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A straightforward, vanilla framework custom follower from the heavy melee school of combat.

Available in plain vanilla, or with an optional, craftable fully custom gear set.

Permissions and credits
"I think that's pathetic. I mean, if you want to fight a baby then you can, if you pay."
                                                                                                                                                                                      - Lain

A bare bones, initial implementation of a character who was intended to be part of a more ambitious project that will likely never come to light... which may or may not have been zerging packs of feral cannibal children.

Requires Dawnguard & Dragonborn cause of bits and pieces, DLC is cheap, and it's been like 7 years.
Relationship Dialogue Overhaul is not a required master file - she will still load and work fine, but the Female Sultry voice is kind of broken without its fixes.
Really, you do want to have it, otherwise Sultry has mixed voice files and some are just subtitles.

Formerly a trainee priestess of Mara for whom it all went wrong.
Following a particularly bad day, she has now fallen on hard times and fled to the Reach.
Carrying an axe and a sackful of regrets, where she can be just another heavily armed psycho.

Nord Female
Hot 2-handed melee action
Sweeping strikes enabled
Height 1.0
Weight 100
Levels with player, starting at 4
Female Sultry voicetype

Leery disposition
No assault too big or too small

A 2-handed melee bonecollector with a bias in favor of heavy armor.
Lite has some super basic temporary vanilla type gear she found, made, and probably stole, to last until your next stop at an outfitter, forge, or AddItemMenu.
Armored sports a customised and abused iteration of Gomaperopero's truly excellent Dragonscale Dress.
Can be found taking up space and blocking doorways in the Silverblood Inn of Markarth.
Not marriageable, but will attend your wedding to someone with an actual personality, flashy download page, and entertaining dialogue instead.
After all, you're worth it.

Self contained, will use your existing face and body textures for a cohesive look.
Custom armors use your existing textures wherever possible for the same reasons.
Starting out with a very basic vanilla follower functionality, on the vanilla follower framework, just murders things, chatters, and carries your burdens.
She seems to sort of leer and side-eye crazily quite often, which is unsettling because I didn't do that.

By default, the armor rating of Bonecollector's Armor is equivalent to Steel Armor, requires Steel Smithing rather than Dragonbone  Smithing cause otherwise the requirements are ridiculous and defeat the point.
An optional "geared up" replacement .esp is also available to raise the armor rating in line with Dragonplate gear.
Armor is craftable and temperable with either .esp, but male models are regular Dragonplate, sorry guys, shorted again.

The management apologises for absolutely everything, while taking responsibility for absolutely nothing.

expired6978 for RaceMenu
Kalilies for KS Hairdos Renewal
OrinLinwe for KS Salt & Wind
LogRaam for The Eyes of Beauty
Hvergelmir for Brows
m150 for Chaurus Follower
Gomaperopero for Revamped Dragonscale Armor 7B
tiwa44 for Spice Gear
nisetanaka for TAWoBA
OrinLinwe & contributors for Modular
Ousnius & Caliente for Bodyslide & Outfit Studio

Additional thanks:
Ousnius, Halofarm, Chris Morris, Dance With The Dead, iRloading
and special thanks to saurusmaximus