit to major cities of Skyrim to take care of business. In order to see these events, you have to be part of these factions and in some cases made some accomplishments for them (exceptions apply to some of them such as Vigilants encounters).
Some NPCs use unique abilities only during these events. For example, Florentus Baenius of Dawnguard will act as a healer for his friends and can cast a powerful Guardian Circle with various effects.

As part of new Interaction events, when you visit a certain type of locations such as Jarl's castles, taverns and big cities, you may see visitors such as Bounty Hunters and Tavern Brawlers....and even Dragons invading from outside of the city walls.

Although not many, Solstheim also gets some love in this mod with the addition of 6 new Encounters and 2 new Interactions.

And finally, there are encounters and interactions with custom-voiced NPCs. Many of the events featuring the cutom-voiced NPCs will lead to follow-up side quests, including a brand new custom voiced follower.

Various Changes to Vanilla WE & WI Events

This mod doesn't just add new events, but modifies some of the Vanilla events as well. Here is the overview of the changes:


Farmer refugees after dragon attack/WERoad01

In Vanilla: A farmer and his wife greet you on the road, saying they've just run away from a Dragon
With Mod: When you give the farmer your gold, he will grant you the Gift of Charity.

Adventurer on their way to a nearby dungeon/WERoad06

In Vanilla
: Adventurer says he or she is on the way to a nearby location to solve some kind of problem. When asked, he or she might mark its location on your map.

With Mod: Player can convince Adventurer to work together to solve this trouble. Adventurer has a piece of notice which states where exactly this location is, and that there is bounty to collect from the Jarl's Steward. You can choose either to travel with Adventurer, or go to this location on your own. Once the location is cleared, you can go to the Jarl's Steward to receive your reward.

Bandit beat down/WE01

In Vanilla: A bandit is being beaten down by his friends on a road. You can briefly overhear their conversation.

With Mod: This encounter had a conversation scene between bandits which in Vanilla we rarely got to see. Bandits would turn immediately hostile towards you before even starting the scene. Moreover, one of the bandits who needed to have MaleNord voice type did not always have this voice assigned to him, causing him to speak silent lines. The mod corrects these issues. The Bandits will not turn hostile until you're near them, and the bandit who has a dialogue will always have MaleNord voice type

A Good Death/WE24

In Vanilla: An old Orc is standing by 2 Sabrecats he just slew. He tells you how he wishes to die a good death.

With Mod: In MCM you can toggle this event on/off. Now the Orc's preys are not always 2 Sabrecats. Depending on which region the Orc is in, his preys will change respectively.

Hey you there, take this/WE25

In Vanilla: A fugitive runs from his hunter and asks you to hold onto an item he stole.

With Mod: In MCM you can toggle this event on/off.

College Application Denied/WE31

In Vanilla: A farmer man with a magical staff he found in his attic trying to bring a wolf carcass back to life.

With Mod: In MCM you can toggle this event on/off.

Thalmor vs Player/WE34[Changes removed in V2.0~]

In Vanilla: After reaching a certain level, a squad of Thalmor soldiers may spot you on the road and ambush you.

With Mod: This encounter only takes place after finishing the Main Quest "Diplomatic Immunity". I may remove this change entirely in the future as it interferes with similar changes by Timing Is Everything mod.

Drinking Companions

In Vanilla: 3 Revelers are enjoying Honningbrew Mead on a road. One of them will offer a bottle, and if you accept it, they will stop drinking.
With Mod: Now you can tell the Nord to enjoy the mead without you, and they will keep on partying after you accept or reject the drink.

On the way to Wedding/WEDL03

In Vanilla: A couple from Cyrodil are making their way to Solitude in order to attend the Wedding of Vittoria Vicci.

With Mod: In MCM you can toggle this event on/off. If you don't plan to join the Dark Brotherhood, the wedding never happens anyway!

Lost after the Wedding/WEDL04

In Vanilla: A couple from Cyrodil couldn't join the Wedding of Vittoria Vicci.This encounter happens only once, meaning if you miss it the couple will be forever gone.

With Mod: Now this encounter can happen more than once, unlike Vanilla. Encounters are easy to miss! Instead, Player will need to actually see the couple and hear them speak about how they missed the Wedding, in order for this encounter to stop happening.

Desperate Vampire Seeking Shelter From the Sun/DLC1WEJS02

In Vanilla: A vampire is desperately running his or her way to a nearby cave seeking shelter from the Sun.

