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A Player Lodge for Enderal near the city of Ark

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Update 18 Jan 18:  Paper Map Friendly Version 3 added - I have dropped the Fast Travel version because that's not working and there is a FT Mod now which has been fixed.

Update 8 Jan 17: On request I have added to the optional file section a version of the Lodge moved to the West of the Harbour.


The first thing I did for Enderal was throw together a house near the centre of the action so I always had a bed somewhere, it provides the sort of storage I need, auto looting because I'm lazy and a butler and cook because I like people moving around me. 


1. A sea view - or is it an estuary view.
2. Usual conveniences for a home with crafting stations including an armoury.
3. Stuff will auto-sort into various containers and will be auto-looted to the crafting stations
4. Two Staff - The Butler will follow you.



Either place in containers directly or bung everything into the Sorting Chest (near door) and press button twice. The Blueprints and Spare parts are placed in the OddsnSods Container and are not reliably looted so you may need to equip them when at the forge.

I tried the conventional player bookcase, but many of the book models in Enderal are openbooks which looks weird on a shelf; so books can go in the static book models in the bookcases (books are auto sorted to the main bedroom bookshelf).

If you want your Clothes in the wardrobes you will have to do it manually 

The skills books are seen by the game as food! So you will need to place these manually in a unnamed container (there are a few) of your choice otherwise they will be sorted into the kitchen.


There are currently no mannequins because I can't get the Enderal ones to work (doing it the Skyrim way doesn't work) and they don't even show up in game. If I or somebody else works it out I will add some.