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A collection of mods that focus on improving artifacts in Skyrim.

Permissions and credits

I have created a new artifacts mod to act as a replacement for this one, it can be found here:

I won't be offering further support for this mod (i.e. won't be answering questions or updating any further), but I have left it on the nexus in case people still want to make use of it.

I'm aware this mod is still being downloaded by some people, despite the fact I'm not paying it any attention these days.
This mod has a few bugs and issues that could really do with someone sorting out.
If anyone would like to take ownership of this mod and maybe port it to SSE, send me a message and I'll be happy to give you ownership.



Introduction (the aims and ethos of the mod)
Special thanks
Contents: Merged Mods (an overview of the merged mods available for download)
Contents: Individual Mods (an overview of the individual mods available for download)

Thane Weapons Improved Patch
Switching between versions (for those who have already installed a mod from this page)

V1.3 Changes (changes made in the most recent update)
V1.2 Changes (changes made in the previous update)


Some artifacts in Skyrim are bland and uninteresting. Nettlebane, for example, has an infamous back-story and a unique appearance, but it's a very dull weapon. Other artifacts are interesting but severely underpowered from a lore-perspective. Auriel's Bow, for example, is supposed to be the weapon of a god, but its stats are most easily comparable to an elven bow with a medium-strength enchantment.

This collection of mods aims to fix these problems by improving several of the artifacts in Skyrim. In some cases the mod will improve several artifacts, and some mods also add new artifacts to the world of Skyrim. The mods are all designed to be balanced and lore friendly, and they have been cleaned with TES5Edit.

Special thanks

My thanks go out to Nazenn and Teabag86, both of whom contributed tremendously to this collection. Both were involved in helping me figure out how to merge the mods into a single esp, a feature that has been strongly requested since the first day this page went up. Without their input, the merged versions simply wouldn't have been possible.

Contents: Merged Mods

There are 14 individual mods included in this Collection, as listed in the "Individual Mods" section below. However, rather than downloading each one as an individual esp, I have included four Merged Mod files that contain numerous individual mods merged into one esp, all with an MCM. None of the Merged Mods are compatible with one another, so if you'd like a Merged Mod make sure you pick the right one for you. 

Improved Artifacts - Complete Collection
This requires you to have both the Dragonborn and Dawguard DLCs. Contains the Aetherial Crown, Auriel's Bow*, the Blade of Woe*, the Bloodskal Blade*, Chillrend*, the Gauldur Amulet*, Harkon's Sword*, the Jagged Crown, the Staff of Magnus*, Nightingale Equipment*, Nettlebane*, Thane Weapons*, the White Phial* and Ysgramor's Artifacts (14 in total).

Improved Artifacts - Dragonborn Collection
This version contains all the mods that do not rely on Dawnguard, making it ideal for those who have Dragonborn but don't have Dawnguard (if you have Dragonborn AND Dawnguard, you can use the Complete Collection). This includes the Blade of Woe*, the Bloodskal Blade*, Chillrend*, the Gauldur Amulet*, the Jagged Crown, the Staff of Magnus*, Nightingale Equipment*, Thane Weapons, the White Phial* and Ysgramor's Artifacts (10 in total).

Improved Artifacts - Dawnguard Collection
This version contains all the mods that do not rely on Dragonborn, making it ideal for those who have Dawnguard but don't have Dragonborn (if you have Dawnguard AND Dragonborn, you can use the Complete Collection). This includes the Aetherial Crown, Auriel's Bow*, the Blade of Woe*, Chillrend*, the Gauldur Amulet*, Harkon's Sword*, the Jagged Crown, the Staff of Magnus*, Nightingale Equipment*, Nettlebane*, the White Phial* and Ysgramor's Artifacts (12 in total).

Improved Artifacts - No DLC Collection
Contains the 8 mods that don't require a DLC: the Blade of Woe*, Chillrend*, the Gauldur Amulet*, the Jagged Crown, the Staff of Magnus*, Nightingale Equipment*, the White Phial* and Ysgramor's Artifacts (8 in total).

* These individual mods have customization options that can be altered in this merged mod using its MCM. This is particularly useful for Auriel's Bow, the Blade of Woe, Gauldur's Amulet, Harkon's Sword, Nettlebane and Thane Weapons Improved, none of which have an MCM in their individual versions.

