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Find more gold and gems in coin purses, with MCM configuration settings.

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Coin Purse Gems

Among the many items scattered around the world of Skyrim that a player can pick up and harvest are small, medium, and large coin purses. In an unmodded game, the coin purses can contain between 5 and 56 gold, depending on chance and the size of the purse. Coin Purse Gems allows you to boost the gold received and add a chance to find gems when harvesting coin purses.

In the MCM menu, you can choose one of four options for increasing the amount of gold, to add that amount: 10 to 19, 25 to 34, 55 to 64, or 90 to 117. That will allow coin purses to provide a total amount of gold of 15 to 75, 30 to 90, 60 to 120, or 95 to 173. For gems, you can specify a percent chance of receiving up to three regular and two flawless gems.

Coin Purse Gems is based on concepts originating in Harvest Overhaul and intended for use with Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul. CACO includes most features of Harvest Overhaul, but omitted those related to coin purses. So, I created Coin Purse Gems to fill that gap in my game after adding CACO.


Coin Purse Gems will be compatible with just about everything if you use a Bashed Patch or Smash Patch. I have edited only six existing records, which are all leveled item lists for coin purse contents. It can also be combined easily with other mods via Merge Plugins.

The following mods are worth a special note:

Harvest Overhaul
As Coin Purse Gems was based on Harvest Overhaul, it should be no surprise that Harvest Overhaul includes similar functionality. However, there are a few differences.

  • There is a bug in Harvest Overhaul's handling for the First Flawless Gem chance - it uses the First Regular Gem setting instead of the First Flawless Gem setting. It's not something you would notice unless looking through the ESP. Coin Purse Gems uses the correct setting.
  • The gem settings are more restricted in Harvest Overhaul. You can never go above 50, 25, or 10 percent for the regular gems and 50 (meant to be 25; see the aforementioned bug) or 10 percent for the flawless gems (respective to first, second, or third setting, of course). Coin Purse Gems allows up to a 100 percent chance on all of these.
  • Harvest Overhaul missed three variations of coin purses.
  • The MCM menu of Coin Purse Gems is a bit more descriptive. A separate language file is used for easier handling of translations.

Generally, I recommend using Coin Purse Gems and removing Harvest Overhaul's coin purse handling from your Bashed Patch (see Removing Harvest Overhaul from Bashed Patch for instructions). You can use both with a Bashed Patch, but keep in mind that the two mods will use completely different settings. That means you can have the gold and gems boost from both mods active at the same time.

Better Harvesting or Better Coinpurses
Each of these mods alters the same leveled lists touched by Coin Purse Gems. All three mods do this to boost the amount of gold received from coin purses, with only Coin Purse Gems allowing that amount to be configured in game or adding gems. They are fully compatible if you use a Bashed Patch or Smash Patch to combine their leveled list changes. If you don't want to use a Bashed Patch or Smash Patch, place Coin Purse Gems lower in your load order than either of these mods.


Coin Purse Gems requires the following:
  • Skyrim
  • SkyUI - for an MCM menu for configuration options



Since the original idea for Coin Purse Gems comes from Harvest Overhaul, I reference you to the permissions for that mod, as of May 6, 2017:
... [F]eel free to use any assets from this mod in your own work, make any updates/bug fixes, or make your own variations of this mod if you're uploading to the Nexus (however, if an asset from this mod is originally from another mod, you might have to check permissions of that mod also). Send me a link via private messaging, I'd love to see what you guys come up with.

For my part, I don't care what you do with Coin Purse Gems. I'm putting it out there and letting you have at it. However, please keep the mod exclusive to the Nexus as per the above.

Regarding Skyrim Special Edition
I have no plans to port Coin Purse Gems to Skyrim Special Edition at this time. My current PC doesn't meet the requirements to run Special Edition, so I can't test the mod in that game. If you want to port it, go ahead. Drop a link in the Posts tab and I'll add it to this description if I see it. You might also consider using Coin Purse - An Overhaul For Skyrim, which has similar features.