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Endless Horizon Home is a lore friendly open air player home with everything you need for crafting and so much more. It requires that you solve a mystery to find out how to get inside and once inside you will discover beauty and many fun activities. Night time can be the most magical visual experience. Level 30+ is required to solve the mystery.

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  • Spanish
After a high ranking master disappeared from the College of Winterhold, a curious student took the time to write a book about all the clues surrounding the mystery. It has yet to be solved.

Will you be the one to finally solve the mystery of Indelious Mephestros?

To start the mod, go and read the book titled "The mystery of Indelious Mephestros." It can be easily found on the desk of the librarian in The Arcanium.

This mod only uses Bethesda assets so no other mods are needed. You will need all 3 DLC's.

Don't forget to get the Pinball game add-on: Sheogorth's Tilted Table

This mod has no quest scripts and therefore, no quest markers. All my scripts are trigger box and equipment based.

Look for hints in the sticky post if you get stuck!

- Plenty of safe storage and every crafting station you should need.

- 14 plantable pots for all your growing needs. (version 1.2)

-This home is mage based and has a touch of madness from Sheogorath so there are no child beds. The games I created inside are plenty to keep you busy!

-Incredible sunsets and sunrises. All the images were taken with Antique Dragon ENB

-A ton of idle markers and things never seen before to watch your followers and enjoy.  Wait until you see the pool!

-Intricate lighting system at night and not a roof in sight!

-Lore friendly in my opinion and works great with Requiem and Immersive College of Winterhold

-Place this mod after Immersive College of Winterhold in your load order. Place above Requiem.

-Fully hand nav meshed and cleaned with TES5Edit.

I strongly recommend 83Willow's 101 Bugs HD mod

Get the SSE version HERE

Spanish translation by LatinGames is HERE

**** VERY IMPORTANT!!! Do NOT place the 2 staffs you will find in the mod into any display racks!! Store them in your inventory or a container only or the scripts on them will not work! ****

I'm so excited to be able to release this mod on April fools! It being Easter is a plus as well with how many Easter eggs this mod contains!

There will be a sticky post as with all my mods with all text so it can be easily translated and some hints will follow! I will be happy to make a more vram friendly version if there is a need. Please let me know what you think in the comments!

This was a one week idea that turned into two months of work. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did in creating it.

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