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A new end game world where dishonored Orc's face the judgement of Malacath. Can you help free the trapped souls and claim Malacath's treasures?

Permissions and credits
Orcs live for Malacath and die happy if they honor him. The souls of those Orcs who choose to ignore the ways of Malacath and stain the Orc name with dishonor are sent to Exile for all of eternity. A book said to have forbidden knowledge about Exile has been rumored to be in Skyrim. Some claim it has the secrets of how to gain entry into this Orcish hell and many whisper of what unknown knowledge and treasures might be hidden inside. Find the book and your adventure begins!

Level 60+ is recommended. All testing was tweaked for Adept difficulty. Be ready for a much harder game if you choose to go higher.

If you have not done the quest The Cursed Tribe you will need to so you can gain access to Giant's Grove.

Exile is meant for solo exploration so please leave your followers at home for this adventure. You will understand why once you get inside.

You must have Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLC's or you will crash to desktop.

What's inside?

-Two full sets of retextured armor (one light and one heavy) for all races. Male and female.
-Many retextured weapons and some jewelry.
-Three new conjuration spells.
-Many unique monsters.
-An Easter egg named Surt. (If you can find him)

 * Not all craft-able items will be visible until you complete the mod. Smithing items are under the Orcish and misc tabs and a ring and circlet are found using a smelter.

The Requiem compatible versions are in the optional files. I strongly suggest you have the Regeneration perk in Alchemy before entering Exile.

The book of Exile can be found in Cracked Tusk Keep near the boss chest and in Morvunskar at the top of the big set of steps with a chair/throne. It is also in a few other places you might run across in your adventures, but it is not for sale on any vendors.

See the sticky post for a copy and paste version of the Book of Exile to drop into a translator.

Here is a sample of what to expect. Exile is very red at dawn and dusk. This video was all shot just after dawn.

There is no quest script. All the scripts for this mod are trigger box based.

Cleaned with TES5Edit.

This is a large and very challenging mod. Keep a save before you enter Exile. Once you go in, you can't get out unless you beat it.


KS Hairdos - Renewal by Kalilies Stealthic Khaos and Shocky
Racemenu by Expired
Berserk Grunberd Armor by Gimora
Vicn Creature Pack by Vicn
Hoddminir Ground Textures by elinen
Lava Texture by dying-soul
Lava Texture by Mavrosh
Fire Seamless tile by suicidecrew
LOD Tutorial and files by ladyonthemoon
LOD Tutorial by AlexanderJVelicky

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