About this mod

This is a conversion of some light armor in Enderal.
There are changes of some part of the armor to be more light :)
There are some replacements too.

Permissions and credits

(Feels free to post your characters pictures with armor !! :) )

Hello there,

Enderal is a alternative game made with Skyrim Engine.
This is a beautiful game, the vanilla body of Skyrim is use, so I decided to make some conversion of light armor for my personal use. But I want to share for who want play with CBBE Body. I have made some replacement too for the vanilla boring clothes farmers, fines and miners.

You need Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition -CBBE obviously.

This is a conversion of some light armors in Enderal.
I add in future some news armor according to my conversions when I find it and play with.
If you want a specific conversion, ask me but only light female armor.

I have made a bit changes of some part of the armor to be more light :)
In case there are two versions in option (or not :).

Version 12.0final
I have finished Enderal :/ So I think it will be the last version
Fine Clothes replacement with witcher3 dress (baseid cee80) (thanks to zzjay to permissions)
Miner Clothes or Tunic in boat replacement (baseid 13803c)
Calia replacer (baseid 209a6) hotfix -> multiple textures glitch

Version 11.0
Conversion of Nomad Clothes (and all the clothes which use the same mesh) (baseid e0dd0)
Add Red Robes replacement (baseid cf8a0) with boots (Jasper's sister clothes)
Add Tunic replacement (baseid 1be1a) with belly ring
Hotfix Fine Clothes replacement and ground mesh (multiples textures glitch) (baseid 5b6a1)
Hotfix clipping Fine Clothes (baseid f8713)

Version 10.0
Add Cuirass of the Keeper replacement
Add Garb of the Keeper replacement (the hook is a part of the garb now, not the cuirass)
Add Fine Clothes replacement (base id f8713)

New optional clothes (use NMM or manually folders)
Fine Armbands replacement (baseid 86990)
No LoreFriendly BarKeeper Clothes replacement (id 5b6a1)

Version 9.0
Add Soul of the Wandering Mage replacement

Version 8.0
Add BodySlide Sources for Fine Dress
Add first person for Fine Dress
Minor fix on Fine Dress (clipping)
Add Nehrim Guard Armor conversion

Version 7.0 :
Add Fine Dress (13953c id) replacement
(used some mesh of UNP MiniDresses Collections)
Fix : Add ground outfit for Cuirass of Thievery (replacement
Fix : Add texture HD for Assassin Hood
Fix : New Calia ground outfit of Calia replacement

Version 6.0 :
Add replacer of Cuirass of Thievery by sexy nightingale (Textures HD by AncientVampire and ZeroFrost, see credits below)

Version 5.0 :
Add Ark Guard Armor as requested (Light City Guard Armor)

Version 4.0 :
Add a missing texture for forsworn armor (so cloak feather is properly hidden)
Add a Steel Cuirass replacement with tsun armor remake (my conversion CBBE of UNP sexy armor by Crosscrusade, see credits below)
(first person view, ground meshes, integrated tsun bracer, textures HD by CaBaL120, see credits below)

Version 3.0 :
Update Calia casual outif to fix some clipping, add a first person view (forarms), and add a texture on cloth in inventory (or on ground)
Add Skaragg Cuirass 

Version 2.0 :
Add Calia casual outfit replacement, replace farmclothe (Clothes base id 209a6)
You can find it in Dresser in house
The outfit is remade with shorts instead of trousers

Version 1.0 :
Leather Skin of the Tracker
Leather Skin of the Tracker with pants in option
Nemesis Garb
Fists of the North
Leather Shoes (base id 1cbfd)
Leather Cuirass
Keeper Robe and all robe with same meshes
Gallant Wild Mage Robe and all robe with same meshes
Hauberk (mail armor)
Tunic (base id 3c9fe)
You have a tunic in the begining of if you go in Ark jail ;)
Vagrant Dress
Vagrant Dress with pants in option
Firm Leather Cuirass
Wench outfit (the clothes in tavern, yes prostitute too ! :p)

(Manual installation)
Decompress files and copy in data Skyrim folder.
Overwrite the files in option folders for alternative armor if you want.

The sources folder contains BodySlide Outfit Studio Sliders Set if you want to made a fix of whatever you want ^^
(There are Zap Slider, so it's easy to update)

(NMM installation)
Use you favorite NMM and install it :)

09/17/16 : I try to make a NMM compliant file in 1.01
09/17/16 : Fully fonctional NMM files, Big thanks to ousnius ! (1.02)


- CONFLICT WITH IMMERSIVE ARMORS - (Thanks to AwkwardPsyche)

To hide the virginity of my character, I use panty or underwear.
I used some mods for replacement too.
All credits go to the maker of this pretty skirt or clothes :)

Underwear :

Gwelda (Little) Red Riding Hood Outfit UUNP - CBBE

Gwelda Dawnguard Armor UNP - CBBE

Panty :

Remodeled Armor CBBEv3M

Shorts :
OmakeRobe by jibunn

Others :
Sexy Vanilla Female Armor for UNP and SevenBase with BBP by Crosscrusade

aMidianBorn Tsun by CaBaL120 (Textures full HD)

Nightingale Prime HD by AncientVampire and ZeroFrost

Witcher 3 Yennefer and Triss armors by zzjay

for all the time he has spent asking my requests on Outfit Studio.
For fix it bug too ! :)

Enderal and sureai team for great game !

Of course Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition -CBBE