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photogrammetry models and textures. Added 4 scans that I made, if I find more nice mushrooms (like white one I love) I add them to the group

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These are photogrammetric models and textures. 

1.  added tree photomod info (esp):

new esp adds (additional) thematically arranged dead tress, a  tree waterfall and a long waited bridge to Riverwood to the other side of the river
locations: Riverwood, Whiterun, Orphan's Rock, Anise's Cabin

actually Anise's Cabin dead tree is a great place for rendez-vous, u call the Amorous Adventures modder, there behind nobody can see

example of file proper structure:

tree added by photomod esp (first one is in Riverwood and Orphan rock):

 old tree in whiterun (as a watterfall) and Anise's Cabin
 last wood stick in Riverrun (as a bridge) and Whiterun
fancy placements by BlueStar

nifscope substitution: the mod adds: 1. classical standard tree stump that spawns in all forests, see it immediately in Falkreath. 2. Then we added muchrooms with custom flora around them, if u want to see them immediately they spawn near the Western Watch Tower too. We also added twisted birches, u can immediately see it near Ivarstead on to road to Riften. 

Models have  collisions

4 more custom models
Update 1: I did 2 photoscans of birch's caps and a tree fungus photogram placed on the twisted birch. 
Update 2: added rotten birch photogram

10k lowpoli normal from 2 mln