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Welcome to the highly-anticipated sequel of Dawn of Whiterun. Unlike Whiterun, Windhelm is notoriously lacking in overhauls, which is surprising, because it is arguably the city in most need of a facelift.

Everything that you see in this mod is meticulously hand-placed for the best visuals, functionality, and performance. I designed Windhelm to have the smallest fps impact possible without compromising quality so that more people can enjoy what I have built.

Dawn of Windhelm is 100% lore-friendly and focuses on making Windhelm the ancient city of Skyrim that it was meant to be. Plus, it uses DLC resources to pull everything together, and is one of the very first city overhaul mods to pull from the DLCs. However, unlike Dawn of Whiterun, this mod only requires Dragonborn.

Lastly, the entire mod is script-free meaning that you can try it out risk-free, as the lack of scripts makes uninstalling much safer.

Videos by Brodual, Nozi87, and misalen respectively.

Improvements include:
- Completely revamped Grey Quarter, complete with new market area, shrines, Morrowind lighting and flora, as well as a plethora of hand-picked details.
- Revitalized front entrance, including Ysgramor statue (the city was founded by him, after all), and touches to Candlehearth Hall
- Stormcloak recruitment desk
- Palace of the Kings entrance redone for a more awe-inspiring look
- Detailed market district and graveyard
- Statue of Talos near Hjerim
- Improvements all around the city, including trees (not too many), flora, snow, banners, and crates / barrels, and snowberries.
- Removed some things that dirtied Windhelm, such as the obnoxious dead shrubs that were everywhere.
- Hid that awful wall with the striped texture near Hjerim

Q: Are there any requirements?
A: Yes! Dawn of Windhelm requires Dragonborn. No other mods or DLCs are required.

Q: Will you make a version without Dragonborn?
A: No.

Q: I'm having a hard time reaching the shrines in the Grey Quarter.
A: Yes, I'm aware of this. I am not sure what is causing this to happen, but I am looking into it. For now, jumping around a bit should get you up there. If not, use no clip mode (console command tcl) to fly yourself up there. I'm really sorry about this- I know it's obnoxious, but thankfully its also out of the way.

Q: Translations?
A: If you would like to make a translation, please contact me for permission. Current translations are linked by the country flags on the top of the page.

Q: Compatibility?

- Mods that make changes to Hjerim.
- RLO (load DOW before)
- Nernie's Cities / Windhelm

- Nernie's Thief Pack (However, this can easily be made compatible by deleting the scaffolding in the Grey Quarter that that mod adds)
- Windhelm Odd Wall Fix (DoW fixes this by itself)
- Open Cities
- Other mods that make changes to Windhelm, unless otherwise stated.

Thank you to everyone who has endorsed and given feedback!

Thanks to Oaristys and Tony67 for their Modders Resource Pack
The banner textures in the screenshots are Designs of the Nords by KEBW1144.
The ENB in the screenshots is the fantasy preset of Project ENB by bronze316 coupled with Climates of Tamriel by jjc71.