About this mod

75+ important NPCs are given a unique look, 500+ NPCs are given KS Hairdo's Hair. No esp. Can choose only unique, males or females.

Permissions and credits

- 500+ NPC are given KS Hairdos Hair
- 75+ NPCs are given a unique look (Main quest NPCs, Some Merchants, Side quest NPCs) 
Unique Female looks are based on Bijin Warmaidens
Unique Males are in some cases based on Males of Skyrim

I didn't change some of the NPCs that looked pretty good without meddling
(like Arantheal, Constantine, Sirius or Aged Man for example).

I did change Bandits, Highwayman and Citizens and many others non-consequential NPCs.



KS Hairdos Renewal 
Since version 1.7 mod becomes standalone and KS Haidos is not required.

But you need to check if SKSE.ini (Data/SKSE/SKSE.ini) has these lines, if not - add it.
So you can see high resolution tints for Unique NPCs.

In Enderal Launcher
Settings > Details > Textures 
Set textures to High
(or it will cause issues with some NPCs)


Bijin Skin - skin for females LE & SE (absolute gorgeous one for realistic look, seamless with body)
or SG Female Textures Renewal - skin for females (clean and young look, stronger makeup)

Fine Face Textures for Men - face skin for males for LE

If we're talking SE - Tempered Skin (absolute best, seamless with body too) 

Brows & Beards
(if you don't want additional ones, no need for esps)


Drop Texture and Meshes folders in Data folder.
MANUAL: Pls use any mod manager, don't do manual.
I don't wanna pack it, 'cause if you want to remove NPC that you don't like it's easier done with loose files.
NMM or Mod Organizer: Click the “Download with Manager” button and activate the mod to initialize the installer. Make sure to move .esp file at the bottom of the load order.


It could be uninstalled safely (if you used any mod manager). 
It won't break anything.
Uninstall the main file with NMM or Mod Organizer.


Mods that change Enderal NPCs.
The mod will still work, just place the looks you want lower in the load order.
For example if u have custom Calia, but want changes to NPCs, place her below this mod.


KS Hairdos - All hair
Holiday Gift Hair - For Esme Hair
Bijin Warmaidens - Base for Female NPCs
Males of Skyrim - Base for Males NPCs
Beards - Jespar's beard
The Eyes Of Beauty - Eyes for some unique NPCs
Eyes of Aber - Eyes for some unique NPCs
High Resolution Scars - Scars for some unique NPCs
XCE - Warpaint and Dirt - Dirt for tints


Check out patch for kids for Enderal to look like "The kids are alright" - Kids of Enderal.