Contents: Individual Mods

There are 14 individual mods included in this Collection, as listed below. You can download each one individually; they are all compatible with one another. They are not, however, necessarily compatible with all the Merged Mods. For example, if you download the "Bloodskal Blade Improved" individual file, this will not be compatible with "Improved Artifacts - Dragonborn Collection" or "Improved Artifacts - Complete Collection" as both these mods include the Bloodskal Blade. It IS, however, compatible with "Improved Artifacts - Dawnguard Collection" and "Improved Artifacts - No DLC Collection" as neither of these mods contain the Bloodskal Blade.

Some of the mods have MCMs, and most of them have customization options. Those mods with only one or two customization options don't have MCMs and must be customized with console commands. This is to prevent your MCM page from becoming too cluttered with MCMs that only have about one option. However, the MCMs in the Merged Mods cover all customization options, even for those artifacts that don't have an MCM menu in the individual mod.

For full descriptions of each mod, please visit the mod's Steam page by clicking one of the Full Description links below.

Aetherial Crown Improved:

PLEASE NOTE: This mod changes the Standing Stone blessing effects. I'm extremely busy right now and haven't the time to correct this problem...but the moment I have some free time I'll try to find a way to sort it out.

Improved stats for the Aetherial Crown, including a new enchantment that focuses on the Crown’s relationship with the constellations.
Recipes for re-forging the crown in Ebony, Malachite or Silver at a Blacksmith’s Forge. 
A one-use Power called Select Birthsign that lets you select your starting Standing Stone Blessing. 
Recipes to convert an Aetherial Staff or Shield into an Aetherial Crown at the Aetherium Forge. 

Full Description

Auriel's Bow Improved: 

Improved stats for Auriel’s Bow, including a new enchantment that has a different effect when wielded by a vampire or mortal character. 
Allows you to customize the visual effects that occur when hitting a foe with an arrow from Auriel’s Bow. See the customization section in the full description for details

Full Description

Blade of Woe Improved: 

Improves the stats and enchantments for the Blade of Woe. 
Adds a full set of Black Hand Robes. 
Adds the bow, Shadowhunt. 
Adds the sword, Redfang. 
Adds two new scenarios in which you can acquire the Black Hand Robes, Shadowhunt and Redfang. See the full description for details.

Full Description

Bloodskal Blade Improved: 

Improves stats for the Bloodskal Blade, including a new enchantment with a customizable effect.
An MCM menu to allow easy customization.
A new set of armor called the Bloodskal Armor set, has a unique texture and enchantment, and can be found in Bloodskal Barrow.

Full Description

Chillrend Improved: 

Improved stats for Chillrend, including a new enchantment that can be used to spawn Ice Wraiths. 
Adds customization options that allow you to switch some of Chillrend’s effects on and off. 
The levelled system has been removed; all versions of Chillrend are identical. 

Full Description

Gauldur Amulet Improved:

Improved stats for the Gauldur Amulet and the Gauldur Amulet Fragments. 
Unique textures for the Gauldur Amulet and the Gauldur Amulet Fragments. 
Fixes the bug that prevents the Gauldur Amulet from appearing on Argonians or Nord vampires. 
A new mage-style player home named Gauldur’s Refuge, which is accessible using the Gauldur amulet. 
A variety of unique items in Gauldur’s Refuge, including Gauldur’s Robes, an Enchanted Urn, Soul Gem Growers and an Atronach Altar (details of which can be found in the full description). 
Improved stats for Kyne’s Token. 
Improved stats and a unique texture for the Saarthal Amulet. 

Full Description

Harkon's Sword Improved: 

Improved stats for Harkon’s Sword, including a new enchantment that inflicts bonus damage when you use the katana to kill mortals. 
Customization options that allow you to obtain a two-handed version of Harkon’s Sword. 
Improved stats for the Staff of Ruunvald, which can now summon Gargoyles. 
A new artifact called Varkolyr’s Staff, which is a substitute for those who can’t obtain the Staff of Ruunvald and has an identical enchantment. 
Three new vampiric artifacts: the Bloodveil Ring, the Deathdrinker Amulet and the Cowl of Midnight. 
Two new artifacts with a vampiric history: the Boots of Springheel Jak and the Crown of the Arch-Curate. 