With Mod: This encounter has always puzzled me. Every time I saw a vampire doing a marathon I thought she was trying to get somewhere she is needed for some kind of scene or quest. I added a name "Desperate Vampire" as a label to this Vampire so that her purpose is more obvious, and also added an Effect Shader to make it look like her skin is getting burnt by the sunlight.

Did you find something good?/WIAddItem01

In Vanilla: When you pick up an item that doesn't belong to anybody, a nearby NPC will approach and say something along the line of "Did you find that lying around?"

With Mod: In MCM you can toggle this event on/off.

Rummaging through trash/WIAddItem02

In Vanilla: When you loot from barrels or sacks, nearby NPCs will give you a peculiar look thinking that you are rummaging through trash.

With Mod: In MCM you can toggle this event on/off. A friend of Player will not call you out as "savage" for looting containers.

Steal, Thugs hunt player/WIAddItem03

In Vanilla: When you steal an item from an NPC, they may send you a group of Hired Thugs to hunt you down.

With Mod:[/u] In MCM you can toggle this event on/off. You can configure whether or not you must be caught in the act by the owner of the item when they send you the Thugs.

Buy Dwarven artifact/WIAddItem07

In Vanilla: Calcelmo of Markarth sends you a letter about some Dwarven item you recently claimed.

With Mod: In MCM you can toggle this event on/off. Now the item has to be scavenged from a Dwarven ruin. You can configure the minimum price for how much the item must worth for Calcelmo to send you a letter asking asking for it.

Dangerous Magic/WICastMagic02

In Vanilla: When you cast a harmful magic spell in public areas, a neaby NPC will say "Woah, watch the magic!"

With Mod: Added a 2-second pose before the NPC reacts to Player casting a dangerous spell, for better immersion.

Blacksmith crafting/WICraftItem01

In Vanilla: A nearby blacksmith NPC speaks lines such as "that's a decent armor you put together" when you craft something at a smithing forge.

With Mod: Now NPCs who are not blacksmiths can say some of these lines, vastly increasing the frequency of hearing these comments from now on whenever you craft a piece of gear. I've also added more dialogue conditions so that the commentor will recognize materials added by DLCs and other mods when Player crafts with them.

Generic Crowd Marker/WICrowd

In Vanilla: Unused in Vanilla

With Mod: This event was supposed to create a crowd of people around Player when engaging in a fist fight. I'm still not sure what can be done with this (the event has some issues) but is now briefly used in one of the new Interaction events, "Tavern Brawl".


In Vanilla: Shop keepers will say "welcome" when you enter their stores.

With Mod: Jonna (an innkeeper of Moorside Inn) had 2 lines of dialogue she could never speak due to her dialogue being assigned to a wrong quest (WIGreeting) when it should be in WITavern. The mod enables her to speak these lines by re-assigning them to WITavern quest.


In Vanilla: When an NPC dies, a courier will deliver the letter of inheritance from the Jarl with some gold.

With Mod: Around 1 day in game time needs to pass after the NPC dies, before receiving the letter from a courier. The deceased cannot be bandits, guards, daedras and so on - and have to be an actual unique NPC.

Drop weapon, Guard extorts/WIRemoveItem01

In Vanilla: When you drop an item in a town, a guard may approach and asks to pay a fine for your action.

With Mod: In MCM you can toggle this event on/off.

Accidentally dropped this/WIRemoveItem02

In Vanilla: When you drop an item a nearby NPC will fetch it and return it to your inventory, thinking you accidentally dropped it.

With Mod: In MCM you can toggle this event on/off. NMore conditions have been added so that an NPC who retrieved the dropped item for you must be a moral person, and added new dialogue options so that Player will not be forced to retrieve the item that they've dropped.

Fight over item/WIRemoveItem03

In Vanilla: When you drop an item two nearby NPCs may react to it, and start fighting over it until one person dies.

With Mod: In MCM you can toggle this event on/off. Now the NPCs will not kill each other for the rubbish you threw away, but instead fight with their fists until one person loses.

Just throw trash/WIRemoveItem04

In Vanilla: When you drop an item a nearby NPC may call you savage.

With Mod: In MCM you can toggle this event on/off. A friend of Player will not call you out as "savage" for throwing away your items.

