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A simple follower mod of a khajiit named K'tarria who will sing you a song and light your enemies on fire.

Permissions and credits
K'tarria - Female Khajiit Mage Follower 

K'tarria came to Skyrim to study at the college of Winterhold due to her talent for magic. She found that her true love was music so she traveled to Solitude and become a bard. After much vocal training and many lute lessons later she set off into the wilds of Skyrim to spread a little joy in the darkest days of war. Currently she is living in Riverwood at the Sleeping Giant Inn. When Sven isn't there you can see her preform. 

This is my first mod so constructive feedback and suggestions are welcome. I wanted this to be simple, using only vanilla assets, but I might make a fancier version someday. She uses the young eager female voice (human) so she has all of the follower dialogue, can sing, and can be married. I will make an optional version for PC using the VVE khajiit voice, but it doesn't work well for khajiit bards. I'm only making it for practice and for those of you that don't like my excuse that K'tarria got vocal training at the Bard's College. XD

K'tarria's stats closely resemble Marcurio's, though I added flames spell to add a little balance early on and the lightfoot attribute so she doesn't set off traps. She only comes with her spells, a leveled dagger, a college robe, a circlet, and her flute so it's up to the Dragonborn to give her better gear along the way. She is marked as essential so she's can't be killed. I set her level cap to 100 so she can be a game-long companion if you chose. 

When you are in a tavern and she's not a follower you can request that she sing you a song.  

Location - Sleeping Giant Inn (Riverwood)
Class - Destruction Mage (vanilla stats)
Voice - FemaleYoungEager (will make an optional VVE version in the future)
Levels up to 100 

Things I'd like feedback on (if you have the time!) - 

  • If you marry her and choose to live at her house, since she lives at the Sleeping Giant Inn you can sleep there for free, use storage, and take stuff. I feel this is a bit silly for everything to be free, but I'm curious if this makes the chests safe storage. I haven't had time to test it yet.

  • If you see her sing or play a musical instrument anywhere that isn't a tavern let me know. If you know a way to make it so she will sing anywhere without using outside scripts let me know. I'm trying to keep this strictly in-game assets so I can upload her to use on the PS4 version of SSE. Testing in old Skyrim first! 

  • If you find any conflicts or bugs let me know! There really shouldn't be, but you never know. 

  • I was having issues with her lacking her facegen info at first on old Skyrim. If you run into her with a grey face and no stripes please let me know! It should be fixed now and several people tested her, but I want to make sure. 

Change Log - 

4/7/2017 - version 1.2 
Cleaned up esp and got rid of pointless files. Gave her an enchanted college robe. 
Minor fixes - gave her blue-black hair and college boots

Mods used in the screenshots:

Rustic Clothing
Vividian ENB
Climates of Tamriel