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This mod adds ducks and swans at lakes and ponds in Skyrim. Now with ducklings and sounds.

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Ducks and Swans for Skyrim V 1.1


This mod adds ducks and swans at lakes and ponds in Skyrim.

Models and textures were originally made for Oblivion by Kaizit (username Stesha on the Nexus)

A big thank-you goes to Kaizit/Stesha for giving me permission to convert the resource files for Skyrim and to publish them as a Skyrim resource:

Please give Kudos to her:


These ducks and swans are not creatures, they are animated statics that move on a given path, like other critters such as bees,
butterflies, pond fish and hawks. So of course they show no behaviour like attack, fly, eat, rest or the like. Their only purpose is to add to the atmosphere.

You can catch and loot them like the other critters, they will respawn after 10 days, provided you don't visit that area again in the meantime.

The ducks yield duck breast as food item (same attributes as pheasant breast) and can be prepared (with salt) at a cooking pot to create roast duck (same attributes as roast pheasant).
The swans yield swan feathers as an ingredient (same attributes as hawk feathers).

You will not find the ducks and swans at every wet corner in Skyrim. I placed them where I thought it makes sense, like shallow water and ponds, and of course not in sea water or brackish water. There are a total of 96 ducks and 36 swans all over Skyrim.


New in Version 1.1:

Replaced 16 of the 28 female ducks with a "duck family" = duck mom with ducklings. Each family has in addition a separate duckling swimming around. You can catch the separate ducklings but you will get no loot from them. Who wants to kill a cute little duckling anyway? When you catch the duck family it yields duck breast like the single ducks.
You will find a duck's nest near each duck family where you can collect a duck's egg (same attributes as chicken's egg).
You will find these duck families, ducklings and nests more likely in the warmer regions of Skyrim.

Thanks again to Kaizit for adding the new meshes for the ducklings and duck's nests!

Added quack sounds to the female (and mom) ducks (it is said that the female ducks in RL are more talkative). Giving sounds to all ducks might have resulted in too much noise. The swans are still silent (they are also called mute swans in RL for a reason).
But all of them - swans, ducks and ducklings - will now utter a shout when you catch them.

Sound-Update: Optional file: Optimized sounds by Lazyskeever = reduced sound file size for better performance. Thanks for the contribution Lazyskeever!
Unpack the zip file and add the sound folder to your data folder, allow to overwrite.

Reduced the speed of all the animation paths so the movements will now be slower.



Of course there are lots of cells touched by this mod, but as this concerns only water surfaces, this should not be a big issue.
I strongly recommend to put this mod at the beginning of your load order and to load all your other mods after "ducks and swans".

Shocklizard made a Requiem patch for Ducks and Swans. Check out here:



Kaizit (=Stesha) for making the models and textures
Duck sound by Patrik Åberg:
Swan sound by Krystof Deonyziak:
The Niftools team for giving us Nifskope.
Skyfox from the Niftools team for his great tool NifUtils
Bethesda for the TES games



If you want to use the models and textures, please download the resource file:
and give credit to the authors, including a link to this resource, as is required in the readme of the resource.

You may not modify and/or re-upload this mod anywhere.

What the Forever Free symbol means:

For more videos check the video tab. Thank you guys!

Version 1.1 (starts at 3:21)