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First released in 2018, Immersive World Encounters has been developped by SetteLisette with a goal to diversify your exploration in Skyrim by adding roughly 100 new random events and new quests.

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First released in 2018, Immersive World Encounters has been developped by SetteLisette with a goal to diversify your exploration in Skyrim by adding roughly 100 new random events, making use of preexisting frameworks.
These new events will start to happen randomly the moment you install it in your game without a need for a brand new save data.
It also offers new custom voiced NPCs who appear in these new random events and new quests, thanks to 28 voice artists who have been voicing new characters for a number of projects over the years.

Please read the sections with yellow letters of this description page so you know what kind of mod you're about to install.

Here are 2 Article pages you should know exist
List of All New Random Events: Encounter something unusual, but not sure if it came from this mod? See if this article mentions something like it.
New Quests Walkthrough Guide: It covers all new quests from this mod so you can reference it as you play them.

Official Add-On: Make those unique NPCs high poly!

Video Showcase By the Author:

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A big shoutout to Brodual who has chosen this mod as one of the Mods of the Year 2018.

Wilderness Events

A type of random events that take place in wilderness are called Wilderness Encounters, World Encounters, or WE for short. If you have played Skyrim for at least a few hours, you would definitely recognize some of these WE events:

  • An old Orc with 2 dead Sabrecats wanting a "good death"
  • 3 Alik'r warriors questioning a Redguard woman
  • Imperial soldiers escorting a Stormcloak captive

WE events are a primary focus of this mod and plays a pivotal role in diversifying your exploration in Skyrim. Everytime you walk the same path between a city to another city or a dungeon to the next dungeon, you now have the possibility to witness a lot more varied and interesting encounters.
The mod achieves this by simply making use of the preexisting framework that vanilla Skyrim uses, without reducing your performance in wilderness by introducing confusing new mechanics. Think of it this way: this mod adds to a pool of random events from vanilla game 80 new random events, so that when the game chooses an encounter, it will have a much greater number of encounters to choose from.

Settlements Events

Another type of random events that exist in vanilla game take place in settlements (major cities, towns, villages). These are called World Interactions, or WI for short. Good examples of WI events are many, such as:

  • A courier handing you a note sent by other NPCs
  • Nearby NPCs making comments about player's certain actions
  • Calcelmo in Markatyh asking for a random Dwarven item you've recently claimed
  • Entering a tavern and the inn keeper says "welcome"
  • Dropping an item and the nearby NPCs start fighting over it

WI events have many different trigger conditions which makes for very interesting random events that often take you by surprise. It maybe just a random adventurer visiting the Jarl's castles and taverns, or a massive Dragon attacking a major city.

More Info on the New WE & WI Events


Various Changes to Vanilla WE & WI Events

This mod doesn't just add new events, but modifies some of the Vanilla events as well. Here is the overview of the changes:


Immersive World Encounters: Installation and Mod Compatibility

Immersive World Encounters requires all DLCs.

This mod is compatible with most other mods. This includes the ones that have "encounters" or "populated" or "immersive" or "Interesting" or "Inconsequential" or whatnot on their names.

Most of the "encounter" mods out there simply hand-place NPCs in the world of Skyrim. Immersive World Encounters does not place NPCs directly into the world of Skyrim, and all new NPCs from this mod are generated only through the random events and will disappear once the events are over.
Unlike many other "encounter" mods, this mod doesn't add a horde of zombies or tough enemies.

In summary, Immersive World Encounters adds new random events not hand-placed NPCs, and does not make your gameplay more difficult, or cause bad performance.



Installation & Uninstallation Guide:

Immersive World Encounters: MCM


Optional Patches - WEHealingPotions CACO Patch:

This patch makes it possible for you to give health potions added by the very popular Complete Alchemy Overhaul to "wounded" NPCs that you encounter in certain events. It is completely optional and extremely lightweight, so users are highly encouraged to merge this patch with another patch plugin they might be using.

Technically speaking, all this small patch does is to add health potions from Dragonborn DLC and CACO to a vanilla FormList "WEHealingPotions", which Immersive World Encounters uses in its new random events. This FormList was supposedly intended for some kind of vanilla World Encounter but left unused.

Since it just adds CACO potions to a vanilla FormList, this patch does not require Immersive World Encounters. However IWE is the only mod known to make use of this FormList to this date, so the patch is really useless without IWE.

Thanks for reading! Now roll the credits!

The Amazing Cast of Immersive World Encounters:

Krystal Romero

Yon Shady Glenn


Mya Schuwerk

Paul Warren


Mauri Majanoja

Alex Cain

Elizabeth Plant


Micah McQueary


Storm Watters

Polina Arteev

Don Ford


Abigail Blythe

John Marinelli

Hunter McCoy

Sirena Fa Culto

Victoria Stam

Emil Hägg

Dan Conlin

Kerstyn Unger

Chazarus Lazarus

Hannah Chapin

Zane Tomich

Rabbitt Winri

Matness for awesome lute instrumental music for bard songs
Check out Matness's The Elder Songs - Fanmade Music Expansion!
TheMalazan ( for audio editing, mixing, supervising

Special Thanks:

EnaiSiaion for Modern Brawl Bug Fix (
UNI for No More Killing Over Item (
Jaxonz for Jaxonz MCM Helper (
TAJocelyn for horse barding & luggage meshes from Mule in skyrim (
18 Colascione Partitas composed by Giuseppe Antonio Brescianello on MusOpen

Also my The Greatest Showman soundtrack for being my primally source of motivation. The best musical in a decade, seriously.