About this mod

- Lore-friendly Paladin armor set, including an extra helmet, sword (chrysamere), mace and ring.
- 5 new shrines: 4 of bretony pantheon (Sheor, Magnus, Y'ffre and Phynaster) and Pelinal Whitestrake.
- High quality models and textures up to 4k.
- Obtainable through an immersive quest.
- Full race/gender/weight compatibility

Permissions and credits
  • Polish
  • Italian

Introduction & Features

This mods adds a full armor and weapon set inspired by Oblivion's DLC Nights of the Nine but with a completely new look based on ESO's breton armor concept art. It's aimed but not limited to Paladin characters. The main focus points of it's development have been quality, lore, uniqueness (in enchantments, quest, etc) and overall, a solid mod. 

  • Full armor and weapon set (helmet, great helm [2.0], boots, gauntlets, cuirass, sword, mace and ring) based on artifacts from previous games such as Chrysamere, Light of day and the Ring of Phynaster.

  • 5 new shrines of the bretony pantheon fully integrated into the game (Pelinal Whitestrake [2.0], Magnus, Phynaster, Y'ffre and Sheor). Details about it's effects below on the Details and Stats section.

  • All items have new high quality models made from scratch and textures available at 1k, 2k and 4k resolutions.

  • Full Race/gender/weight compatibility on the armor (Not boobplate).

  • Immersive quest to obtain the items aimed at Paladin characters. It involves following a map, solving riddles and a chess-based little puzzle. There's a very detailed walkthough including images available in case you get stuck.

  • All items are offered in both Heavy/Light and Two-handed/One-handed versions and are temperable at the appropiate workbench with quicksilver ingots.

  • Custom enchantments on the items, such as making custom spells available while equipped, learning paladin skills faster and much more. Most of them inspired by the already mentioned Oblivion DLC. More information about the specific enchantments below on the Details and Stats section.

  • Once the quest is completed, crafting of unenchanted versions of all the items is made available at any forge. Alternatively, you can unlock it at any time with the console command: "Set FFPAACanCraft to 1". In any case it requires Advanced Armors (for armor) and Ebony smithing (for weapons) perks. Materials are quicksilver, corundum, leather, leather strips and rubies. 

  • Tes5edit Cleaned for maximum compatibility.

How and Where to start the quest?

To start the quest all you need to do is pray at any of the shrines to the Eight Divines* (Akatosh, Arkay, Dibella, Julianos, Kynareth, Mara, Stendarr and Zenithat) or the 5 new shrines (Magnus, Phynaster, Y'ffre, Sheor and Pelinal Whitestrake).

* Talos is not included as he's not part of the Bretony Pantheon this mod is based on.


Due to a bug in Dawnguard DLC, Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch (USLEEP) is highly recommended if using the mentioned DLC, otherwise vampires will be pacified by Woodland Grace effect as if they were animals.

Revenge of the Enemies (RotE) carries this bug from Dawnguard DLC, so make sure you also install the latest version of its USLEEP patch to fix it.

Compatible with mods modifying blessings or shrines.

Compatible with Dual Sheath Redux

Updating to 2.X from 1.X

You need to reequip the reliqs for some changes to apply.

Due to the new method of detecting praying, It's highly recommended to finish the praying stages of the quest on pre 2.X version if already started, as updating during the initial praying stages of the quest will result in praying not being detected unless the following console commands are run:
> help PrayDetector
> player.addperk XXXXXX
Where XXXXXX is the ID displayed by the help command.

Installation Instructions
Choose the file you want: 4k, 2k or 1k 
I recommed using NMM for installation, but you can do it manually if you wish. Simply download the version of your choice and drop it's content in "Data" folder, the two files inside the compressed archive:
> PaladinArtifactsAndArmor.esp
> PaladinArtifactsAndArmor.bsa
To uninstall, use NMM or, if you choosed to install it manually, delete the files listed above.

Details and stats

All items have stats equivalent to Ebony/Glass. Their enchantments are:

Paladin Helmet:
  • +5 restoration, +15 speechcraft.
  • Grans Serene Beauty spell (calm).
  • Knight Mentor (passive): Paladin skills are learned 10% faster (smithing, heavy armor, block, one handed, two handed, destruction, restoration, light armor and speechcraft).

Paladin Great Helm:
  • +5 restoration, +20 destruction.
  • Knight Mentor (passive): Paladin skills are learned 10% faster (smithing, heavy armor, block, one handed, two handed, destruction, restoration, light armor and speechcraft).

Paladin Cuirass:
  • +5 restoration, +40 health.
  • Grants Call Divine Guardian spell (summon spell with cooldown available while blessed by the divines).
  • Akatosh Protection (passive): Akatosh might alter time when your health is low.

Paladin Gauntlets:
  • +5 restoration, +40 magicka.
  • Grants Merciful touch (heal the living) and Merciless touch (burns undead) spells.
  • Paladin's Arm (Passive): 20% extra weapon damage to evil beings.

Paladin Boots:
  • +5 restoration, + 40 stamina.
  • Grants Faith Walk spell (waterwalk + reduced fall damage).
  • Woodland Grace (Passive): Animals nor attack not flee from you. 

Ring of phynaster:
  • +10% resist magic, +50% resist poison, +20% resist shock.

Eleidons Ward (Shield):
  • While blocking channels the energy of the sun to regenerate health 75% faster. 
  • Additionally succesful blocking has a chance to trigger further healing.

Chrysamere (Sword):
  • Blocking raises a temporal ward that can reflect spells with timed blocks. 
  • +20 health, +20% fire resistance.

Light of day (Mace):
  • Burns target for 20 points. Targets on fire take extra damage. 
  • +15% magic resistance.

New shrine blessing:
  • Shrine of Magnus: +4% spell absorbtion chance.
  • Shrine of Phynaster: +10% magic resistance.
  • Shrine of Sheor: +10% melee damage (both one-handed and two-handed).
  • Shrine of Y'ffre: +10% stamina regeneration.
  • Shrine of Pelinal whitestrake: +10% damage against elfkind.

Credits & Permissions

InsanitySorrow for the armor stand mesh.

To obtain permission to use my content in other mods and/or reupload to other sites CONTACT ME FIRST by PM here since I may or may not give permission.
If you make a translation of it, please contact me too so i can link it here and keep things organized.