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A female Nord Preset for RaceMenu.

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Noun (feminine) [brin-ya]


A female Nord Preset. It's a .jslot file designed to work with the RaceMenu plugin. Both 'SKSE' and 'RaceMenu' by expired6978 are necessary for the mod to work. No other mods are required.

She is also available as a Follower!

Brynja - Follower

Download and install using either Nexus Mod Manager or Mod Organizer. If installing manually, simply extract the folders, and drag and drop the 'Data' folder to your own Skyrim's Data folder.

Then, when in game, type 'Showracemenu' and click on 'presets', then select 'Brynja'. The mod is just really a head mesh, so will work with any body, but the textures are interchangeable. However, certain textures may change her appearance completely, and some may look better on her than others.

Updating should be simple enough; just replace the old version with the new one. I have kept an older version for posterity, however, I highly recommend using the latest version as it contains numerous fixes and is generally more realistic.

These aren't necessary, but are just my personal recommendations. It works best with these mods, but of course, you can use whichever you like. 

'Pride of Valhalla - Super HD Skin Set for UNP-UNPB-7B-CBBE' by dracofish
(These textures suit Brynja the best in my opinion. I use the 'Asgard' (High) version, but if your PC can't handle it, there are Midgard (Medium) and Niflheim (Low) versions.


'Maevan2's eye brows' by Maevan2


'Better Makeup for SKSE' by Diethardt
(Use Hi-Res female makeup.)


'KS Hairdos - Renewal' by Kalilies
Below is the ENB used in the screenshots by smam711.

'Snapdragon Prime ENB' by tetrodoxin
(Looks great but is only for high-end Computers. Generally for Screenshot use, not designed for play but can be used with a good enough PC.)


'Vividian ENB - Weather and Lighting - Vivid Weathers - CoT5 - RCRN - Pure Weather - Purity - NLA' by Mangaclub
(Looks plainer and less realistic than 'Snapdragon', however, is more performance friendly.)

I look forward to pictures uploaded by users. Please do not upload anything too graphic, though I will allow tasteful nudity. (By that I mean no female nipples, or reproductive organs. Keep it clean, people!)

Credit for the Cover images goes to the wonderfully talented smam711. Some beautiful character galleries on their user page!

Enjoy! n_n

If you like Brynja, you might also want to look at my preset for Fallout 4... click the image below!


If anyone is interested, I also make music in my spare time. Give it a listen - it's free!