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A patch that fixes and upgrades a variety of things for Birds of Skyrim by Qasiermo. Carries forward changes from USLEEP. More birds + vultures + 2 talking bird merchants + 2 talking bird followers as well. Now with avoidance AI, hit effect feather shaders, and much more thanks to steve40!

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Birds of Skyrim - Ruhadre Patch v1.43 by Ruhadre

Ruhadre is pronounced (Ru-ha-dri)

I want to say thank you to all those that have supported, endorsed, encouraged, and assisted my work.  You all are why I mod  :)
I also want to thank everyone for their patience!  Don't forget to give kudos and endorsements to your mod authors and their mods!

Thank you for the 1287 endorsements so far!  Please enjoy my mod!

Featured on GEMS along side the original mod.

Also recommended by:  Skyrim Ultimate Modding Guide - Graphics  by Sinitar Gaming

Short Description:  

Ever get tired of seeing all the dead birds from Birds of Skyrim?  Get annoyed because everything attacks them?
Did you wonder if you should clean it with TES5Edit?  Dislike that it doesn't carry over USLEEP changes?
Get irritated with birds not moving out of the way or just not acting immersively enough?
Have no fear!  The Ruhadre patch is here!  Now with many of the advancements from Birds of Skyrim SSE!

Current Version: 1.43

What's new in 1.43?

- Bird Followers have had more various improvements/bug fixes applied (they should be quite useful now!)
- Added several species of birds to a few locations, mostly in Solstheim.

What's new in 1.42?

- Bird Followers have had various improvements/bug fixes applied

What's new in 1.41?

- Carried over faction changes from the latest version of USLEEP

What's new in 1.4?  (HUGE Update!)

- 31 Vultures from "Mr. Siika Ravens and Vultures" added to 14 locations
- Sound for Vultures came from Birds of Skyrim SSE with permission from steve40
- Ghost Chicken added to the Soul Cairn next to Ghost Cows
- Merchant of Nocturnal Ghost Raven added (can be found as you become a nightingale)
- Poe the merchant should now leave The Hag's Cure at night
- Edgar and Alena talking raven followers (Falkreath Graveyard and Winterhold's Tavern)
- Scripted On-Hit Feathers Effect Shaders:  Script made by steve40 for SSE, with permission, it's been brought to Oldrim
- Various Improvements brought over from SSE
- Follower Hunting Bow Bug Fix Included!

What's new in 1.3?

- Avoidance AI, reverse engineered from steve40's work on Birds of Skyrim SSE

What's new in 1.2?

- Poe the talking raven!  He is a merchant in the Hag's Cure of Markarth.

Why download this patch?

- Patch was developed from version 0.6.5 of Birds of Skyrim by Qasiermo, and requires it to be installed first for this patch to work
- Mod has been cleaned with the latest version of TES5Edit to keep LOOT from screaming about it.  These were safe UDR cleans.
- Birds that were attached to the PreyFaction were removed from that faction
- All birds added by BOS were added to the new custom 000BOSBirdieFaction
- The new birdie faction enables all birds to consider themselves friends of each other
- These factions consider the new bird faction friends: Bandit, Forsworn, Creature, Dragon, MGRitualDremoraFaction, Warlock, Vampire, and Hagraven
- All birds already had 0 aggression, 0 confidence, and 0 assistance. Some birds still had aggro distances set. I removed those
- All birds already didn't affect the stealth meter. Due to the new faction they are in, they also do not report crimes, whatsoever
- Some birds had a "fear" disposition. They were changed to neutral like the rest.  This was a useless tweak for uniformity
- Removed a walking seagull from The Dainty Sload area, as it was causing bugs to occur there
- Both walking and flying ravens were added to a variety of locations: 11 Hagraven areas, Falkreath, Hag's Cure, and Twilight Sepulcher
- Flying bone hawks from Dawnguard DLC were added to 9 Vampire lair areas
- Raven in Hag's Cure is a talking merchant named Poe
- Ghost Raven Merchant for Nightingales
- 2 Talking Bird Followers that can partcipate in combat
- Avoidance AI package reverse engineered from steve40's work on BOS SSE
- Added Vultures w/ sound
- Added On-Hit Feather Effect Shaders driven by a script made by steve40 for BOS SSE
- Includes Follower Hunting Bow Bug Fix:  Now all followers will only use the bow and arrows you give them
- Includes many other various fixes that were in BOS SSE
- Patch has been tested extensively with no reported errors in it's current state.
- All of my mods are awesome, and continue to get better

Brodual does an excellent job of showing off Birds of Skyrim in this video.

