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A fantasy-style world map replacer for Wyrmstooth

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This mod is outdated. The new version can be found here:

Paper World Map for Wyrmstooth

Falskaar Version Here
Gray Cowl Version Here
Solstheim Version Here


  • English
  • German (sort of)


REQUIRES Latest Skyrim Version
REQUIRES Wyrmstooth (This link is dead. To the best of my understanding Jonx0r deleted his mod from all official hosting sites for personal reasons. Unofficial links to download Wyrmstooth can still be found elsewhere on the internet, however I will not post them here out of respect for Jonx0r's wishes. Sorry.)
Paper World Map


Warburg's wonderful Paper World Map mod is a must-have in my load order, but it is not compatible with any new worldspaces, as each new land must have a hand-drawn map texture made for it. Like many other users of his mod, I arrived on the island of Wyrmstooth and opened the map only to be greeted by ugly LOD terrain with zero objects due to the necessary changes his plugin makes to the display of LOD objects on the world map. So I set out to rectify that sorry state of affairs.


Install with your favorite mod manager. Alternately, manually extract the data folder to your game directory and approve all folder merges/overwrites. Move the esp below any other mod that edits the Wyrmstooth worldspace and activate it.

IMPORTANT: Warburg's plugins as well as my own Paper World Map - Wyrmstooth.esp MUST be loaded after anything that may modify the same worldspaces. If you are getting a messed up camera angle or other issues when viewing the map, check your load order and make sure they are loaded as late as possible.

All of my map plugins should be safe to merge, but please merge them manually via TES5Edit. It's very simple as each of my plugins only changes one or two WRLD records.
For those who insist on using Merge Plugins, do so at your own risk. Some users have reported unsightly bugs. Merging in the following order has been reported to work properly; Falskaar -> Wyrmstooth -> The Gray Cowl -> Solstheim

Always make sure that you backup your existing savegame before adding any mod, mine included


No known issues, other than those caused by Paper World Map itself (eg not being able to place a custom marker accurately)


  • 1.0  - Release
  • 1.0.1 - Fixed bug that caused distant objects to not disappear at close range
  • 1.0.2 - Fixed the errors in the heightmap (no more blocky border!)
  • 1.0.3 - Partial fix for the camera angle issue when close to the edge of the map (should only happen on the eastern part of the island now), brightened up the map a little
  • 1.1.0 - Complete fix of the camera angle issues, and a rework of the texture to look more realistic and stop the shimmering some users were experiencing


Incompatible with any other Wyrmstooth world map replacer (obviously)


Warburg, for the inspiration and framework within which to make the map
Jonx0r, for their fantastic island, the coastline of which I now know intimately
Duncan E. Larsen, for the texture work and many headaches trying to figure out LOD

DO NOT upload this or any of my mods to For all other uses; feel free to package with compilations, and/or use the assets provided, but please give credit where it is due.