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This mod adds two new Daedric creatures - The ravenous Wendigos of Hircine, and the bloodthirsty Howlers of Molag Bal.
Includes 24 Wendigo variants and 12 Howler variants.

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A bloodthirsty, monstrous servant of Molag Bal, the goat-like Howler is a favorite summon among vampires. The Wendigo, on the other hand, is a savage elk-like beast that constantly roams Hircine's Hunting Grounds in search of prey. It is often summoned by Hagravens, who use their nature-based magic to bind it to their will. Both creatures are rare in Skyrim, and that is probably for the best...while the small ones may be bested by a skilled swordsman or mage, both creatures can grow quite large and deadly. Very few warriors are capable of defeating a Bestial Howler...or worse yet, a Goliath Wendigo.

"Their third eye creeps me out."
-Someone, probably

This mod adds two new Daedric creatures - The Wendigo of Hircine and the Howler of Molag Bal.

  • 24 Wendigo variants and 12 Howler variants
  • -Wendigo: 3 textures x 2 meshes x 4 sizes; Howler: 2 textures x 2 meshes x 3 sizes
  • Power scales with size
  • Strategically incorporated to preserve balance, using:
  • -Hand-placed creatures; Leveled list entries; Wild encounter events (rare)
  • "Bovine Defense Force" Easter Egg

Install: Use a mod manager or install manually, then enable the plugin.
Requirements: Dawnguard.
Uninstall: Relatively safe, clean your save to get rid of any left-over scripts.
Compatiblity: Make a Bashed Patch for leveled lists. Otherwise, no compatibility issues are known.


CD Projekt Red for the original creatures in The Witcher 3.
LorSakyamuni for porting some of the TW3 assets used.
RustyShackleford for lore consultation.

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