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On April 14th, 2018, my beloved dog, Murphy, passed away. I made this mod to immortalise him, so that all may know his name.

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On April 14th, 2018, my beloved dog, Murphy, passed away. As soon as I was able to collect myself later that same day, I set to work doing what I knew I needed to do. I needed to immortalise him, the only way I knew how: Through Skyrim modding.

I have not stopped since then, and I will not stop until everyone knows his name. It is the least he deserves.

His name is Murphy. He is here for you now, as he always was for me.


You'll be able to find him in Whiterun, wandering around the market. There are no requirements to make him a follower. Just ask him to follow, and he's yours. However, I may add a quest sometime in the (probably far) future to make it a bit more immersive.



  • He is a loyal companion - He will follow you to Sovngarde and back. He is not a fighter, and will flee from combat, but he'll always come back when it is safe and will make up for it in other ways.

  • He is safe - Weapons will pass right through him, and magic will not even singe his fur. He cannot and will not be harmed. I'm not going to bring my dog back to life just to have him be killed by some bandit.

  • He is unique - Depending on the weather, he will apply various magic effects to the player designed to aid and guide. This is based on the ideaI mentioned in the introduction, in that I feel him in the sun and so on. The effects themselves are a work in progress and will be improved upon and more will be added per-weather (see the "To-do" list).

The current effects are as follows:

  • Clear skies and warm sun will add health regeneration.

  • Cloudy skies will add magicka regeneration.

  • Rainy weather will add stamina regeneration.

  • Foggy weathers are supposed to increase sneak skill but this does not currently work and I will probably change this effect in the future anyway.

  • Snowy weathers currently do nothing. This is not permanent. In the future, I plan to add customisation for this weather specifically (see the "To-do" list for more information).

More features and updates are planned, some coming very soon! See the "To-do" list.

  • PRIORITY - Create addons for the more popular weather/new land mods, and after that, slowly add in more and more compatability here and there as required.

  • PRIORITY - Trading with Murphy is coming VERY soon once I figure out why it's not working.

  • PRIORITY - I am working on a summon spell to instantly move Murphy to where you are looking when he is stuck or in the way.

  • PRIORITY - Improvements to the model/texture for Murphy are on the way. I am working alongside Reddit user ElephantTeeth (see the "Credits" section) - who has been enormously helpful - to do this.

  • PRIORITY - A remote "wait/follow" power, to tell Murphy to wait or follow when he is out of dialogue range and you don't want to/can’t go to him.

  • PRIORITY - Make a BSA version of the mod for those who do not wish to have loose files.

  • The magical effects you gain depending on the weather are not final and will be iterated on. I will change the current effects and add more in the future.

  • Snow weathers currently have no effect, but in the future, will be the one effect customisable by the player.

  • I will change his bark sound eventually. His in-game bark currently does not match what his real life bark sounded like.

  • Currently, when you sneak, he will count as detecting you. This will not affect whether or not other NPC's can see you, it will only make the stealth indicator be an open eye when it shouldn't be. I will fix this when I figure out how. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • He currently triggers traps even though they cannot harm him. I will make them not trigger for him in the future.

  • Enemies will sometimes attack him (though rarely). This isn't technically an issue as he can't be harmed, but it makes little sense, so I'll eventually make it so they don't target him (if I can).

  • I am still working out the kinks of the weather detection system. It might be a little buggy at the moment so PLEASE report ANY bugs you find so I can optimise the system.

  • I may add support for multiple languages in the future. If you can help me with this, please get in contact but DON'T just re-upload a translation. I'd prefer to host all translations here, so they're all in one, centralised location.

  • I will hopefully, one day, make a quest related to Murphy, to give more explanation as to why he's there and why he will follow you.

  • Potential Xbox release - This will be far off in the future. I will only release this mod on Xbox once it's out of beta as I don't want to release an incomplete, potentially buggy mod to a platform I can't support as well. I hope you understand this decision. Unfortunately, there can never be a release for PS4 as the mod uses custom scripts.

