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  • Guide To Troubleshooting Unchanged Civil War Parts

    Starting 11/2018, forum threads about issues in unchanged parts of civil war without link to a savegame will be removed and/or ignored.

    Unchanged civil war parts

    Open Civil War mod changes the middle part of the civil war questline, but the initial part up to and including Battle of Whiterun, as well as the final hold campaign progress the same way as in vanilla Skyrim:
    ... OCW ...


  • Skyrim: 5 Civil War Bugs That You May Have Missed

    Number 5: An honest mistake

    The CWScript script attached to quest CW has a property Alias_FieldCOImperialHjaalmarchHQ that is set to alias FieldCOImperialHaafingarHQ.

    It does not even come up in vanilla civil war questline. But in the cut content city defense battle in Morthal on the imperial side, this causes the Jarl alias to be unfilled, and the quest objective will have "" instead of Idgrod Ravencrone's name, and presumably the jarl surrender will be bugged.

    And it does not even come up if the cut content siege quest is started with the appropriate HQ field commander. One really has to call the function (CW as CWScript).GetReferenceHQFieldCOForHold() which reads that property. Sure, that function is used by the CWSiegeQuickStartScript for starting ...