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On April 14th, 2018, my beloved dog, Murphy, passed away. I made this mod to immortalise him, so that all may know his name.

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  • Russian


On April 14th, 2018, my beloved dog, Murphy, passed away. As soon as I was able to collect myself later that same day, I set to work doing what I knew I needed to do. I needed to immortalise him, the only way I knew how: Through Skyrim modding.

His name is Murphy. He is here for you now, as he always was for me.

The Special Edition version of the mod can be found here.


You'll be able to find him in Whiterun, wandering around the market (or inside the Bannered Mare at night). There are no requirements to make him a follower. Just ask him to follow, and he's yours. However, I may add a quest sometime in the (probably far) future to make it a bit more immersive.


  • He is a loyal companion - He will follow you to Sovngarde and back. He is not a fighter, and will flee from combat, but he'll always come back when it is safe and will make up for it in other ways.

  • He is safe - Weapons will pass right through him, and magic will not even singe his fur. He cannot and will not be harmed. I'm not going to bring my dog back to life just to have him be killed by some bandit.

  • He is unique - Depending on the weather, he will apply various magic effects to the player designed to aid and guide. This is based on the ideaI mentioned in the introduction, in that I feel him in the sun and so on. The effects themselves are a work in progress and will be improved upon and more will be added per-weather.

The current effects are as follows:

  • Clear skies and warm sun will add health regeneration.

  • Cloudy skies will add magicka regeneration.

  • Rainy weather will add stamina regeneration.

  • Foggy weathers are supposed to increase sneak skill but this does not currently work and I will probably change this effect in the future anyway.

  • Snowy weathers currently do nothing. This is not permanent. In the future, I plan to add customisation for this weather specifically.

Other features

  • Remote wait/follow power: Use this to tell Murphy to wait or to follow you no matter how far away he is.

  • Summon spell: As the name would suggest, this spell will allow you to summon Murphy to you from wherever he is (you'll actually be able to take him to Sovngarde now).


If you wish to translate this mod into your native language, go ahead! I previously stated that I'd prefer to keep translations on this mod page, but I've changed my mind about that and am now completely happy for you to upload a translation as your own mod. That way, it's less maintenance for me, and you get the proper recognition you deserve. You do not need to contact me for permission, but perhaps consider flicking me a message so I can support your work!

Do keep in mind, however, I may update this mod every now and then with new text that needs to be translated, so do keep an eye out for that.

Mod Managers

  • Download and install with whichever mod manager you wish. Standard process, as with any mod.

Manual Installation

  • Download the mod then drag and drop the files into your Skyrim/Data folder (not recommended).

Manual Uninstallation

  • Delete/remove "Murphy.esp" in your Data folder.

  • Delete/remove the "KOM" folder in the Data/Meshes folder.

  • Delete/remove the "KOM" folder in the Data/Textures folder.

  • Delete/remove any scripts with the "_KOM_" prefix in the Data/Scripts folder AND the Data/Scripts/Source folder.

  • Delete/remove the "Murphy.SEQ" file in the Seq folder.

  • Delete/remove the "02002318.xml" file in the DialogueViews folder.

Load Order

Shouldn't matter where it is.

General Compatibility

Should be compatible with everything. However there might be a slight issue with Open Cities where he doesn't spawn during the day (untested). If that happens, just wait until night time and he'll be inside the Bannered Mare instead.

VR Compatibility

Untested. I see no reason why it wouldn't work. If you have a VR and have tried it out, please let me know the results.

Please be sure to report any bugs you come across.

  • A few people have reported issues with Murphy being invisible and/or not being able to recruit him. This is a known issue and is being looked into, but it may take a while to fix as I'm not entirely sure what's causing it. I'll keep everyone posted.

  • Sometimes, your character may pant as if they are out of stamina, even though they are not. I think I know what is causing this. Panting is not permanent, don't worry.

Direct Participation

  • Reddit user ElephantTeeth - For converting the model to a NIF file and applying textures so it can actually be used in game. (I will update this with a link to their Nexus profile instead once I figure out what it is).

  • The Skyrim Mods subreddit community - For their moral and technical support on a post I made (which is where the link will take you) that helped me not only get past the technical challenges I was facing, but also helped alleviate some of the emotional weight on my shoulders. I cannot thank them enough.

Indirect Aid

  • DarkFox127 - For all his wonderful tutorials, without which, I wouldn't be half the modder I am today.

  • The Creation Kit Wiki (including anyone and everyone that has ever contributed to it) - For being one of the single best resources for the CK on the internet.

  • Bethesda - For Skyrim. Without which I would have never found my love for modding (which has become my biggest hobby) and I never would have been able to honour my dog.

Extra Links

  • My Twitter - I will post regular update about this and other mods.

  • My Twitch - I will occasionally stream my work in the Creation Kit and also some games.


A really moving video by Thyworm. Very well presented and I feel very honoured that
the mod has received such a well put-together video. Thank you so much, Thyworm.

I love you, Murphy.