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Several accessory mods made compatible with Enderal

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I generally like Enderal's armor selection so far, but you know what's missing? ACCESSORIES. If I do any more conversions I'll stick them here too.

DISCLAIMER: These are quick and dirty conversions. I didn't do anything fancy like add blueprints or worry about balancing prices/recipes, although I'd like to do that at some point. This just removes any bad references/makes them show up properly on Enderal's races/makes sanity checks on recipes. That's it.

ALL should now show up properly on Enderal's races.

Bandolier - Bags and Pouches
  • *crickets*

  • Removed thane reward quest -- thane jewelry is unavailable unless by console
  • Removed crafting quest requirements on stuff that had ... quest requirements
  • Carried forward any Enderal value/naming/enchantment changes (replacer version)

Keeping Warm
  • Lowered linen wrap requirements because they seem rarer in Enderal
  • Removed any of the Skyrim jail key requirements from recipes
  • Removed any faction/quest requirements from recipes

KS Jewelry
  • Removed container from worldspace
  • Still not craftable -- to get them, type in the console "help jewelry" and spawn the container by typing "player.placeatme XX0083FA" (XX varies depending on your load order).

Ophelia Accessories

  • Removed enchantments but made them enchantable
  • Moved to tanning rack because who forges flowers

Winter is Coming
  • Still requires the fur basket thing in your inventory to see the cloak recipes

Install the original mod(s) and overwrite with my .esp.

Chainskleft for the conversion tutorial
matortheeternal for automation tools