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Adds a playable fox beast race called the Fennec.

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Adds a playable fox beast race called the Fennec (based on the Fennec Fox) 

A wood dwelling race with a fondness for chasing rabbits, this crafty race is sneaking back into society after being driven out by the Bretons. 

- Should work with other race mods. If you use Khajiit mods they may effect the look of the fox, but not vice versa. 
- Digitigrade feet mod appears to work with this. 
- Dawnguard not required (99% sure) 
Werewolf post-transformation still a working progress, may work better with a werewolf compatibility mod of your choice. 
Vampirism works but you may not be recognised as a vampire by other vamps

Using showracemenu to alter an existing character may drastically change your characters skill levels. You can reset them using console commands such as, 'player.modav skill archery 50' OR"Change your Race (ShowRaceMenu Alternative)" mod. 

+++ If you avoid using the presets, it should preserve the changes you make to your character. Only skin colour will change, as far as I know it is not my mod that is causing this and can happen using showracemenu in general unfortunately! 

Known issues: Duplicated 'claw' powers // Fails race-checks in certain missions (Dark Brotherhood + Companions ) 

Race traits: 
One-handed +10 
lockpicking +5 
Sneaking +5 
Pickpocketing +5 
speech +10 
(Total traits + 35) 
Stamina regeneration greatly increased.

Nexus note: My first time uploading to here so apologies in advance if this was done incorrectly.