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All of my maps now in one place and fully 2D


Latest Skyrim Version

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Paper World Map

Any of the DLC/Mods for which you wish to use my maps
Currently Supported:
Dragonborn DLC
The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal
Wyrmstooth (No official download links available)


This page is where all future map releases by me will be hosted. For those who aren't familiar with my work; each map hosted here is a classic RPG-style replacer for the in-game world map screen of a particular mod/DLC, made to be compatible with Warburg's Paper World Map, which does the same thing for the Skyrim worldspace.

Due to the work of underthesky on their Flat Map Markers plugin, which they have graciously allowed me to include in my own mods, I am now able to continue work on a number of maps which I had put on hiatus. In the meantime, I have converted Warburg's map and all of my addons to 2D in preparation for future releases, which will all be 2D only. I have also made a number of small improvements to each of my existing maps.

The main file is a FOMOD installer containing the modified Flat Map Markers SKSE plugin, a flat mesh for Warburg's Skyrim map, a plugin with edits to the imagespace used on the map screen, and all of the maps I have released so far.


If you don't have it already, download and install the Dawnguard addon and either Texture 1 or Texture 2 (whichever you prefer) from Warburg's Paper World Map page.

Download the Main File from this page and install it with a mod manager. Follow the steps in the installer.
Organize your load order as follows. This step is VERY IMPORTANT and failure to follow it WILL break the map screen:

-{Official .ESMs}-
-[All other plugins]-
-Warburg's 3D Paper World Map-
-[Map plugins from this page]-

TO CLARIFY: The Paper World Map plugins should be the absolute last plugins in your load order.
Requiem users; you may safely load Requiem for the Indifferent.esp last.
Download Flat Map Markers (But do not allow it to overwrite files from Paper World Map Addons) to toggle between 2D/3D positioning for the map markers in-game. Useful if in a worldspace which hasn't had a map made for it yet.
You do not need this for my maps to work, as a modified version of the Flat Map Markers SKSE plugin is already included in my mod. Only download it if you want to be able to toggle the map markers between 2D and 3D.

NOTE: If you were already using Flat Map Markers before downloading my mod, you will need to set the marker height to 44072.0 in the Flat Map Markers MCM menu or the map markers will appear to float far above the map.

Known Issues

Custom markers cannot be placed accurately. This bug was present in Warburg's original mod.
Fast-traveling long distances will occasionally cause low-detail distant objects to remain loaded close-up, causing clipping and z-fighting with the higher detail meshes. Restarting the game fixes this. This bug was present in Warburg's original mod.
Though the map mesh is now 2D, the camera will still behave as though it were 3D on Warburg's map for the Skyrim mainland, e.g. it will zoom out as you go over a mountain range, or allow you to zoom in further in lower-altitude areas. This is due to the way the Skyrim map was replaced and it cannot be circumvented