About this mod

This preset will bring you the scariest of nights to the most loveliest, brightest, and natural of daylight. It will bring some of the best of sunsets and sunrises. The best interiors along with dense fog and heavy rain storms. I Hope you guys enjoy.

Permissions and credits
Big thanks for these ENB/Shader authors right here:
-Rudy102 for permission to use his weather parameters and other fx files
-FKPX3118 for the use of the bloom.fx and lens flare files from DAHAKA ENB
-Kingeric for all the shader work he has done for ENB as well
-MartyMcFly for the use of his Depth Of Field shader


I would like you guys to know that this file is not just ENB it is also carefully mixed in with SKGE and that's what is gonna make this preset different from the rest. You will have the opportunity to have a few extra effects at a low FPS cost (System Dependent).

I can't really say much about performance hit. It really depends on your system and how you set your ENB file
I tried my best to make a medium version without much sacrifice to the whole image of the preset.
I just don't know if it will help or not
(Somewhere between 14-27fps. Other systems WILL differ from FPS loss)

SKGE is VERY light weight. The effects will be Motion Blur, Injury/Death lens, Underwater Effects, Blended and Saturated Bloom Effects, Depth Of Field, and EXTRA Ambient Occlusion.
It can all be changed in game similar to ENB but maybe a little harder to navigate through.

To use SKGE just download with your manager (ALLOW TO OVERWRITE IF IT ASKS) and when in game use the letter 'O' on your keyboard to open up or close the GUI menu for SKGE. You must use your arrow keys to move up, down, and either left or right to go into or out of what effect you want to change or leave alone. Press "Enter" to save. To change values on something in SKGE you must use either the plus or minus key in your number pad on the right side. This should be on most of your keyboards. You can also highlight a settings value and press the "Enter" key that is related with your number pad. Both "Enter" keys have a different purpose. You will also have to adjust field of view from the SKGE menu as well. It will be set to 0 by default. If you have any camera enhancing mods like "Face To Face" leave the value as default so your mod can work properly.

Thanks again sthaagg!
This link will take you to Sthaagg's page that deeply explains the use and configuration of ENB.
 Here is the link just incase the blue shortcut I left doesnt work: 


Remember to show some love by posting some screenshots, endorsement, and maybe even a vote if you like it enough. Show some love to those who have made it possible for this preset to exist. Show the SKGE team some love for allowing me to publish their files with my own settings that work with my preset.
Thanks to Rudy102 for helping me when I needed to know more about ENB.
Enjoy you guys.

Small stream of me working on NLA update. Did this for fun and was chatting with a friend of mine. Stream compression is pretty bad though.

 *Any video below this point are going to probably be different compared to what I am releasing*



How To Install My Preset

Very simple. It's a click and drag into your skyrim directory. More is explained as you read a little more.

-Install weather and lighting. (I will probably be updated occasionally. So track my mod page)

-Download latest enb files here..
Only put Host.exe and d3d9.dll file into your skyrim directory folder.

-Then install
MY enblocal.ini, enbseries.ini, and enbseries folder into your skyrim directory as well. USE my ENBLOCAL.INI. I'm not kidding guys. Use my local file and just edit the part for your memory settings and possibly for parallax if you do or don't use it. It is on by default.

-If you want to use some of the options I have available for you guys to use just follow the .txt files in that file after downloading. It is very easy and simple to do.

NLA- This was the first one I updated dramatically. It's nights and days should be balanced enough. the nights will be brighter than I want them though. I plan on overhauling this like I did for SnowFall. I can desribe this as being more cold than the others. Lots of blue tones for the skies.

NLVA- Finally Done with the weather preset adjustments. Just install NLVA As described on its mod page. You do NOT need the ENB files on that mod page just my ENB files.(Nights can be super bright in this one. I have plans to make all my nights super dark. Use a torch)

SnowFall- Finished with this weather mod. I Think its a good weather mod but I find the Frost Weathers to be very VERY rare. I have the files required for this weather mod in my mod page. It is mod manager friendly (Has really dark nights).

For ELFX Users- I have tested this again. It does seem to work pretty good with ENB .366 and up. So it shouldn't have that weird ambient lighting flickering.

