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You're looking for some high resoluted freckle textures, but are rather disappointed by the variety that is currently available?
Maybe you just want to add subtle skin complexion for realism?

Search no more!

This is what you've been looking for.
Freckle Mania is a compilation of many freckle textures, available as RaceMenu overlays.

In this mod, you will currently find 20 different facial freckles, as well as 10 body freckles (UNP), 6 feet freckles and 2 hand freckles. There are also 5 options for simple beauty marks. Initially there were only 2 different textures, but I quickly realized that the amount of customization isn't enough. By combining several layers of freckles, you will get a really unique result each time. Textures were designed for female characters, but may work on male also.
All freckle textures are categorized by size and density. There are BIG/SMALL freckles, available in several SUBTLE/STANDARD/DENSE versions.

You can download the mod in two quality settings: High resolution (4K) and standard resolution (2K).
Depending on how powerful your machine is, choose the right version.

All body textures were created for UNP-based bodies like UNP, UNPB, 7B and so on. However, most textures seem to work just fine for CBBE bodies - check the user image section. You can also apply these freckles on male body meshes - but you might get some more noticeable seams than on female bodies. Check the images, and then try for yourself!
The overlays are fully compatible with custom races!

>>This mod is a RaceMenu plugin, so make sure you have the main file PLUS the loose base scripts (optional file) installed correctly!<<

1. Download the mod with the mod manager of your choice
2. Install. How easy! =0


1. Download the mod
2. Extract the content to your Skyrim/Data folder
3. Activate FreckleMania.esp


These overlays are high res.
You need to edit your SKSE.ini file to get the full resolution ingame.
Add these lines to the config file located it Data/SKSE:


or (depending which version you downloaded)


If there is no such file, you need to create one yourself.
Open up Editor, insert the lines as mentioned and save the config in Skyrim/Data/SKSE.
You need to name it "SKSE.ini", of course. If some of your other overlay mods get pixelated when you set this value to 4096, change it to 2048.
Note that this fix is only for the face textures. Body/Hands/Feet will always be displayed at full res.

Deselect all Freckle Mania textures in RaceMenu. Save your game.
Remove the content provided by this mod, or simply deactivate the mod in your Mod Manager.

If you're experiencing that your character now has blueish body parts, it's because you haven't removed the textures like I mentioned before! RaceMenu now applies non-existing textures on your character. No problem! just open up RaceMenu again and refresh the overlay slots by selecting any other texture (like the DEFAULT one).

Since this is a RaceMenu plugin, you need to open that up ingame by entering "showracemenu" in your console.
Go the the overlay tab, highlight a texture slot and choose one by opening up the browser with "T". The textures coming with this mod are labeled as "FM".
In RaceMenu 3, the overlay tab is gone! Just go to the regular sliders:

MAKEUP for facial freckles
BODY PAINT for body freckles
HAND PAINT for hand freckles
FOOT PAINT for foot freckles

Combine some layers with different colour/opacity in each section to get a uniqure result!
There is an overall limit on overlays, though. Once your slots are displayed grey, you hit that limit.
All overlays count towards that limit: Makeup, Warpaint, Freckles, etc.

If you still have problems, check out the video & images section of this page!


I recommend using 2-3 layers if you want some dense freckles. A "big and dense" texture with low opacity is a good base.
Apply some smaller freckles on top of that, and you'll already have a great look! Just make sure to do similar stacking for each body part, to prevent ugly seams.

For lighter skin tones, try to stay below 50% opacity. This way, they will merge better with the skin texture. If you want the freckles to be more crisp and clear, use higher values.
A dark red/brown tone is recommended.

If you don't like freckles at all, well. These overlays can also be used for adding subtle skin complexion. Just use very low opacity for that.

expired6978 for RaceMenu
The SKSE team