Can I have that armor?/WIRemoveItem05

In Vanilla: When you drop an item a nearby NPC may stalk you until he or she gets permission to pick it up and wear it. It's likely that he or she never wears it for some reason and get stuck.

With Mod: In MCM you can toggle this event on/off. Attempts to fix an issue where teh NPC forgets to pick up the said item in some instances.


In Vanilla: When you enter a tavern, an inn keeper will say welcome and send over a server when you sit on their furniture.

With Mod: The Inn keeper will not send you a server when you are not visible to the inn keeper, are using a specific type of furniture such as cooking pot, or are using your own bed with mods such as Go To Sleep installed. I might remove this feature altogether in the future updates as there are other mods that do the similar thing.


In Vanilla: A thief wearing Thieves Guild uniform roams the town. When discovered by guards, he tries to hide away while screaming.This event only took place in Riften and Falkreath, after Player joins Thieves Guild.

With Mod: There was only 1 NPC that appears as the thief in Vanilla. Now the thief of varied race and gender will make appearance. Thief had very sad status (all of his skills were set to 5) but now has proper skill set which hopefully helps him hide from guards better. Thief will no longer repeatedly sheath and unsheath his weapon and will try to pick a lock of nearby shops and houses. Now Thief may appear other major cities than Riften, such as Windhelm, Markarth, and Whiterun, if you helped Thieves Guild expand their business in these areas. This event will happen in Riften and Falkreath even if Player is not a member of Thieves Guild.

Immersive World Encounters: Installation and Mod Compatibility

Immersive World Encounters requires all DLCs.

This mod is compatible with most other mods. This includes the ones that have "encounters" or "populated" or "immersive" or "Interesting" or "Inconsequential" or whatnot on their names.

Most of the "encounter" mods out there simply hand-place NPCs in the world of Skyrim. Immersive World Encounters does not place NPCs directly into the world of Skyrim, and all new NPCs from this mod are generated only through the random events and will disappear once the events are over.
Unlike many other "encounter" mods, this mod doesn't add a horde of zombies or tough enemies.

In summary, Immersive World Encounters adds new random events not hand-placed NPCs, and does not make your gameplay more difficult, or cause bad performance.



This mod is designed to be used along with many other popular mods, namely "Timing is Everything - Quest Delay and Timing Control" by kryptpyr, Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch, and Cutting Room Floor by Arthmoor. This mod has some changes that intersect with these mods, but it's safe to overwrite changes from these mods with ones from this mod.

As for other smaller mods that edit specific Encounters or Interactions, you may or may not load this mod after these mods depending on what changes do you prefer. Overwriting or being overwritten by these mods will not break this mod's functionality, although toggle options for some of the Vanilla events may not work well if this mod gets overwritten.

I created the compatibility patches for the following mods for you to install:

Open Cities Skyrim by Arthmoor (the only city overhaul mod requiring a compatibility patch)
Ethereal Elven Overhaul by nuska
RS Children Overhaul by Ranaline

The main file archive comes with an installer and you can select these patches during your installation.

Here's a quick note about some of the mods at the top of my head. Remember, this mod is compatible with most other mods. So if you don't see mods you use on this list don't panic! I'm pretty sure they're compatible.

Morrowloot Ultimate: Edits the Old Orc to use the Orcish Battleaxe and wears the Orc Armor set. Does not make changes to the event itself so Morrowloot Ultimate is fully compatible. It's my kind of overhaul, by the way, so if you're becoming adept at modding you should try it.

Requiem and its miscellaneous mods: They may make many changes to the vanilla Encounters. I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to Requiem. You'd want to let them overwrite this mod or vice versa, you can choose. Compatibility patches not required.

Extended Encounters by Jonx0r: Fully compatible.

Immersive Creatures: IC has a good portion of Encounters and yes, t's compatible.

Advanced Adversary Encounters - Ultimate Edition: As of now, Immersive World Encounters makes no changes to Dark Brotherhood assassins. This is because there are great mods out there that add cool abilities to them, such as AAE and Better Assassins. So these mods are fully compatible.

Bells of Skyrim: No reason to be incompatible, it's just highly recommended for the new Dragon attack event.

Installation & Uninstallation Guide:

To install:
Using the mod manager of your choice is highly recommended, as always.
Load "Immersive Encounters.esp" and "Immersive Encounters.bsa", and put it anywhere in your load order.
It might take a minute before the MCM shows up depending on how many scripted mods you are running.

