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This is the preset I use in my adventures of Skyrim.

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Brienne Dovhadiik

Brienne is an Imperial Vampire preset created by me.  I figured I would share her appearance for others to enjoy.  In a roleplay perspective, Brienne caught vampirism when she was overpowered by a cave filled with vampires.  When she was strong enough, she used her new vampire strength to get her revenge.  She sates her thirst with the blood of her enemies, preventing herself from biting the innocent.  She is gifted in Destruction, more specifically, fire and lightning skills are her favorites.  She has skills with a sword and keeps a sword with her in case magicka isn't cutting it.


The simple answer is to use Nexus Mod Manager.  But if you have to install manually,  place the file in Skyrim/Data/SKSE/Plugins/CharGen/Presets.  Shouldn't be too hard.


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