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"Adds many more flocks of birds and hawks to the environment, as well as more bats to dungeons." - From original mod. I have taken this mod a step further and used Birds and Flocks SSE by steve40, as a guide for cleaning it properly. This patch marks the end of the debate regarding problems with the Big 3 Bird mods of Skyrim.

Permissions and credits
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Birds and Flocks - Ruhadre Patch

Mod Contents and Credits:

Patched Version of "Birds and Flocks Hearthfire Edition Cleaned" by Kazoomie/dovahsbane


- Modification permission: You are allowed to modify my files and release bug fixes or improve on the features so long as you credit me as the original creator

Kazoomie/dovahsbane has been given editing access to this mod, as well as steve40

The following is from the original mod author:

"This mod will add in dozens and dozens more instances of birds that fly away when startled by either the player or another creature. The effect is one that already exists in the game but was used very rarely, so I expanded its use.

This mod also adds in many more circling birds of prey along cliffs, tundras, forests, and mountain ranges.

Now includes more bats in dungeons!"

Note from Ruhadre:

This patch has had update.esm added as a master and has been cleaned thoroughly with TES5Edit using Birds and Flocks SSE by steve40 as a guide
The original mod had somewhere around 100 bad edits even in the "cleaned" version.  Around 70 were Identical to Master Records.  Cleaning them with TES5Edit created about half a dozen errors that needed manually resolved.  Some bird instances were placed in areas where Hearthfire houses were to be built, and would break the construction process.  Those were removed.  Edits were made to vanilla assets which served no purpose (stray edits caused by just randomly clicking in the render window).  Those were removed.  This version of Birds and Flocks will not cause CTD's or mod conflicts.  Do not use any form of the original or else you will defeat the entire purpose of these fixes.  I uploaded this to support the community, and so the community could enjoy dovahbane's work without any of the problems that plagued it in the past.  In the future, I plan on possibly expanding upon what this mod does.


2 versions.  Both versions requires Hearthfires and up-to-date Skyrim.  Just an esp with no assets.  They are almost identical, except one carries over a few USLEEP edits.  Only use one.  (It is not necessary to install Original Birds and Flocks.  If you have the original installed in any form, please uninstall it.)

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Please be sure to endorse the original mod to show your appreciation for the hard work!

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