To uninstall:
Make a save before uninstall the mod, and remove "Immersive Encounters.esp" and "Imemrsive Encounters.bsa".
I would also recommend cleaning up your save by using FallrimTools or Save Game Cleaner afterwards. Simply remove all script instances and other leftovers from Immersive Encounters.esp. I can't teach you how to use these tools.

Immersive World Encounters: MCM


Page1: Here you can tweak various settings around the new Encounters (WE) and Interactions (WI).

By default, chance of seeing the new WE events are set to 40%. This means whenever you walk wilderness of Skyrim and Solstheim, there is a 40% chance of seeing events from this mod instead of Vanilla or other mods you have installed. Setting this to 100% would almost certainly interrupt Encounters that are not mod-origin, so it's not very recommended (although in some cases they might still keep happening).

I'd recommend setting this value to 40~70% depending on your preference. If you are currently trying out this mod to test it or make a video of it or whatsoever, your value should be set it to 100%.

Chance for the new WI events, however, by default is 100%. What this means is that the new Interactions will almost certainly take place when certain conditions are met.
And, unlike WE events, WI events from this mod do not interrupt the Vanilla WI events. So it's safe to set this value to 100%.

Additionally you can set intervals between the new WI events.

I'd recommend setting this value to 40%~100% depending on your preference.

You can always toggle on/off new events added by this mod altogether, or specific types of events such as faction events and cutom-voiced events.

Page2: Here we can tweak various settings for the Vanilla Encounters (WE) and Interactions (WI).

There are toggle options for some of the most abundant events that are sometimes considered as repetitive or "annoying".

Optional Patches - WEHealingPotions CACO Patch:

This patch makes it possible for you to give health potions added by the very popular Complete Alchemy Overhaul to "wounded" NPCs that you encounter in certain events. It is completely optional and extremely lightweight, so users are highly encouraged to merge this patch with another patch plugin they might be using.

Technically speaking, all this small patch does is to add health potions from Dragonborn DLC and CACO to a vanilla FormList "WEHealingPotions", which Immersive World Encounters uses in its new random events. This FormList was supposedly intended for some kind of vanilla World Encounter but left unused.

Since it just adds CACO potions to a vanilla FormList, this patch does not require Immersive World Encounters. However IWE is the only mod known to make use of this FormList to this date, so the patch is really useless without IWE.

Thanks for reading! Now roll the credits!

The Amazing Cast of Immersive World Encounters:

Krystal Romero

Yon Shady Glenn

Website: https://www.taherchy.com/
Vooquent: https://www.voquent.com/voice-actor/63402/

Mya Schuwerk

Paul Warren


Mauri Majanoja

Alex Cain

Elizabeth Plant
Website: https://www.elizabethplant.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CelestielleVA


Micah McQueary


Storm Watters

Polina Arteev

Don Ford


Abigail Blythe
Twitetr: https://twitter.com/askforabigail
CCC: https://www.castingcall.club/m/theabigailblythe

John Marinelli

Hunter McCoy

Sirena Fa Culto

Victoria Stam

Emil Hägg
Twitter: https://twitter.com/EmilHaggVO
CCC: https://www.castingcall.club/m/LuciferAgenda

Dan Conlin

Kerstyn Unger

Chazarus Lazarus

Hannah Chapin
Twitetr: https://twitter.com/hannah_chapin
CCC: https://www.castingcall.club/m/HannahDoesVO

Zane Tomich
YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_O29eZ1qzDBXkuhwbrD-Rw
CCC: https://www.castingcall.club/m/zanet

Rabbitt Winri

Matness for awesome lute instrumental music for bard songs
Check out Matness's The Elder Songs - Fanmade Music Expansion!
TheMalazan (https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/user/5202208-themalazan/) for audio editing, mixing, supervising

Special Thanks:

EnaiSiaion for Modern Brawl Bug Fix (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/77465)
UNI for No More Killing Over Item (http://skyrimeasy.blog-rpg.com/mod/nomorekilling)
Jaxonz for Jaxonz MCM Helper (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/62613)
TAJocelyn for horse barding & luggage meshes from Mule in skyrim (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/59612)
18 Colascione Partitas composed by Giuseppe Antonio Brescianello on MusOpen

Also my The Greatest Showman soundtrack for being my primally source of motivation. The best musical in a decade, seriously.