Mod Managers:

  • Download and install the "Installer" version with whichever mod manager you wish. Standard process, as with any mod.

Manual Installation:

  • Download the required main file for the mod.

  • Download any additional patches you require.

  • Extract the files and place them in your Skyrim "Data" folder (if you don't know how to find this, there are plenty of guides online).

Manual Uninstallation:

  • Delete/remove any .esp files in your Data folder that begin with the prefix "Murphy" (i.e. "Murphy.esp", or "Murphy - Dawnguard Patch.esp" and so on).

  • Delete/remove the "KOM" folder in the Data/Meshes folder.

  • Delete/remove the "KOM" folder in the Data/Textures folder.

  • Delete/remove any scripts with the "_KOM_" prefix in the Data/Scripts folder AND the Data/Scripts/Source folder.

  • Delete/remove any .seq files in the "Data/SEQ" folder that begin with the prefix "Murphy" (i.e. "Murphy.seq", or "Murphy - Dawnguard Patch.seq" and so on).

Load Order:

Originally, I didn't think it'd matter where he was in your load order, but one or two people have reported issues with him being invisible and un-recruit-able (see the Bugs section) being fixed by changing the load order. This is untested, but just to be safe, for now, do as follows:

  • Load the mod as low in your load-order as you can.

  • Make sure the patches are loaded after the main ESP file.

In theory, there should be no incompatibilities with any other mods. It should work with mods that add other weathers, but to ensure proper functionality, I will be making patches here and there for as many weather overhaul and "new land" mods (that add unique weathers) as I can. Patches for the DLC's are included in the optional downloads.


  • Technically everything? To be confirmed by you guys through testing hopefully.

  • Dawnguard

  • Dragonborn


  • Climates of Tamriel

  • Vivid Weathers

  • Beyond Skyrim: Bruma

  • More when I think of them or you guys suggest them

Please do NOT pester other mod authors to make their mod compatible with mine. That is not their responsibility. If you have any compatibility issues, please report them here. I will do my best to resolve them.


Untested. I see no reason why it wouldn't work. If you have a VR and have tried it out, please let me know the results.


  • A few people have reported issues with Murphy being invisible and/or not being able to recruit him. This is a known issue and is being looked into, but it may take a while to fix as I'm not entirely sure what's causing it. I'll keep everyone posted.

  • Sometimes, you character may pant as if they are out of stamina, even though they are not. I think I know what is causing this. Panting is not permanent, don't worry.

  • The system used to check when you've changed cells is a little glitchy and sometimes stops working. Still figuring this one out, but a temporary fix (if you even notice this issue as it's very subtle) is to dismiss and "re-hire" Murphy.

I would never intentionally neglect to credit someone if they helped. Please let me know if I ever miss anyone so I can put their names here.

Direct participation:

  • Reddit user ElephantTeeth - For converting the model to a NIF file and applying textures so it can actually be used in game. (I will update this with a link to their Nexus profile instead once I figure out what it is).

  • The Skyrim Mods subreddit community - For their moral and technical support on a post I made (which is where the link will take you) that helped me not only get past the technical challenges I was facing, but also helped alleviate some of the emotional weight on my shoulders. I cannot thank them enough.

Indirect Aid:

  • DarkFox127 - For all his wonderful tutorials, without which, I wouldn't be half the modder I am today.

  • The Creation Kit Wiki (including anyone and everyone that has ever contributed to it) - For being one of the single best resources for the CK on the internet.

  • Merge Plugins - A tool I used for merging the DLC patches together.

  • Bethesda - For Skyrim. Without which I would have never found my love for modding (which has become my biggest hobby) and I never would have been able to honour my dog.


Extra Links:

  • My Twitter - I will post regular update about this and other mods.

  • My Twitch - I will occasionally stream my work in the Creation Kit and also some games.




A really moving video by Thyworm. Very well presented and I feel very honoured that
the mod has received such a well put-together video. Thank you so much, Thyworm.


I love you, Murphy.