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  • Mod Walkthrough for version 3.0

    1º/ Pray at any shrine to start the quest, you will receive a vision and a map.

    2º/ Pray at the rest of the shrines. For vanilla shrines any works, even those found in Solitude's Temple of the Divines. The locations of the 5 new shrines are:
    - Phynaster: South of Bruca's Leap Redoubt, in a little isle in the middle of the river.
    - Y'ffre: Lowest floor of Bannermist Tower.
    - Sheor: Faldar's Tooth, second floor from the top of the highest tower.
    - Magnus: Pilgrim's Trench wreckage, inside the biggest ship.
    - Pelinal Whitestrake: North of the Tower Stone.

    3º/ Open the door to the Paladin's Crypt on Solitude's Temple of the Divines by casting the Pure Light  spell given to you by ...