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The mod contains 7 kinds of Bosmer headdresses. You can create all of them at the smithing forge under Misc section. All the headdresses use slot 56, so you can wear them with circlets or combine with accessories from other mods.
Male and female supported.
All races supported.

Other translations:
TDN Bosmer Skull Headdresses - Portuguese - Brazil by Vulthoryu



-Two variants headdresses of deer skull
-Dragon skull headdress
-Mammoth skull headdress
-Troll skull headdress
-Riekling headdress


Place mod files into your Data folder.
Activate BosmerHeaddresses.esp in Skyrim launcher.

Remove BosmerHeaddresses.esp from your Data folder.
Remove files from following folders:
- Data/meshes/Nightshade/Bosmer Headdresses
- Data/textures/Nightshade/Bosmer Headdresses

Bethesda for Skyrim
My dear friends and GonzoZero for testing and beautiful screenshots.


Permission note: You don't need to ask any permissions from me to use these for anything. But please, do not forget to give me a full credit. Do not claim the models as your original work.