About this mod

Tamriel Reloaded remake. 4k, 2k and performance 1k textures, parallax + parallax terrain, all TR mods in 1 and also unreleased TR mods included. Many texture variations, not all houses/walls/trees/etc... with same textures.

Permissions and credits


Tamriel Reloaded HD SE is out:

What is this?
Since i improved my phostoshop skills and got better PC after release TR textures and parallax, i decided to go further making better textures and fixing old. Over 80% textures are new. So this is:

1- TR textures and parallax with better textures (2k and 4k) and more variety. Also lot of fixes.

2- All TR mods in 1 esp. TR trees, TR grasses, TR mountains, TR interiors. it also include Immersive roads with 4k textures. Also include a little .esp to fix mesh textures when using the parallax terrain.

3- Unreleased TR mods (i can release if requested). TR stumps and dead trees, TR solitude, TR riften, TR whiterun,
TR villages, TR nordic ruins and TR roads and landscapes.

4- More variety in textures, not the same textures for each house:

-Different village walls, stone walls, wood posts, roofs...

-Different city house walls, floors, roofs, moss, ivy...

5- Different dead trees, stumps, trunks...

6- Different mines: Gloombound, Left hand, Shorts stone and Darkwater crossing mines have different textures according with mineral extracted (ebony more dark, etc..). Tried to make more mines but too much work.

7- Like 10 different types of ivy and moss.

8- And the variety of TR mods.


- 0.9a fixes some tree LODs in Riverwood bridge, some parallax terrain bugs, add parallax terrain to Solstheim and fix a missing texture.


Important to get all plants and grasses working:
Before install edit Skyrim.ini in /my docs/my games/skyrim and add iMaxGrassTypesPerTexure=15 in [Grass] section like this:


Important to get parallax terrain working with latest ENBs:
Edit enblocal.ini and set FixParallaxBugs=true and FixParallaxterrain=true

After tweaking inis:
1- Download Tamriel Reloaded HD and copy content into Skyrim/data folder and click "yes" to overwrite when prompted.
2- Activate the Tamriel Reloaded HD.esp in NMM.
3- If you want to use any optional file install via NMM or copy content into Skyrim/data folder and click "yes" to overwrite when prompted.

Pics and videos are taken with fantasy version off Tamriel Reloaded ENB
To get parallax terrain working you need the latest ENB (265+) or any preset that use it.

My PC is from 1958 or I don't like to use ENBs but I want parallax, also my roads textures move very weird:
You still need to download ENB files here and after install it in skyrim folder (not data) download the optional file here in download section and install in same path. You will get all parallax working, vanilla colors and no fps loss

Tamriel reloaded must be installed and loaded in NMM the last if you want to use all features. You can install any parallax and texture mod BEFORE. For grass mods, i you are using a custom load order of grass mods with TR grasses on it, just replace TR grasses by TR HD.

Since i moded 345345435 things, better ask buts it must be compatible with any mod, depends of the load order and install order you do with the mods.

Is compatible with:
-JK´s mods
-ETAC (3 blossom trees in whiterun outside market clip with a house).

Unreleased TR mods (already included):

TR Nordic Ruins:

TR Parallax Terrain:

TR Roads:

TR Villages:

TR Cities:

TR Dead Trees & Stumps:


My parallax terrain dont work.

- Or you dint tweak the ini files or you dont have the latest ENB file (265).

Too big download?

- I can upload it in parts if needed (i already did but im too lazy to edit this line). Original file had 4k included and was 3 gb but i decided release the main as 2k files and put the 4k in separate file for better download.

This overwrite all TR mods?

- Yes, overwrite everything and deactivate all TR and immersive roads esp`s and activate only TR HD. If i update TR HD i will update the other mods if needed.

This mod include immersive roads?

- Yes but not the optionals, no dark, white, normal with or without moss.

I still have vanilla fences.

- Remove any fencewoven nif in meshes/architecture/farmhouse

Can i use the immersive roads textures?

- Yes, copy only the texture folder.

I like more the red road texture in whiterum from TR T & P.

- Copy all wrstonefloor dds textures into /data/textures/architecture/whiterun from TR T & P (same path).

Mmmm... not sure if i will like it.

- For that i uploaded 2 vids and 23423432 pics. Easy test, backup your whole data folder, install and see. If you dont like, uninstall and reinstall your data folder.

Will this work with super hd grasses 0,5k, Trololo grasses 2k and mega flora 32k?

- Burn them with fire.

This mod would not be possible without GKB Green Trees from Ga-Knomboe Boy.