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Are you sick of swords cutting through Steel Plate like through butter? Every hit being predictable? Every type of armor feeling the same, regardless of material? No more!
Greatly increased combat depth and immersion; a sparkle of realism and balance for your fantasy game!

Short Summary

This mod adds weapon specific strengths and weaknesses to all armors in Skyrim. Armor protections come in two "layers", called Deflect and Pierce protections and can be set independently for each armor set, for each weapon type. Additionally armors can have attributes which hinder or improve the wearers regenerative abilities and speed. All options are fully customizable and the mod should be compatible with almost everything.

Examples: A Steel Plate armor may offer lots of protection, especially against swords, but will fall flat against maces. It will also slow you down and hinder your regeneration. On the other hand swords will make short work of leather, but it cushions blunt strikes and protects against frost magic while offering good maneuverability and so on.


Strictly required:

- Skyrim +
- SkyUI 5.1 +
- SKSE 1.7.3 +


- FISS 1.21 + (Required to load the presets and save or load custom settings, you really want that)
- Simply Balanced, SkyTweak or similar (Bringing damage to logical levels)


True Armor is compatible with almost every other mod. However minor, reversible, soft incompatibilities can happen:
- Weapons swinging way too slow or fast. Happens when using mods that don't take others into account properly.
- Mods overwriting the game settings (speed penalty, stamina penalty, armor rating efficiency). Only one mod can control those at a time.
- Mods that somehow depend on the attributes of actors and have not taken other mods into account may be thrown off by True Armor.

Usually modded armors can only be fully supported when they use the recognized, "official", Skyrim keywords. Immersive Armors is the only exception with built-in support despite not adhering to those, because it is so popular and I happen to use it myself.

Installation & Uninstallation

For installation I recommend ModOrganizer which is just a great tool. However you should have no trouble installing with NMM or manually if desired.

When Updating from a previous version:

1. Save your settings if you are using customs
2. Disable all True Armor options on the General Settings page, or load the default blank state
3. Wait a minute so that True Armor can clean up
4. Save game, exit game, install new version (overwrite old version)
5. Resume game, load your settings, done

When uninstalling:

Do the same as when updating (and ideally create a seperate save), then when exiting the game just remove the files instead of replacing them with a newer version.