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Adds birds to the world of skyrim

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  • Turkish
  • Polish
  • Italian

Logo made by psychosteve. Thanks a lot 8)


18.08.12 - Birds of Skyrim version 0.6.5 released.

Changes in this update:
- Some new bird spawns around skyrim
- Small bugfix (thanks Eyatorius!)
- Introducing sound effects.

Seagull sounds have now been added to these three locations:

- Solitude docks
- The Dainty sload (Ship)
- Wreck of the brinehammer

Feel free to give feedback, critisism, endorsements, suggestions etc ;)

As always, test the new update before you continue your savegame!



09.08.12 - New textures for the default chicken has been uploaded. There is a brown, and a white variant. Copy data folder into skyrim folder to install. This can also be used together with automatic variants.



This is a part of an ongoing project aiming to populate skyrim with much more diverse wildlife. I hope to be able to improve all aspects of animal life in the future.

Bird locations:

Bullfinch: Found outside the farms in windhelm, and in dawnstar.
Crows: Found outside the college of winterhold, and in Windhelm.
Jay: Found in falkreath
Kingfisher: Found near inland water sources. For example the water west of riverwood
Oystercatcher: Found on the northwestern coast.
Pheasant: Mostly found in the wilderness between Riverwood and Falkreath.
Pigeons: Found inside and around the cities Markhart, Riften, Solitude, Whiterun and windhelm.
Wood pigeons: Found in falkhreath and outside Markhart
Pine thrush: Found in the rift area.
Sandpipers: Found in the swampy area east of solitude.
Seagulls: Found on the dock areas of Dawnstar, Morthal, Solitude and Windhelm. They are also found in the wild along the northern coast of Skyrim.
Red grouse and ruffed grouse: Found on the plains between Whiterun and Roerikstead.
Sprouced grouse: Found in the wilderness between Riverwood and Falkreath
Semi coloured grouse: Found in the border area between snowland and dryland.
White grouse: Found in the wild in snowy areas. Hard to find, and rare.
Snow bunting: Found in winterhold.
Sparrows, willow tits and great tits: Different places around skyrim
Ravens: Mostly found east of Whiterun. You could for example try the riften graveyard.
Roosters: Most of the farms around skyrim have one rooster.
Baby chicken: Riverwood, Ivarstead, Solitude farm, and Whiterun farm


Copy content of compressed folder to the skyrim folder.

For rooster sounds download this mod:
Roosters at dawn

Other animal mods highly recommended by me:
Skytest - Realistic animals and predators
More village animals
Improved fish - more spawning
Pets of Skyrim

All of them are compatible with my mod, and will together with this mod make your skyrim a much richer place!

Birds of skyrim international:

Brazilian Portuguese (V0.6)
Czech (V0.6)
French (V0.6.5)
German (V0.6.5)
Italian (V0.6.5)
Russian (V0.5)
Spanish (V0.6.5)

I hope you guys enjoy!

Further information:

This is a work in progress mod, so everything is not perfect yet. However i believe this mod is good enough to add something to the game.

Below i have written down info on progress, and my own thoughts on direction of the mod:


Basically i am only adding birds that are a realistic and believable in the skyrim climate. Also, i will only base my birds on real world birds. No fantasy stuff :)

My birds are coming from these ideas:
- Found in Norway (I consider norwegian climate to match skyrim climate very well, also these are the birds i live with).
- Found in tes lore.
- Suggestions from users.

Below is a list to give an idea of birds to come.

Confirmed birds to be in the next update 0.6 (search on google images to know what they look like):

- Female pheasants
- Magpies
- Wood pigeons

If you have any strong objections against any birds you are free to comment, but you have to bring good arguments :p

Birds that will be made sometime:
- Rock Warbler

Birds i really want to add but I need to overcome technical difficulties:

- Swimming seagulls and ducks.
- Owls
- Geese
- More customized flying birds, sizes and flying patterns.

Birds that already has been suggested and will be considered:

- Vultures (Bearded, Lappet, Black, Turkey, Condor, etc.)
- Eagles (Golden, Bald, African Crowned, Harpy, etc.)
- Owls (Great Horned, Snow, Eurasianed, Blakinston's, etc.)
- Cranes (Whooping, Sarus, Red Crowned, etc.)
- Turkeys
- Falcons (Gyrfalcon, Peregrine, Kestrels, etc.)
- Hawks (Red-tailed, Cooper's, Kites, Osprey, etc.)
- Bats
- Blue Jays
- Mocking Birds
- Atlantic Puffins
- Penguins

Birds that have been suggested but will never make it to this mod:
- Parrots
- Any fantasy based creature

If your bird did not make it to one of these lists, i propably have missed it. Feel free to put it into comments section.


Features i am currently looking to implement (dont know when):
- Spesific sound effect for the birds. First will be seagullsounds in places with a lot of seagull.
- 3D placement. I am trying to work out a good way of placing birds on shopsigns, lanterns, trees, roofs etc.
- A good faction and ai behaviour system.
- Bird spesific loot

Features that have been suggested and i am considering:[\b]

- Bird shit! :p

[b]My other mod:

Pets of Skyrim