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VIGILANT. An amazing quest mod made by Vicn, requiring the player to join the Vigilants of Stendarr and help them keep Skyrim safe from the influence of malevolent forces ... and then a certain Daedric Prince takes a very personal interest in the newest member of the Vigilants.

Up until some time ago, you could play this mod only partially translated into English. But you waited and eventually, an English translation was complete. Something was still missing, though.

All the characters were silent.

But now ... we have a solution for you. The mod before you is an English voice acting addon for Vigilant, brought to you by 23 incredibly talented voice actors and the author of the latest English translation. Every single character you will meet during your journey as a Vigilant of Stendarr is now voiced and waiting to talk to you.

We hope you will enjoy this addon.



  • over 1200 lines of voiced dialogue
  • 23 talented voice actors
  • updated English translation by Aelarr


HOT FILES 19TH MAY 2017! Thank you everyone!



Awesome trailer by Tyroine:


Video by Shinji72:



Q: Is this a full mod?
A: No. This is just sound files and a translated .esp file. You still need the original Vigilant mod.

Q: Do I need a separate translation file for this?
A: No. The latest English .esp file is included. You only need the original Vigilant mod and its requirements (you don't need Fuz Ro D-oh, actually).

Q: Can I use this with any other translation (Chinese, German ...)?
A: Yes, as long as that translation is updated for Vigilant version 1.1.0. Just install this addon first and then overwrite the included .esp with the one from your chosen translation. You will get characters speaking in English and subtitles in your chosen language that way.

Q: I don't like some of the voices.
A: No one says you have to. And that's not a question.

Q: Why are some characters saying vanilla Skyrim greetings/farewells/combat shouts?
A: That's an unfortunate limitation of Vicn using vanilla voice types (like MaleBrute, FemaleYoungEager) instead of creating custom ones. Yes, we know it can be annoying. No, we can't really fix it. On the upside, that makes the voice acting pack compatible with every other translation.



What you absolutely need, no exceptions whatsoever:

  • latest version of Skyrim (obviously)
  • latest version of SKSE (1.7.3)
  • latest version of VIGILANT (1.1.0)

How to install:

  • make sure you meet all the requirements
  • DOWNLOAD ONLY ONE OF THE SOUND PACKS!!!! The one in the Main Files section is a smaller file with sound files compressed into a fuz format, used by the main game. There is also an optional gigantic file with sound files in uncompressed wav format, if you prefer that. Both of them are otherwise identical and both of them include the translated esp file (for VIGILANT 1.0.6). AGAIN, ONLY USE ONE OF THEM!
  • if you have VIGILANT 1.1.0, make sure to download the updated esp from Updates section - when installing, let it overwrite the esp from the voice pack
  • install with your mod manager of choice or manually unzip the files to your Skyrim Data folder
  • let it overwrite existing esp
  • activate the mod and sort your load order
  • play




  • Altano, Vernaccus, Amkaos, Lovidicus, Seridur, Vicente, Umaril the Unfeathered, Sir Caius, Redguard Attendant, Nord Attendant, Cadwell: Jesse Beam
  • Jacob, Belharza, Jhunal the Owl: Xander Pakzad
  • Gwyneth, Elda, Carene, Reyda, Lamae Beolfag, Gloriel the Valkyrie: GameDuchess
  • Thorondir: John Brougher
  • Andurs, Winch the Handy, Jakben, Dro'Zel: Deldour
  • Keerava, Campaner'Ra, Khajiit Attendant, Altmer Attendant, Ogra the Stablemaster, Martha, Mary: Caitlin Buckley (Blog)
  • Lusine, Lilian, Alessia, Enola, Atima, Conrad, Alan, Hilda the Witch, Sabrina: Michaela Gilchrist (Twitter)
  • Jo'vanni: NeverNotNinja (Casting Call Club)
  • Mar'so, Thannor, The Black Worm, Ja'zhan Jr: Alex Cain - Complete the Circuit (Soundcloud)
  • Kathutet, Male Windhelm Guard, Hindaril, M'que, Bishop Arasil, Sir Juncan, Melus Petilius, Priest of Arkay, Male Imperial Attendant, Dorald the Incompetent: Jacob Barlow (Demo reel)
  • Balor, Paulo, Varla the Human Hunter: Geovell
  • Taranis, Tlass, Bourlor: Max Engesser
  • Bal-Rahel: Icasma
  • Molag Bal, Ja'zhan Sr: Patrick Deegan
  • Female Windhelm Guard, Female Imperial Attendant: Liz Dance
  • Jorleif, Pope Megus, Sir Berich, Gaiden Shinji: Ki McKenzie
  • Aredhel, Bal-Bard, Priest of Stuhn, Pelinal, Scamp Captain, Sir Henrik, Tsun: Remearus (Nexus profile) (Soundcloud)
  • Thingol, Julius, Dregs of Sithis, The Black Hand, ???????/Akatosh, Deathbringer Volar: Craftiian (Casting Call Club)
  • Facis, Morihaus, Sheogorath: Daniel Hodge
  • Pepe, Sir Ralvas, Sir Torolf: Andrew Barton
  • Marukh, Sir Amiel, Simon, Laza: Cróblysimp (Youtube) (Casting Call Club)
  • Ritho, Cato: Dave "Crull001" Miller
  • Kahkaankrein: Megalodon 302

Machinima Syndicate - alerting and finding more voice actors for this project: ACTIONFIGHTER11
Project leader, fiddling with Audacity and yelling at CK: Aelarr

Thanks to:

  • Bethesda Game Studios for Skyrim and the Creation Kit (yes, CK, Aelarr still hates you)
  • Vicn for Vigilant mod
  • the modding community for nagging long enough that Aelarr decided to get off her lazy butt and do this
  • Dominic Mazzoni and Roger Dannenberg for Audacity (this little thing is a godsend)



Sometimes you will hear NPCs speak vanilla Skyrim lines, like greetings, farewells and combat lines. This is an an unfortunate and unavoidable limitation of Vicn using vanilla voice types (like MaleBrute, FemaleYoungEager) instead of creating custom ones. Yes, we know it can be annoying. No, we can't really fix it. It's not really a bug - every NPC with vanilla voice type will automatically also say some of the vanilla lines connected to their voice type, even if they have custom dialogue. No, we can't suppress those lines. We COULD perhaps create completely custom voice types, but that would require specific permission from Vicn, it would destroy the follower and merchant functionalities and it would also probably take an ungodly amount of time. For now, we are leaving things as they are.