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A re-imagining of my Dawn of Skyrim city overhauls, rebuilt for the third anniversary of Dawn of Whiterun.

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**SSE version can be found here.**

What is Dawn of Skyrim?  Dawn of Skyrim is a series of overhauls of the five major cities, beginning with Whiterun in June 2013. It aims to give a more realistic feel to the cities by paying specific attention to lore and practicality. It accomplishes this by adding new clutter, NPCs, and now in this re-imagined edition, new items and buildings. Dawn of Skyrim makes use of a variety of resources, ranging from official DLC to modder's content brand new to the game. Everything is incorporated in a natural way that aims to still provide a reasonable performance. Dawn of Skyrim is how the cities should have been from the beginning.
*For detailed descriptions of each city, please visit their respective mod pages (linked further down)*


This mod requires the Dragonborn DLC.
I also highly recommend that you install Vurt's SFO 2.5+ and Designs of the Nords for the best experience.

Before installing, please make sure that any existing files from any other versions of Dawn of Skyrim are completely uninstalled from your Data folder.

If using a mod manager like NMM or MO, simply install as normal.
If installing manually, please place Blues Skyrim.esp and Blues Skyrim.bsa into your Skyrim/Data folder and check that the .esp is active when starting the launcher.

If you install on an existing save and find that some vanilla items have not updated their position (this often occurs in Solitude), please use the pcb command to reset the cells.


Q: Will you make a version that doesn't require Dragonborn?
A: No

Q: Are the rats still aggressive?
A: Nope! After lots of head-scratching and testing, I can confirm that rats will no longer become hostile during vampire attacks.

Q: How much will this impact performance?
A: Your performance depends on a lot of factors and the impact of this mod will vary greatly depending on your rig and other mods. In general, you will find that this mod has a comparable performance to the Original Collection. Some people have reported more of a hit, others have said that the performance of this mod is significantly better than that of the original.

Q: If I send you my specs / mod list can you tell me what my performance impact will be?
A: No. You'll have to test things for yourself. That's just a part of modding. Sorry.

Q: Will you release this for consoles?
A: Probably not. This mod would lead to lots of performance issues on consoles, and I don't own any consoles to test this mod on/provide support. And no, you are absolutely not allowed to release it on consoles. Don't even bother asking.

Q: Will you make a patch for / a version without ___ ?
A: Nope! But if you want to make a patch for something, please feel free to shoot me a pm.

Q: Will you make a version of just individual cities?
A: Nope. If you want a modular version, please use the original cities. Think of this version as a special edition of sorts.

Q: Is this mod compatible with ___?
A: Please refer to the list in the section below. If it is not listed, I don't know.

Q: Where do my donations go?
A: I am a college student majoring in English and minoring in Computer Science. All donations are put towards my tuition. Thanks!


**Please note that compatibility patches for Dawn of Skyrim (Original Collection) will not be compatible with this version!**

Fully Compatible:
Books of Skyrim
Inconsequential NPCs
JK's Skyrim - Towns
Legacy of the Dragonborn
Skyrim Radioactive
Skyrim Sewers 4
Towns and Villages Enhanced - Villages
Useless Shop and Interior Overhaul
Whiterun Outskirts Market

Compatible with Patches:
JK's Skyrim LITE
Poverty - You Hunger Reborn

Partially Compatible:
Nernies Thief Pack
RLO - Major City Exteriors
Simply Knock
SOS Springtime Overhaul

JK's Skyrim - Cities
Nernies City and Village Expansion
Open Cities
Solitude Reborn