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An ENB preset has paint-like looking, and it does show you new perspective of this game.
This ENB has best looking at using along with ELFX(Ehanced Lights and FX), Revamped exterior fog and AMD radeon VGA and BenQ ew277hdr monitor.

Permissions and credits
UPDATED: For ENB ver 0.407

This preset has been changed for response to new enb version and many variables changed for avoiding clipping especially in sweetFX.

[System requirements]

- CPU: Anything better than i5 4nd generation.
- VGA: Anything better than gtx970(when set on maximum setting in skyrim.ini/skyrimpref.ini) and have more than 3gb vram.

[Mod requirements]
ELFX by anamorfus
Revamped exterior fog by gargorias

1. Download basic ENB files of v.0.366 from and install it on Skyrim folder(steamlibrary/..../skyrim/).
2. Install ENBoost(
3. Download  SweetFX Shader Suite from Nexusmods and install it on the same path like above.
4. Download my ENB files from files section and uncompress it on the same path and change ProxyLibrary of enblocal.ini.
5. Overwrite downloaded files from step 1,2 with those from step 3(if ask you continue overwrite, click yes to all).
6. In game, make sure you have FXAA being enabled.

Delete all files added from Installing procedure.

May occur minor visual issues with some mods.

[Visual mod recommendation or used in gallery]
Distant Decal Lod Animation ini Fix by Tias
Tamriel Reloaded HD by 32cm
Dynamic Distant Objects LOD - DynDOLOD by sheson
HQ Snow Texture by gorefest2011
Deadly Spell Impacts by isoku
Skyrim Flora Overhaul by vurt
The Beauty of Skyrim - Caves and Mines by raiserfx
SMIM by Brumbek
Pure Waters by Laast
Ultimate HD fire effects by rheadude

[Issues could be occurred]
1. With nvidia VGAs, for those who feel too dim when playing, you may need to tweak 'GammaCurve' or 'Brightness' in enbseries.ini file.
2. When gets high amount of stuttering or low frame, use SSAO tweak or other features like enboost which let you get more fps.
3. When using AMD VGAs with latest driver version, you might be got to rollback to before code name adrenaline due to clipping on coloration.

ENBseries by Boris Vorontsov
ENB DOF code by kingeric1992
ENB effects by HD6
ENB lens effects by kingeric1992