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An Elven Armor that thieves, scouts and assassins actually can wear proudly.
Lore friendly. Male version matching the female TL-Elven Armor.

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Truly Light Elven Armor – MALE    
An Elven Armor that thieves, scouts and assassins actually can wear proudly.
Lore friendly. Male version matching the female TL-Elven Armor.          
Pictures and comments in the Post section (button just up here) are very well-accepted. :D

Matching armors?______________________________________________________________________
Truly Light Elven Armor (female)   << this is the FEMALE version of this armor
Truly Light Glass Armor (female)   

What is it?___________________________________________________________________________
A replacer for the vanilla Elven Armor (heavier version, i.e. not the
Elven-light one). The mod points to the vanilla textures, that is,
all mods replacing the vanilla male elven armor textures will work fine on
this armor too.
This armor works with any body type, texture mod, and animation skeleton.
Most of the pics on the top of the page use the aMidianBorn ElvenArmor by CaBaL retexture (i.e. changes the colors)
In my opinion, dark retextures suit perfectly for assassins and are fully within the aim of this mod.

Why are you claiming this to be truly light?_________________________________________________
- A heavy armor is planned to cover the body completely as it is needed for a field battle; no matter if it is bulky, heavy, noisy, and prevents some movements. In my opinion the vanilla elven armor is close to this kind of armor.
- A light armor should be planned to be silent, light, and avoid to prevent movements; no matter if some parts of the body are poorly covered. That is: rigid plates should not cover mobile parts (prevents movements), no jingling parts like chain mail or rigid/hard parts skirt, caution with mobile joints (could be noisy and/or prevents movements). I tried to bring the vanilla elven armor back to this idea.

About the material _____________________________________________________________________
All the TES Elven Armors seem to be made with a flexible metal, in the TES5 version (and mine too) the golden feathers are mobile, the bands on the body can easily twist, and the parts covering the thighs are bended and fixed on the back side.  
All these details were also in the vanilla version, even if mostly covered by the leather skirt.
That is, the material of this armor (mainly made of moonstone) is rather flexible, say like a thin carbon steel sheet: you can bend it easily but it is really hard to pierce or cut it. The metal could be quite thin and be covered [glued] in the inner side by leather, obtaining a light, flexible, and noise free armor. Smart those elves! 

The following main files are ready for download (standalone version will be ready soon):
- MAIN REPLACER – DEFAULT NMM - it simply substitutes the shape used by Skyrim,  i.e. all the male elven armor (not the elven-light one though) will look like this;
- Standalone MALE AND FEMALE (all the other elven armors will stay unchanged, you will be the only one having this armor
  after producing it at any forge, elven smithing is needed). The .ESP file was kindly provided by jchernandez

Optional files_______________________________________________________________________________________________
- Replacer for the Elven-Light armor, this substitutes the vanilla version without pauldrones with the TL-Elven without pauldrones. It needs the MAIN REPLACER. This is a temporary replacer, a better replacer will come (female version is under production). 

PortedVersions _______________________________________________________________________
- XBoxOne version HERE by KnownN16htmare
- SSE version HERE

FormerVersions _______________________________________________________________________
1.1 fixed the name of the 1st-armor and gauntlets (now the 1st view is ok); added ground models for the TL-Elven armor set
      From 20 October 2017 to 26 October 2017 the Main-Replacer file was wrongly containing also the LightElven Armor
      (i.e. the no-pauldrone version).

Related Mods_________________________________________________________________________
aMidianBorn BookOfSilence - Truly Light Elven by jchernandez 
A patch I made for TL-ElvenArmors (Male and Female Standalone) for aMidianBorn textures + WAFR-CCOR + Frostfall / SummermystV3.

Questions andanswers__________________________________________________________________

How can I have the same color for the armor (texture) and why the color inthe pics changes?
My mod changes the shape of the armor, not the color. But it works perfectly also with the mods changing the color of the vanilla (i.e. original non modded game), called retextures or texture replacers. You have to install one of those. I suggest the one I gave the link above.

Does it work with / without Better Males?

ENB used by his1nightmare in the pictures:
"There are several ENB:
1. Kinematic ENB Southern Light by Kyokushinoyama (dark screenshots).
2. Light screenshots is a Dahaka with my settings.
3. the rest of the pictures comes from an assembly of different ENB. I don't plan sharing this because of several reasons, e.g. some settings are not mine."

Male character used by his1nightmare in the pictures:
"I don't plan sharing the male character or make it a follower because he looks very bad without highpoly head and the textures I use."

Other things about the his1nightmare's pictures
The helmet of the female elf (Crown Helmets)
Bows (Rizings Bow Collection
Elf follower (Eryniel Elf Reborn)
sword from the Lord of the rings and its retexture
and some verdant grass / SFO / uhd dragon and other...

For Mod Authors _______________________________________________________________________
I need someone able to build a simple quest for the "Dibella Relic Armor".
The armor is nearly ready (I'm working on the male version). A lore friendly story is ready (but negotiable), I can help as Papyrus scripter. The Idea to publish armor and quest nearly the same day with a link among them in the respective Nexus pages or all in one on the same page as coauthors. If you are a bit interested PM me, please. :D
Tools  ________________________________________________________________________________
Blender 2.49b
BSA browser  
Bone weight copy Script       
Mesh X Mirror for Modders Blender Script v1.3    
Mesh_0 Generator Blender Script
Mesh_0.5 Blender Script      
Growlfs TES5 Blender Animation Chain by Growlf <<<<<<<<<< trust me, use it!

- Growlf for the “Growlfs TES5 Blender Animation Chain”, without this modder resource the fine-tuning of the
  movement of the 
feathers would have been impossible.
- Chris57 and FavoredSoul for "Better males - Beautiful nudes and faces - New hairstyles" (adult content)
- jchernandez for the .ESP for the "standalone verison MALE and FEMALE"

For the pictures in this page:
his1nightmare main pictures (you are an artist!) [more pictures by him HERE]
Coltrix            shiny thin elf (because of the ENB he used and a higher specularity of my armor compared
   to the Vanilla one)
       (my own pictures are only those on Blender showing the comparison between the models)
For beta testing, in alphabetical order:
Floydwanderer  (my sniper, thanks for your assistance!)
OperatorCactus (thanks mate!)
For their support (this mod wouldn’t be here without them), in alphabetical order:
my son "Brisco" :D and my wife "Patapà"

Bethesda for Skyrim          
The Nexus for being there (thanks to the Divines!) 

To get the armor immediately__________________________________________________________
Type in the console (\ button while playing):     player.additem CODE 1
where the elven armor CODEs are: 
Boots             0001391A        
Armor            000896A3       
Gauntlets      0001391C        
Helmet          0001391D