Q: Why those factions?

A: Bandits, forsworn, creatures, dragons, the dremora from the conjuration master quest, warlocks, vampires, and hagravens are all considered hostile.
This should help eliminate the issue of the birds being attacked by everything in sight, and clear up some reported bugs.
This should also technically improve performance, as there will be far less un-needed combat initialization.

Q: Why make them friends?

A: In order to make npc's from those factions not attack, they were set to friend status. NPCs with aggression 0 - 2 won't attack. If it's 3, they still will.
Best part is, when the birds see their "friends" being attacked (or doing the attacking), they will flee with no combat initialization.
When combat is over, their behavior will return to normal like nothing happened.

Q: The birds are still getting killed?!

A: First, make sure you installed this patch AFTER installing Birds of Skyrim.  Second, do you have SkyTEST or other animal overhauls installed?
If you answered yes to that last question, then that is the issue.  Anything that removes animals from their vanilla factions, or spawns aggressive ones close to where the birds spawn, will cause issues.  Mods that spawn aggressive NPC's could even cause the birds to still be killed.

Q: Why make this patch?

A: I originally made this for myself a long time ago.  I then decided to share.  Since then, I've decided to make this mod more of an expansion rather than just a patch.  Qasiermo's work has been modernized, an "ai" system been put in place, and flying birds have been added to compliment it.
Now it'll seem important to watch the skies, as different types of flying birds can tell you different things about locations you are approaching.

Q: Why make a talking bird merchant?

A: Morrowind had the Creeper, who was a scamp. Oblivion had the talking mudcrab. Now skyrim has Poe the raven.
He has 10,000 gold to buy stuff with, which becomes 12,000 with the master trader perk. He also sells a large amount of items.

Poe's Backstory:

  Poe is a talking raven from Nocturnal's realm of Evergloam. Born in Crow's Wood, he fell into favor with Nocturnal through his merchant skills.

He would often speak for her when it came to negotiations with lesser mortals who would seek her out.

Poe took up residence near the Ebonmere, so he could interact with Tamriel more freely, and observe the world where these mortals came from.

One day, as he looked through onto Tamriel, he noticed something sparkling that caught his eye. All he could do was look at this distant twinkle.

Day by day, it shined like a beacon to him. Glittering, yet so far away. He dreamed about what the place could look like.

He simply had to know why this place stood out to him. He came to know the place as a city called Markarth.

By questioning mortals that wanted an audience with Nocturnal, he heard rumors of silver, as deep as the mountain the city was built on.

Knowing such treasures existed, made Poe entirely excited. Without thought, he jumped into the Ebonmere to arrive in Tamriel shortly after.

It took him quite awhile, but eventually made it to Markarth.  He anxiously looked around, admiring the dwemer architecture.

He quickly noticed that Markarth was full of people with affiliations to the Forsworn, a faction that revered ravens in their religion.

After travelling around town, he came upon the Hag's Cure, an alchemy shop, ran by an older woman with connections to the Forsworn.

He spoke with her, knowing that she wouldn't be entirely suprised by a bird that talks, and told her who he was, and why he was there.

She agreed to allow him to stay there, and sell his wares at her shop, inexchange for some rent. He couldn't be happier with this agreement.

To be a trader in a foreign land made Poe feel like his luck couldn't run out, but then it did. The Ebonmere suddenly closed.

Poe felt it happen immediately, as he lost his connection to Nocturnal. Knowing he couldn't return home, he made the best of things as a merchant.

Over time, he learned more about Tamriel than he ever had known before. He loved all the shiny and magical things in this land.

As a result, Poe became proficient at trading weapons, armor, jewelry, potions, alchemy ingredients, and enchanted items.

He has been in Skyrim for some time now, and has amassed a large amount of gold to use for purchasing inventory.

