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a general warning, don't click any of these links or risk of being addicted by forgotten music and guitar play. 

usually music that require certain skills up to a very high level 



Shadow Gallery (btw, the only band too hard to play on concerts, nobody did yet, not even the band itself, just piece by piece not consecutive is possible).

PROG: when Japanese try to prog (lol):


I don't like Sherinian or Malmsteen (for how many ns guitars he broke), but this is definitely how u should open your album: (skip to 4:09):



Garsed entrance with funky guitar 3:17 is good example on how to exploit funky scale sweep picking:

best fusion solo. Amen

this one below for me is best guitar solo ever in human history, not for melody or technical but because of the damn badassery of guitar entrance and  consecutive fake whistle (extremely hard to pull like that), and cut my head but electrical guitar is the hardest of all instruments

skip to  6:54: (also short solo at 1:44)

most talented guitarrist and the best technically (along with S. Lane that is dead). Todd Duane


Skyrim: skinning, meshes 

member of Beyond Skyrim (Atmora project)