Relighting Skyrim & Enhanced Lighting for ENB- This is a lot more stable and a lot less glitchy without any random interior lighting issues. Makes interiors look really good too. So this is a SOFT a required mod for my presets. You can use what ever lighting mod you want honestly. Check sticky notes on load order for this mod. I would like to add that I DO infact use the JIT version.

Sunglare Disabler-Please use this mod. It Will get rid of any of that annoying sunglare/sunband that over powers the sky from NLA and any other Weather mod. It is harmless and wont mess up your game in any way.

Install Mindflux's Partical Patch and the Subsurface Scattering Patch.

Torches Cast Shadows-  This mod is awesome. If you want to be able to have a brighter torch or candle spell lightsource use this mod. It even lets you choose the radius of your light source as well. Author has updated their mod. Apparently its shadow casting is compatible with ENB. I haven't tested it yet though. If anything I think there are options to turn off shadows from being casted. 

Watercolor for ENB and Realistic Water Two
is now compatible with update. It's almost essential to use it with my enb.


Mods Of Interest

You guys might like my preset with Morning Fogs. It makes the atmosphere look much more scenic. Give it a try.

I would recommend using the mod Remove smoke. I used it during the making of my preset. And it will also save a few frames. Worth using.

Do NOT use Little Things with this ENB preset. It's mainly the mod ATMOSPHERE. My preset isn't made for that mod. If used you will get some color issues. The other mods from that are fine.

DYNDOLOD. If using DYNDOLOD, when installing it make sure to set the landscape brightness to -10 or -13 so it doesn't look too bright on your LOD. IF you don't know how to install it check out Gamer Poets youtube tutorial on how to install DYNDOLOD here. I know it's a long video but if you go part by part with it you will install DYNDOLOD correctly!

I use Skyrim Textures Redone - Enhanced Night Sky The no nebula version works wonderfully with minty's shooting stars mod. 

Minty's Lightning During Thunder Storms(it is compatible with Vivid weathers so far as I can tell. I have yet to run into anything weird or funky) and Shooting Stars by Isoku Is also a great compliment to my enb settings of the night sky.

Embers HD is a good mod to use with my preset as well. There is a choice with more orange embers which I think is a nice touch.

Dramatic Clouds or use Northern Realistic Clouds. I would recommend ONLY using the clear weather cloud .dds files from Northern Realistic Clouds with my preset.

 Northern Realistic Clouds files:

So take these files and make a file path to the area they go in.(Or download Northern Realistic Clouds manually and delete everything EXCEPT the files I listed above)
Then archive it. After archiving them move The archived file into your NMM and install it so it's easy to remove later on.

Snow is a great mod. You guys need to try this.

Vivid Clouds And Fogs I advise using just the textures from this mod and none of the patches for SnowFall or NLVA. I wouldn't suggest using this with NLA because I didn't adjust the weathers for these cloud textures. Just the ones it utilizes.

Smooth Sky Mesh I advise people to use this mod. It wont ruin performance or anything. Jawz is all about keeping his mods stable for users.


For SnowFall Weathers

This Weather adaption is finally finished. I carefully blended the frost snow weathers to best fit my preset and to give it a very realistic/believable look to it. Nights are darker and scarier. Very little night light will guide you. Nighteye effect is adjusted and on by default for this preset(But honestly I couldn't do too much for this effect because it bleeds into other effects and ruins image if set too high for visibility).
This utilizes the new ENB features such as Automatic Ambient Lighting, ENB Effect Prepass and ENB Depth Of Field are both usable. Not just one or the other anymore. Interiors are darker now as well. Torches and light sources work just fine for exteriors and interiors.

Installation Of Snowfall

  1. Install Vivid Weathers. Don't install any of the patches for other mods. Just the main mod.
  2. Deactivate Vivid Weathers Esp from your load order.
  3. Install the Snowfall Weathers files I have here in my mod page.
  4. Install my ENB files for Snowfall into your Skyrim directory.