If the Ebonmere did suddenly re-open, why would Poe return back home?

If it did, then returning home would mean explaining to Nocturnal why he's been gone for so long.

Since Poe is just a clever little raven, he has decided that he already is home, in the Hag's Cure of Markarth... in the distant sparkle he used to dream about. Which is why he'll yell at you for knocking stuff over in his home.

Q: Why make a backstory for Poe?

A: In the past, when Bethesda introduced the easter egg merchants, it was kinda like, "Hey, here are some crazy merchants with alot of gold. Have fun."
At least with Poe, you know who he is, why he is there, and why he is a merchant. Best part is, it's even more lore-friendly!
Crow's Wood is a location in the Evergloam, where intelligent talking crows live, that the player can visit in Elder Scrolls Online.
Unfortunately, he doesn't actually talk about any of this, as the Ebonmere has been closed for awhile by the time you meet Poe.

My patch works as intended.  I can't be held responsible for every mod out there.
However, if you ask nicely, I can always make more compatibility patches for other mods.

Special note:
The birds are slow moving, so they will get caught in crossfire occasionally.  Usually only if AOE's are being used.
Like in the original mod, they'll respawn if they do die.

This patch might have compatibility issues with other mods that alter the vanilla faction system. I'm looking at you skyTest, lol.
Good news is, this patch makes it so that this mod, can easily have compatibility patches made for it, for mods like skyTest.
This will be compatible as long as animals aren't being assigned entirely new factions.  Editing the vanilla system should be ok.
I originally made these tweaks for my own personal use.  Seeing as how well it worked for me, I've decided to share.

Don't know what Birds of Skyrim is?  It's one of the best bird mods ever put on the nexus!  Check it out if you haven't already!
It's also been featured on Skyrim GEMS (Encounter Mods > Wildlife Encounters).
Check out the videos in the videos tab if you'd like to see the original mod in action!


1.)  Download and install USLEEP by Arthmoor

2.)  Download and install Birds of Skyrim by Qasiermo.  Use only 0.6.5

3.)  Download and install the patch from this mod.  Allow it to overwrite the esp.  DONE!

4.)  If having any issues with the bird follower's dialogue, then additionally install Relationship Dialogue Overhaul


Mr. Siika Ravens and Vultures
Qasiermo for Birds of Skyrim
TES5Edit by Sharlikran
Carboniac for many helpful tips!
Arthmoor for Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch
steve40 for Birds of Skyrim SSE
Huge thanks to weijiesen for sharing his feather effect shader atlases
Bethesda Softworks for Creation Kit


This is just a modified esp.  Qasiermo has been given editing access for this mod, and has endorsed these patches.
The work I did on this mod was nothing compared to the original hard work Qasiermo did.  Endorse his mod first before endorsing this one.
Qasiermo has my permission to use this patch in any way he sees fit, and he does not have to credit me.  This mod is his mod.
Screenshot is from Qasiermo's mod page.  Videos are also of Qasiermo's original mod.


- Re-introduce new changes from Birds of Skyrim SSE to this patch.
- More birds in more locations.


- skyBirds - Airborne Perching Birds by steve40
Please refer to the comments page for more information regarding SkyBirds.
SkyBirds contains a sound injector specifically tailored for Birds of Skyrim!
DO NOT USE ASIS WITH SkyBirds!!!  ASIS breaks the birds unless you add it to the BlockList.txt file of ASIS.

- skyBirds USLEEP Performance Patches by Ruhadre

- Ducks and Swans for Skyrim 1_1 by Tamira

- Seaside Seagulls by Jokerine

- Birds and Flocks - Ruhadre Patch by Ruhadre

- Birds of Skyrim SSE Edition by Qasiermo and steve40
As of 2.5, my patch has been partially integrated into the main mod.  As of 2.6, my patch has been fully integrated plus a lot more.


Qasiermo - For endorsing this patch/expansion.
steve40 - For helping me better understand how all 3 major bird mods worked, and for being an outstanding modder!

MY MODSRuhadre Mods

Birds of Skyrim SSE Edition   (collaboration w/ steve40)
Maxine - Zombie Follower  (collaboration w/ Samulis)

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