Full Description

Jagged Crown Improved:

Improved stats for the Jagged Crown, including an enchantment which focuses on the Crown’s ability to store the power of all the High King’s of Skyrim to have previously worn it. 
A means of re-acquiring the Jagged Crown following the end of the Civil War quest line. 
Improved stats for the Helm of Yngol. 
Improved stats for the Ancient Helmet of the Unburned. 
Two new helmets: the Blooded War-Helm and the Dragonguard Mantle.

Full Description

Nettlebane Improved:

Improved stats for Nettlebane, including a new enchantment that allows you to access the hidden inventory of Spriggans. 
Four new alchemical ingredients, including Spriggan Hearts, Wormwood, Mandrake Root and Chokeberries. 

Full Description

Nightingale Equipment Improved:

Improved stats and enchantments for the Nightingale Armor set and Nightingale Weapons. 
Armor and weapons can now be tempered to a Legendary grade. 
The Nightingale Weapons can have their enchantments altered at a Blacksmith’s Forge 
Compatibility with Improved Closed Face Helmets. 
Customization options that allow the Nightingale Hood to hide your identity, preventing you from gaining a bounty. 
An MCM menu to allow easy customization for those with SkyUI.
A Blessing of Nocturnal associated with each armor piece that allows you to learn Thief skills faster. 

Full Description

Staff of Magnus Improved:

Improved stats for the Staff of Magnus, including a new enchantment that focuses on the Staff’s role as a Magicka-generating tool for mage characters. 
A variety of customization options for the Staff of Magnus. 
An MCM menu to allow easy customization for those with SkyUI.
Five new unique staves, including the Aetherial Staff of Teleportation, the Staff of Brightflame, the Staff of the Horde, the Staff of Impairment and the Oblivious Blackstaff. 
A small player home called Heartwood Cottage in which can be found the Oblivious Blackstaff. The home has dynamic features that include toggle-operated candles, an interactive wood pile, a buildable fire and a lockable door.

Full Description

Thane Weapons Improved:

Adds 9 new weapons, each with a unique texture and enchantment. These weapons act as rewards for becoming Thane of a Hold, with each Hold being represented by one of the 9 new weapons. 
Adds the Thane Trade system, which allows you to replace any Thane weapons you may already have with their new replacements. 

Full Description

White Phial Improved:

Improved stats for the White Phial, which can now replenish any liquid over time, including but not limited to: all potions and poisons (including those you craft yourself), all vanilla drinks (such as wine and mead), skooma, sleeping tree sap, and potions and poisons added by other mods.
Customization options that allow you to decide how long it takes for the White Phial to replenish liquids.
An MCM menu to allow easy customization for those with SkyUI.

Full Description

Ysgramor's Artifacts Improved:

Improved stats for the battleaxe, Wuuthrad. 
Grants you the ability to wield Wuuthrad as both a one-handed or two-handed weapon, and allows you to switch between the two at will. 
Removes the tempering recipe for Wuuthrad; instead, the battleaxe is already of a Legendary tempering status, and so the tempering recipe would be unnecessary. 
Improved stats for the Shield of Ysgramor. 

Full Description

Thane Weapons Improved - Hearthfire Patch

This patch can be found in the Miscellaneous section at the bottom of the Files section.

The mod, Thane Weapons Improved, can cause problems for those with Hearthfire. Essentially, the mod interferes with the "Becoming Thane" quests for Falkreath, the Pale and Hjaalmarch, all of which are also edited by Hearthfire to give you extra housecarls and the new properties. This may prevent some users from gaining the properties, and it will almost definitely prevent the new housecarls from spawning.

This patch fixes this problem. This patch includes a single esp that must be placed below you current Thane Weapons Improved mod to work properly. It includes Hearthfire-friendly adjustments for the Thane Quests, allowing you to receive the new Thane Weapons without losing out on housecarls or the new properties. 

Those with Hearthfire will need the patch if they have downloaded Thane Weapons Improved, Improved Artifacts - Complete Collection, or Improved Artifacts - Dragonborn Collection

Switching between versions

This page contains several mods, all of which are available in various formats (i.e. version 1.2, version 1.3, merged versions and individual version). When switching between these versions, I recommend you uninstall your current version, create a new save file and then install the new version. This isn't necessarily vital, but it's the best way to ensure a painless transition.

