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This mod adds two new Daedric creatures - The ravenous Huntbeasts of Hircine, and the sadistic Bloodhorns of Molag Bal.
Includes 24 Huntbeast variants and 12 Bloodhorn variants.

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A bloodthirsty, monstrous servant of Molag Bal, the goat-like Bloodhorn is a favorite summon among vampires. The Huntbeast, on the other hand, is a savage elk-like beast that constantly roams Hircine's Hunting Grounds in search of prey. It is often summoned by Hagravens, who use their nature-based magic to bind it to their will. Both creatures are rare in Skyrim, and that is probably for the best...while the small ones may be bested by a skilled swordsman or mage, both creatures can grow quite large and deadly. Very few warriors are capable of defeating a Bestial Bloodhorn...or worse yet, a Goliath Huntbeast.

"Their third eye creeps me out."
-Someone, probably

This mod adds two new Daedric creatures - The Huntbeast of Hircine and the Bloodhorn of Molag Bal.

  • 24 Huntbeast variants and 12 Bloodhorn variants
    -Huntbeast: 3 textures x 2 meshes x 4 sizes; Bloodhorn: 2 textures x 2 meshes x 3 sizes
  • Power scales with size
  • Strategically incorporated to preserve balance, using:
    -Hand-placed creatures; Leveled list entries; Wild encounter events (rare)
  • "Bovine Defense Force" Easter Egg

Install: Use a mod manager or install manually, then enable the plugin.
Requirements: Dawnguard.
Uninstall: Relatively safe, clean your save to get rid of any left-over scripts.
Compatiblity: Make a Bashed Patch for leveled lists. Otherwise, no compatibility issues are known.


Where will I encounter each creature?
Huntbeasts: Bloated Man's Grotto, Glenmoril Coven, randomly as a Hagraven companion, Bovine Defense Force (read below), plus very rare wild encounters.
Bloodhorns: Several in the Dawnguard questline, Movarth's Lair, randomly as a vampire companion, during eclipse attacks, plus very rare wild encounters.

I haven't seen any red or zebra Huntbeasts. Red is a bit rare and zebra is very rare.

Didn't Mihail already make this creature? Mihail already did a port of TW3's Fiend and Chort, but I thought there was room for improvement, and the Fiend is my favorite TW3 creature, so I released my version. I was actually working on mine before Mihail's was released and almost abandoned the project, but several people encouraged me to finish my version. It is rigged to a different animation than Mihail's and includes the thick fur that Mihail missed.

What is the Bovine Defense Force (BDF)? It is an easter egg reference to The Witcher 3, which these creatures were ported from. In TW3, when you kill too many cows, a Chort will appear and attack you. This is to prevent an exploit from selling cow hides. The Gwent mini-game contains it's own reference to this in the form of a Bovine Defense Force card. I decided to reference it as well. Every time you kill a cow, there is a chance of spawning a leveled Huntbeast. This chance is initially low but increases quickly as you continue to kill cows.

Why is the BDF a Huntbeast instead of a Bloodhorn? It is more easily explained in the mod's lore. Hagravens might reasonably send a Huntbeast to stop you from killing cows, or perhaps Hircine himself wants to punish you for such a dishonorable hunt. Whereas Molag Bal and vampires couldn't care less about cows. This way it's also consistent with the BDF Gwent card.

Can I disable/adjust the BDF spawns? You can change the frequency of spawns with this console command:

set ogwh_BovineDefenseForceFrequency to <value>

Replace <value> with a number >= 0. Disable it with 0, make it happen more frequently with larger numbers. Default is 0.1. There is no option for 100%, but if you set it to 1000 you will get a 99.9% chance.

CD Projekt Red for the original creatures in The Witcher 3.
LorSakyamuni for porting some of the TW3 assets used.
RustyShackleford for lore consultation.

Also available on Special Edition!