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An English translation (or at least an improvisation) of Vicn's mod GLENMORIL.

Permissions and credits
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GLENMORIL is Vicn's second large quest mod, a sort of spiritual successor to VIGILANT and a prequel (possibly) to UNSLAAD. It's also still in heavy development, but as of this writing, it's coming to a close - 3 acts out of 4 are fully completed, and the last one is already explorable and even has some quests implemented already. And just like VIGILANT, this one is originally in Japanese only, too (or in Google Translate's curious idea of English, if you're brave enough for it).

So I translated it. Everything there is of it at the moment.

And just like with my old translation of VIGILANT (before the voiced version), the same little disclaimer stands: I don't actually speak Japanese.

...Please don't run away just yet.

I swear to you, I didn't just throw a pile of English words together and hoped it would make some vague sense. A lot of work went into this translation, even if it is a work of a complete amateur. Sure, it's not perfect and it's quite possible I mistranslated something or phrased it in a weird way and I took some creative freedom and improvised a bit here and there... but it all makes sense (or at least it should). You can follow the story without problems (at least I'd like to think so).

If you still need to be convinced, here is what this translation took:


  • running the entire mod through Google Translate again
  • comparing both machine translated versions of the mod
  • rewriting everything to make sense for humans
  • running quite a lot of sentences through other Japanese-English translating tools and making further comparisons
  • making some educated guesses and improvisations here and there, because Brandt had some really weird things to say, and let's not even talk about Yelem's Notes
  • swearing at the Japanese language
  • swearing at the English language
  • just swearing in general in half a dozen different languages
  • giving up on this translation and going back to writing the guide for VIGILANT
  • continuing translation during lunch breaks at work anyway
  • taking a break to complete my annual summer ritual of reading Good Omens (Pratchett and Gaiman are awesome and everyone on Earth should at least read Discworld and Sandman) 
  • starting to read Lovecraft and his Cthulhu Mythos ... it's not a good idea to do this in the middle of the night, even if you're bored out of your mind and it's too hot to sleep
  • griping about how much I hate summer, especially when it gets up to 38°C and you can't breathe - I swear, I'm moving to Antarctica to live among the penguins >:( 
  • buying Bloodborne and even going so far as to install it ... and then being too scared to actually start it and instead playing Horizon: Zero Dawn (yep, Aelarr is a scaredy cat and she needs to pull herself together)
  • watching Alien: Covenant and then complaining about the movie for a whole week later (even Prometheus was better and Prometheus was so bad that its teaser trailer was better than the whole movie!)
  • having family Game of Thrones evenings again ... and quietly rooting for the White Walkers because everyone else is so awfully annoying by now
  • returning to translating and wondering at how innocent act 1 seems with all its babysitting missions and only a few hints of something dark ... until it suddenly violently turns into Lovecraft lite (or at least something heavily inspired by Bloodborne) with just a few simple dialogue lines ... and then goes right back to innocent and heartwarming 
  • wrapping up the translation and testing it in the game
  • actually playing through the whole act 1
  • sniggering at Brandt's grumpiness and playing a part in Lalanoah's adventures
  • to my everlasting horror, starting to kinda like Ja'zel (even though Ja'zhan warned me about him at the end of VIGILANT)
  • still raging at Jhunal (if you played VIGILANT and went out of your way to find out a bit more about him, Laza and the dragons, then you'll know why)
  • starting to have some vague suspicions about the overarching story of the whole mod and who the main antagonist will be this time
  • realizing all over again how much Skyrim's pathfinding AI sucks
  • obsessively changing ENBs until finally returning to the one I started with
  • finding a ton of stupidities in the first version of translation and correcting them
  • finally wrapping it up for real
  • spending way too long to write this description
  • ...

Well, you get the idea now. 

I hope you will give my translation a try. And if you find any mistakes or have an idea how to translate something in a better way, please tell me. Especially if you actually speak Japanese, unlike me.



UPDATE 23.8.2017: With version this translation isn't so amateurish anymore, thanks to the awesome Kachua and Logeres who checked it out and offered corrections to my blunders. These have been corrected. :) See changelog for more info.

UPDATE 28.8.2017: A proper translation for the intro quest of act 2 is now available. For GLENMORIL 0.4.2.

UPDATE 19.5.2017: Updated translation for GLENMORIL 0.5.0 and added some more corrections by a123999.

UPDATE 25.6.2019: Updated translation for GLENMORIL 0.60.0.

UPDATE 28.2.2020: Updated translation for GLENMORIL 0.70.0

UPDATE 19.7.2020: Updated translation for GLENMORIL 0.75.0

UPDATE 23.12.2020: Updated translation for GLENMORIL 0.80.0.r1.

UPDATE 22.1.2021: Updated translation for GLENMORIL 0.81.0.r1.

UPDATE 22.6.2021: Updated translation for GLENMORIL 0.90.0.r1.

UPDATE 12.7.2021: Mostly typo fixed. For GLENMORIL 0.90.0.r1.

UPDATE 27.6.2022: Updated translation for GLENMORIL 0.95.30.

UPDATE 22.8.2023: Updated translation for GLENMORIL 0.95.50.


The quest starts at the Falkreath gates. Look for Brandt and Lalanoah.
And enjoy.

Also check out this awesome trailer made by Tyroine:

Special Edition version

Q: Do you have permission for this?
A: Vicn gave his permission to anyone to translate his mods, so yes, I do.

Q: So, what is actually translated?
A: ... Everything there is in the mod at the moment. Really. That includes books.

Q: I found a mistake in translation.
A: Great, tell me where and your suggestion on how to fix it and I'll gladly correct it for the next update.

Q: Is what's translated until now the final translated version?
A: Unlikely. Depending on how badly I screwed up with the first version of translation, what new content comes with each update of the core mod and also my understanding of mod specific lore (and potential shout-outs to other works), things may change. More like, things WILL change. Don't get too attached to the text - this translation is as much a work in progress as the mod it's translating.

Q (Inevitable in the future): GLENMORIL just updated. Can I still use your translation?
A: NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT. My translation is a replacer of the original Glenmoril.esp, and if you use my .esp with the updated .bsa, you will have problems. At best, you will simply be missing all the new content added with the update. And at worst, you'll get CTDs and corrupted save files. Wait for me to update the translation - I WILL update it, even if it may take some time (depending on how much there is to translate).

Q: Voice acting, pleeeease!
A: Hold your horses, GLENMORIL isn't even finished yet. It's not even in alpha! Voiced version will happen after the mod is content complete and after this translation is as good as it gets. Not a moment sooner.

With the release of xVASynth Tool I will attempt to provide synthesized vanilla voices while we wait, but I still need a lot more voice models before all characters will be able to speak (currently I can only give voices to a few females and Brandt).

What you absolutely need, no exceptions whatsoever:

  • latest version of Skyrim (obviously) + Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLCs (or Legendary Edition)
  • latest version of SKSE (1.7.3)
  • Fuz Ro D-Oh (6.0)

How to install:

  • make sure you meet all the requirements
  • download my translation
  • install with your mod manager of choice or manually unzip Glenmoril.esm to your Skyrim Data folder
  • let it overwrite existing Glenmoril.esm (yes, translation is a replacer)
  • activate the mod and sort your load order
  • play (and turn on the subtitles)

  • Vicn for the original mod
  • Kachua and Logeres for spotting my translation blunders and offering corrections
  • a123999 for some more corrections
  • Epervier 666 for ESP-ESM Translator tool
  • Google for its (goofy) translation service and almost everything internet related
  • Duolingo for FINALLY starting a Japanese language course, even if I still haven't learned all that much from it