Whenever switching between mod versions, the following will happen:
You will lose any new artifacts added by the mod (e.g. the Boots of Springheel Jak from Harkon' s Sword Improved, or the Staff of the Horde from Staff of Magnus Improved). These will be reset to their original location.
Any original artifacts you have (e.g. Auriel's Bow, Staff of Magnus) should transition without a problem.
Newly added cells will reset. This includes the two player homes included in this collection: Heartwood Cottage and Gauldur's Retreat. Make sure you have cleared them of anything valuable before switching between versions.
If you are uninstalling between versions of the White Phial mod, remember to prep it for uninstallation (instructions on how to do this can be found in its description.
Because they are newly added artifacts, you will lose all weapons added by Thane Weapons Improved. These will not be replaced by the original weapons. However, once you've re-installed Thane Weapons Improved, you can use the Thane Trade system to regain all of your Thane Weapons. Note that if you have nothing equipped when using the Thane Trade system, you can still receive the weapons (you just won't have to exchange them for anything)

SkyRe Compatibility

I myself don't use SkyRe, so I rely on feedback from those who do. So far, the feedback I've received indicates that these mods are compatible with SkyRe when used with the reproccer. I'd appreciate as much feedback as possible from SkyRe users on this matter.

V1.3 Changes 

Blade of Woe
- Fixed a bug that prevented some users from disabling/enabling the extra encounters.
- Added Facegen data for new NPCs to fix grey face bug.
- Prevented disenchanting for Shadowhunt and Redfang.
- Prepared the mod to be merged.

- Added a follower package to the Ice Wraiths, forcing them to follow the player (even when fast-travelling).
- Spawned Ice Wraith lifespan can now be customized.
- Added Dremora resistance to Soul Freeze.
- Edited Ice Wraith AI to prevent them attacking player allies and neutrals.
- Added an MCM menu for easy customization.
- Prepared the mod to be merged.

Gauldur Amulet
- Reworked Gauldur's Refuge, adding extra containers, mannequins and weapon racks.
- Prepared the mod to be merged.

Jagged Crown
- Prepared the mod to be merged.

Staff of Magnus
- Added a mechanism that allows you to switch the Staff of Magnus's firing mode between fire-and-forget and concentration
- Added a mechanism that prevents the Staff of the Horde from summoning more than 6 skeletons at once (to prevent it being OP)
- Added faders in Heartwood Cottage for better animations when building a fire and setting up the cooking pot
- Prepared the mod to be merged.

Nightingale Equipment 
- Prepared the mod to be merged.

White Phial
- Removed a bug that prevented players from using Daedroth Spit more than once a day.
- Prepared the mod to be merged.

Ysgramor's Artifacts
- Removed the Shield of Ysgramor's increased running speed effect.
- Added an increased carrying capacity effect and an effect that decreases the weight of worn armor to the Shield of Ysgramor.
- Added weapon material keyword to Shield of Ysgramor to allow full tempering.
- Prepared the mod to be merged.

Aetherial Crown
- Prepared the mod to be merged.

Auriel's Bow Improved
- Prepared the mod to be merged.

Nettlebane Improved
- Added Hold-specific ingredient spawning
- Added very common ingredients (all Hold-specific): Snowberries, Giant Lichen, Swamp Fungal Pod, Tundra Cotton
- Added unique textures for Wormwood and Madrake Root
- Prepared the mod to be merged.

Harkon's Sword Improved
- Changed the names of the two versions of Harkon's Sword to Harkon's Katana and Harkon's Dai-Katana
- Prepared the mod to be merged.

Bloodskal Blade Improved
- Changed the names of the heavy versions of the Bloodskal Armor set to Bloodskal Heavy Boots/Armor/Gauntlets/Helmet
- Prepared the mod to be merged.

Thane Weapons Improved
- Added elven vampires to the list of target's that set off the Furious Icefist's fury.
- Created a Hearthfire version for those with Hearthfire.
- Changed Icebreaker's material to Stalhrim.
- Prepared the mod to be merged.

V1.2 Changes

Minor bug fixes
MCM menus have been added for the Staff of Magnus and Nightingale Equipment.
All mods have been properly cleaned with TES5Edit.
The interior for Gauldur's Refuge (from Gauldur Amulet Improved) has been significantly altered, adding new lighting, music and static scenery.
The exterior for Thangel Drun (from Jagged Crown Improved) has been completely remade, removing errors in the navmesh that might have caused problems for some users.
Two new mods have been added, both with MCM menus: the Bloodskal Blade Improved and the White Phial Improved.