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A completely original sculpted preset for use with the Ningheim Race Mod, as well as optional versions for vanilla races, Nord and Imperial.

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Hello Nexus! Its been a while.

I am excited to share a new, completely hand sculpted preset, as part of my upcoming collection of unique and enhanced character designs!

Meet Adrianne

Adrianne is available for the Ningheim, Nord and Imperial races and includes the exported Chargen files to fix any facial distortions or facetint discolorations when loading the preset.


The Ningheim Race (Original version only)
The Eyes Of Beauty
KS Hairdos - Renewal

Fair Skin Complexion
Freckle Mania 2

Facelight Plus

Unslaad - Pale UNP Textures

Instructions for use:

If you wish to have Adrianne Appear with all the makeup, hair, brow and facetint options:

1. Press "~" to bring up the console commands and enter Showracemenu
2. Change the gender to female
3. Load the preset using the mouse or clicking "F9" in Racemenu and select the file named Adrianne
4. Click on the Sculpt tab and select import
5. Select the .Nif file named Adrianne and hit enter.

If you wish to have the base shape for Adrianne, but without any of the cosmetic aspects, simply import the Chargen file onto a base preset for your selected race.

Mods Used in screenshots:

KS Hairdo's
KuroNeko Studio
Facelight Plus
Fairskin complexion
Unslaad Pale UNP textures
Frecklemania 2

Witcher 3 Ciri's DLC armor