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Enderal is a new game based on Skyrim. It provides a completely new game-experience with a new land with it's own lore and different biomes, overhauled game-play and a professionally voiced story-line with a dark and mature narrative with between 30-100 hours of playtime.

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Enderal is a Total Conversion for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - that is, a new game based on Skyrim's core architecture, game-play, engine, and assets. It has been in the making for 4 1/2 years, with over 30 000 hours of work, on a completely non-commercial basis. It runs independently from Skyrim and provides a completely new game-experience with a new land with it's own lore and different biomes, deeply overhauled game-play and a professionally voiced story-line with a dark and mature narrative. Depending on your play-style, Enderal has between 30-120 hours of playing time.

Enderal and its DLC "Forgotten Stories" are now available on Steam! This version on the Nexus won't receive any updates anymore and it does not include the DLC!

  • An entirely new land with different biomes: Explore the lush forests of the Heartland, the wide meadows of the Suncoast, the tropical coasts of the Powder Desert or the snowy heights of the Frostcliff mountains. And many more.

  • A unique, dark and psychological main narrative with twists and turns and over 30 hrs. of playtime

  • Several side-quests and a guild quest-line (yet to be released)

  • Over 30 hrs. of professionally voiced dialogue, both in German and in English. Featuring renowned voice actors such as Annina Braunmiller-Jest (German voice of Kirsten Stewart), Till Hagen (Kevin Spacey) and Bernd Vollbrecht (Antonio Banderas) for the German version, and English actors such as Lani Minella (Skyrim) or Dave Fennoy (Starcraft 2, The Walking Dead)

  • Over 4 hours of newly-composed soundtrack: Battle tracks, exploration tracks, character themes

  • Multi-faceted, believable characters, including two fleshed-out, romance-able companions with their own, unique quest-line

  • An arsenal of new assets, ranging from photo-scanned vegetation to new buildings, armory, weapons and creatures.

  • A completely overhauled leveling and skill-system with experience points and classes: Build your own, unique class by combining nine sub-classes that each represent a different playing style

  • New, class-specific and animated "talents" that replace Skyrim's dragonshouts and can be combined for a maximum effect: Throw the Vagabond's oil bottles to make your enemies slip on them to ignite them with the Rogue's "Fire Arrows".

  • New hand-crafted or motion-captured animations for special cut-scenes, dances, or attacks

  • Bards with over 10 newly-composed ballads and folk songs, performed by three different artists

  • Re-balanced combat aimed at core-gamers

  • Upcoming features:

  • We still regularly release bug fixes for Enderal, which are available through the Enderal Launcher.

  • Meanwhile we are busy creating new content for Enderal, called the DLC "Enderal: Forgotten Stories". If you are interested, you can read up more about the upcoming features in our announcement.

  • Various external localization teams are busy working on translations into their language. If you want to help them out or just want to check if they are finished translating Enderal into your language, you should check out the respective wiki page.

First and foremost: Do not expect a fully bug-free experience! At this point, we're only a handful of active devs and QA testers who have to fix the bugs of over one million players. We're doing our best, pulling all-nighters whenever we can, but we only have so much energy left in our system besides jobs and university. So, if you're a person who gets easily upset by a bug, we'd recommend waiting until Enderal is as far bugfixed as it is possible for us.

For a detailed installation walkthrough, check out this video by Gopher:

Enderal needs to be installed on a Skyrim Classic installation (no DLCs required). Download the mainfile (.gz) and our launcher - Then simply follow the steps provided by the launcher.

When installing Enderal, our launcher will backup your entire Skyrim-directory - in other words, your modded Skyrim will be left untouched. Conversely, when uninstalling Enderal, you have the option to backup your Enderal installation (Including mods, should there be any), which allows you to safely switch between the two.
However, we recommend to install Enderal on a clean Skyrim Classic installation (no mods or ENBs).

Since Enderal uses its own masterfile, it will not be compatible to most mods that require an .esp. Graphic mods such as High-Res Texture Packs should be compatible in theory, but we advise against ones that are not specifically made for Enderal, as we already replaced a great deal of the textures ourselves. 
We STRONGLY advise against using ENBs that have not been adjusted to Enderal, since they will most likely completely ruin the visuals as well as produce severe bugs (ImageSpaceModifiers don't work correctly, which our story relies on heavily.

Our suggestion: First play vanilla, then mod it.

Patches are mandatory if you want to play. They will be installed through the Enderal Launcher, just hit the Update button and let the launcher do the rest. If you have trouble downloading and installing patches (for example a never ending loop), check out our wiki page regarding launcher problems.

We also have a support forum and a bug tracker where you can report bugs or ask for help if needed. We won't be able to check the reports here on the Nexus regularly, therefore we recommend to use our own forums and tracker.
For people attemting to install Enderal on a heavily modded Skyrim, we recommend a "Two Game Setup". Check out the videos by Gopher:

Even though our core team was very small, Enderal was made possible by the great work of many people and modders. See Credits.txt in release version, as well as credit video. We tried to very meticulously keep track of every resource we used, but should we have used your resource and have not put your name into the credits, please tell us so by shooting us an eMail to [email protected] or [email protected] We will update the credits (and, eventually, the video) as soon as we can. We did and do by no means intend to violate anyone's rights. :)

Feel free to mod Enderal as you see fit! No need to ask for permission. Only if you intend to use Enderal assets for Skyrim mods, shoot us an eMail or private Message first - not all of the assets are self-made and some thus may only be used in Enderal.

Thank you to Paul and Tom from nexusmods!