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Snowfall ENB is the first weather mod to employ realtime snow cover. Adapted from Rudy ENB NLA. Made for NLVA.

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[size=43]Dolomite Weathers - NLVA II
Now Available for SSE[/size]

SnowFall Weathers 
A fantasy preset adapted from Rudy ENB NLA.
Made from NLVA.
Prepare for a colder, harsher Skyrim.

"Today is a revolutionary day. One of the biggest dilemmas of Skyrim modding has finally been solved."
-MxR Mods

SnowFall Weathers: RTSC
Formerly called Glacier ENB


Ultimate Immersion

Sinitar Gaming

MxR Mods

demonstrates SnowFall's realtime snow cover @ 3:22

Installation instructions for v1.1
1. Install Vivid Weathers, deactivate/hide the esp.
2. Install NLVA (not the ENB)
3. Install SnowFall V1.1 via a mod manager, and empty the ENB contents into the Skyrim directory.

Installation instructions for v1.4 (release date 11/24/2016):

1. Install Vivid Weathers, deactivate/hide the esp.
2. Install SnowFall Weathers and move ENB files into main skyrim directory. Install the latest ENB binaries, and configure you ENBLocal.ini. Note that NLVA is no longer required as it is integrated. 
3. Make sure the SnowFall Weathers.esp loads after audio mods and lighting mods. JawZ has given permission for me to include the light record of ELE in SnowFall Weathers.esp, so now your lights will be the right colors if you play with or without lighting mods. ELE and RS are still recommended. If you find everything is too dark, don't use Relighting Skyrim or the ELFX Enhancer.

If using TS, the proper load order would be: 
  • TS.esp
  • SnowWeathers.esp
  • NLVA for TS.esp


If you don't like very dark interiors, don't use a lighting mod. This ENB already does what most lighting mods do through increased point lighting and decreased ambient lighting. This ENB does not require any interior lighting mods, but was designed with Relighting Skyrim + ELE in mind. ELFX and RLO are technically compatible. It's up to you to decide which lighting mod you prefer, if any. 

Skyrim Particle and Subsurface Scattering Patch for ENB
Leave lens disabled 

Recommended Mods in Overwrite Order when sensible:


The frost weathers will not take effect with other weather mods or ENB's. 

Not compatible with Heavenly or Dark Fantasy Weather Systems, as Glacier NLVA already modifies weather frequency to increase weather variety and allow for frost weathers to occur. 

I would like to thank the many authors that have contributed to this ENB and NLVA.
Be sure to check out their work and endorse!

Rudy (Base ENB)
Manga (Vivid Weathers) 
Kesta (Vivid Weathers) 
Confidence_Man (NLA)
JawZ (ELE) 
Gamwich (cloud assets) 
Mindflux (snow assets) 
Slothability (Effect code) 
Kermles (KBloom),
Kingeric1992 (DOF, sunsprite, LUT, enblens)
Scegielski (NightEye code)
prod80 (Adaptation code)
 Boris (ENB)