SKGE ENB Installation

(Pretty much basic requirements)

- SKSE plugin
- Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Redistributable Package 2015 x86
- Latest version of DirectX 9.0c (June 2010) - use a redistributable version (not the web installer).
- Latest Skyrim version

fShadowDistance=7000.0000  (I have tested for 5000 and it works fine. I didn't notice anything odd. So I guess 5000 will be the lowest)

Make sure you do not change in your ENB local file this line:

(Do NOT change this value for any reason!)

If you change SpeedHack=true the game will end up looking really weird, odd, everything will be a hot mess, and probably crash on you guys.
(please don't do it)

Many thanks to these people here (This is pulled from the SKGE Mod page. Please show love and support for Alenet and his SKGE team!)

-Timeslip, Scanti, ShadeMe, Ethatron for the work done in the OBGE.
- Bethesda for The Elder Scrolls series.
- The SKSE Team for the incredible work made. If no SKSE, no SR (Skyrim Reloaded).
- Robin Scott and Nexus' staff to uphold the glory of video games for PC

-Alenet, Timeslip, Scanti, ShadeMe, Ethatron

-Boris Vorontsov (some advices for the ENB's compatibility)
-TesaPlus (first HTML file generation)
-pharago (fog ambient occlusion optimization)
-elecgs (fixed underwater CTD for some AMD/Intel cards)
-Finally big thank you to Alenet for allowing me to publish these SKGE files on my mod page for you guys to enjoy.



You MUST change these lines in your


Turn off anti-aliasing and an-isotropic filtering in game options menu or graphic card drivers. Enb has own anti-aliasing and an-isotropic filter.
Here is a link to Gamerpoets on skyrim ini files and an in depth look at what each of them do.
Give this man a trophy...or a like and sub for his channel. He is very informative.

Watch This on how to install an ENB and how to set YOUR SYSTEM memory in your enblocal file.
Drop a like for Slothability with his helpful youtube channel.

Performance impact should be between  16-26 frames (thats how much I lose. Mind you have a heavily modded game with dense grasses and thousands of trees in skyrim.)
But my system will be different to many of yours.  

I did make a lite version as well. Saves maybe 4-6 frames and looks almost as good as the full version.

Changing dirtlens effect. There is a seperate folder in the archive named 'LensMaskChoices' and inside are a few sub-folders with lens effects I have ready for you guys. Follow these steps and have fun.

1. So you are going to want to Choose a Lens Mask you like from the options I provided. (or any lens mask you may have already. This process is very easy)

2. Move said lens mask into The Enbseries Folder that is in your Skyrim directory folder (NOT data folder)

3. And finally overwrite the lens mask with the one you want. That should be it! enjoy.

My Specs.

GPU: GTX 1070
CPU: i7 8700k
RAM: DDR4 16 gb of RAM
MOBO: MSI Z370 Pro Series
POWER: EVGA Supernova 850w G3
COOLING: Corsair Hydro H60
OS: Win 10

Feel free to use this as you please. Just credit me and the people I have credited at the bottom. It is because of their hard work that I was able to make this enb possible.


Credit Where Credit Is Due!

BIG! BIG!! Thank you to Rudy102 for allowing me to use his enb as a base. Thank you for helping me and giving me your input on this preset. You are appreciated.

Here is his youtube channel if you guys never knew:

Thanks to FKPX3118 for Dahaka ENB because I use some .fx files from that enb (bloom fx and lens files. Also a few others like lens and rain effects).

Thanks to Megaloblast for making NLVA and SnowFall. ( I use some of his files for fire, sky, and depth of field effects.)

Thanks to Confidence Man for making NLA!
If you have any issues with me posting your Esp on my mod page feel free to contact me.

Special thank you to Borris for his efforts, creation and support with skyrim enb, even to this day he 
works on it!

A nice thank you to Mangaclub for his great weather mod Vivid Weathers.

Thanks to the creation of ELFX for being an awesome lighting mod.

Relighting Skyrim and ELE are amazing together and they work well with NLA!

Finally, thank you Nexus for existing!!!!! lol

If I missed someone let me know. Drop some endorsements for these people I mentioned up top for their work(especially Rudy102 he helped me with this and gave me permission).

You better enjoy it, or else...